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"What are you looking at?" Ryan asked in a cold voice.

Jessica blurted out, "I'm looking at your handsome face!"

She regretted when she finished. It sounded like she was teasing her brother!

Ryan paused for a second and then frowned. He said unhappily. "You spoke smoothly. Do you often praise other men?"

Because her brothers were good-looking, so she had a picky taste in appearance since childhood. She hardly ever praised other men. But she was afraid that her brother might felt that she was teasing him, she nodded quickly.

Ryan looked at her even colder.

Jessica panicked under his gaze. She gave a cough and stoop up awkwardly. "I, I'll get some water for you. Wait a moment."


She hurriedly stoop up when she saw him nod. She went to get the water tremulously.

She would have to be careful what she said in the presence of her brother, for he was too frightening now.

Ryan sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her back. He was so tired because of the long hours and intense work. He rubbed his sore eyebrows and lay on the bed.

The sheets seemed to retain her smell, like poppy, which was addictive.

"Ryan, there is no bottled water here. I'll go to buy some!" Jessica suddenly turned around and saw him lying on the bed. She stunned for a moment.

Ryan opened his eyes, and just met her surprised eyes. He frowned slightly, was about to say something when he heard her. "If you are tired, just sleep for a while. I'll go and buy some water. When I come back I will wake you up."

As she spoke, she began to walk out. Just as she passed the bed, he sat up suddenly and grabbed her wrist. "I'm not thirsty. Sit down."

He wouldn't be here long. And he would leave soon.

Jessica was dragged by him suddenly, so she didn't sit steady and fell on him.

His breath suddenly enveloped her,aggressively. Her body was stiff. And then she subconsciously pushed him away and stood up.

"I, I'd better go and buy some water."

After she finished, she didn't wait for him to answer, and hurriedly ran out, who didn't see his lonely eyes at that instant.

Ryan looked at the closed door, and glanced at the empty position beside him. He pressed his thin lips tight into a straight line.

Wouldn't it be easier if he wasn't her brother?

Ryan sarcastically twisted his lips. He got up and was about to leave when there was a sudden knock on the door.

He got up, went to the door and opened it. Outside the door, Jessica shrunk her neck, like a quail. She was wringing her hands awkwardly. "I forgot my purse..."

"Your forgetfulness has not changed at all." Ryan looked at her coldly. When he finished, the phone rang.

He frowned, connected, answered and hung up.

"I'm leaving." Ryan moved his long legs and walked out of the door. Then, he came back and said coldly, "Next time, see who it is before you open the door. Don't be kidnapped, or I'll have to redeem from them."


Jessica was afraid of him, but she didn't want him to leave so soon. She wanted to detain him unconsciously, but when she saw his bloodshot eyes and dark circles under his eyes, she swallowed her words.

"Ryan, don't just work. Rest well."

"I'll." Ryan hurriedly answered, looking back deeply at her. Then he strode away.

Jessica held the door handle and looked at him until he entered the elevator. Then she walked into the room with her head down and shut the door.

In the past, she would directly tell her brothers when she encountered problems.

But now her eldest brother was abroad, and Ryan was busy working all day. She was also embarrassed to trouble them...Well, being an adult was not good. There were so many things to think about.

The next day, Jessica hurried to the set with Clara after lunch.

Mr. Johnson didn't say when Chris would come, but Jessica didn't like to be late and make people wait. So she went there early.

The crew had just had dinner and were talking in small groups.

When Jessica arrived, she heard several people talking about her.

"If I acted like her, I would leave voluntarily without being driven away. It's a disgrace!"

"With a leading lady like her, I don't know how long it's going to last."

"I've given up hope anyway. She performed so bad that the TV series would also fail once it was released...I also want to gain popularity depending on Mr. Johnson's TV series, but It's all over now."

Perhaps they saw Jessica. They looked at each other and left tacitly, without saying hello to her.

Clara was aggrieved at it. "We are in the same crew. Do they go too far..."

"Too many people here. Watch you mouth." Jessica stopped her and whispered. "In fact, they are ok. As long as I do well, they will not say anything."

And what they say, compared to others, was polite.

Clara was so angry, but she also knew what Jessica said was the truth. She mumbled a few words and didn't continue the topic.

At this time, the director came over and said that Chris would come soon. He asked Jessica to get makeover first.

She gave a nod of assent. After she finished, it seemed it was not good to occupy the dressing room. She found a spare place with Clara and stayed there to wait for Chris.

From time to time, some people pointed to her and passed judgment on her. She just pretended not to see and not to hear.

About an hour later, there was a sudden scream. "Chris is coming!"

The set became lively all of a sudden. Countless people rushed to the entrance.

There were too many people, so Jessica didn't follow. She just found a stool and stood on it to look over there.

Chris was about six foot two tall, who was much taller than most people. Even in the crowd, he was also very obvious. Since he could be the most popular actor, he was good looking of course.

But he just looked so rebellious, who behaved as if he was the best in the world, that she felt it was difficult to get along with him.

Jessica was thinking about how to greet him, when he shouted at her, "Hey, the one on the stool!"

The crowd suddenly quiet down, and looked at Jessica together.

"What?" She didn't get it at the moment.

"Look here. It's you!" Chris pushed through the crowd, came up to her, with one hand in his pocket, and squinted at her, "You are the paparazzi who plays the leading role?"

Obviously, Jessica was taller than him because of standing on the stool, but she was not as imposing as him.

She got off the stool, smiled and stretched out her hand, "Hello, I'm Jessica. I used to be an entertainment journalist."

Whether she liked him or not, they were future partners. Good relations were always good.

However, Chris did not want to shake hands with her at all. He gave a cold snort and sneered. "Five days, zero progress,freaking awesome!"

He strode away when he finished.

There were roars of laughter from the crowd.

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