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The director did not stop until he reached a quiet corner.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson." Jessica lowered the head and said gloomily.

Mr. Johnson didn't feign politeness and came straight to the point. "I'll give you two days in total, including today. If you still behave like this, no matter what Mr. Howard says, I will definitely change the heroine."

When he saw Jessica's performance at the audition that day, he thought he had found a treasure. But her behavior these days made him feel that he had made a wrong decision.

Listening to this, Jessica frowned. "If there's something wrong with my acting, you don't have to kick me out and I'll quit voluntarily. But these days, it was because Alex sexually harassed me, so I..."

The director directly interrupted. "Just like others said, Alex has shot so many dramas, and there is no issue of sexual harassment. Why would he sexually harass you?"

After he finished, Jessica heavily trampled on his foot.

The director felt a pain and his face turned green immediately. "Jessica!"

"Examine yourself, why I do not step on others, but just step on you? There must be something wrong with you!" Jessica laughed because of anger.

She didn't care that she was a victim who didn't get the sympathy she deserved. But why all of them, including the director, had come to denounce her who was just a victim.

Mr. Johnson was silent because of Jessica's retort.

After some time, he said, somewhat unnaturally. "...Then, you said you couldn't act well because Alex sexually harassed you. Chris tomorrow afternoon will come. You don't need to act today. You act together with Chris tomorrow. And I'll see the effect."

"Ok." Since he had said that, Jessica didn't have other solution.

They went back to the set and the director announced the decision.

"Director, isn't that appropriate? Jessica only have this drama to act, so she's not in a hurry. But our shooting time is limited. We can't spend so much time with her." Carol said as if for the sake of everyone.

Several famous actors agreed.

They had worked so hard to get to this position now, so they were very dissatisfied with Jessica who could be the heroine just by opening her legs.

Alex kept silent and looked like a victim, so many people sympathized with him.

Mr. Johnson frowned and glanced around. "I am the director, or you are the director? Get out if you don't want to act. I won't disagree!"

They saw the director was angry, so no body spoke. But they still dissatisfied with the decision.

Jessica coldly glanced at Alex whose eyes were full of complacence. She suppressed her anger and went to remove her makeup. But she didn't expect to encounter Carol when she was going out after taking off her makeup.

"Wait." There was no one around, so Jessica stopped her.

A look of conscience flashed across Carol's eyes. "Yes?"

"Do you have a grudge against me? Why do you take aim at me?" Jessica asked with a frown.

Carol snorted. Why did she have the face to ask about it?

If Jessica hadn't been chosen as the leading role for picking up the prop gun she used from the ground, maybe the leading role was hers!

"No grudge. i just can't stand stand someone secured advantages through influence like you. Do you really think you will have everything if you open your legs? Ridiculous!" She sneered. And then, she pushed Jessica away and left.

At this time, a few actors came to remove makeup. There were more people.

It was no good for Jessica to stop Carol again. She pressed her lips and left the set under the mocking eye of several actors.

After she arrived at the hotel, Clara saw her look depressed and suggested. "Isn't Mr. Howard your brother's good friend? Tell him, and he will certainly help you."

"We'll see." Her brother was very busy usually. She didn't want him to help her with everything. She felt that he would be bored with it.

They went in the room. Clara gave her three suggestions in total. But after they seriously discussed, they found those suggestions didn't work.

"Tomorrow Chris will come. Things should be better."

Without Alex's malicious harassment, her part with Chris would not have a problem. The director probably wouldn't dismiss her because of her acting.

Clara nodded. "If it really doesn't work, just wait for Tina. The best actor award ceremony is almost over."


They chatted for a while. And then Clara let Jessica have a good rest, and went back to her room.

After she left, Jessica began to read the script carefully. She had to give a good performance tomorrow, so the director wouldn't dismiss her.

She didn't get out of the play until there was a knock on the door.

"Who is that?" Jessica put down the script, rubbed her sour eyes, and went to open the door.

When she saw Ryan in a suit was at the door, she paused and all the grievances she had suffered these days come over her.

"Ryan..." She bit her lip and called.

Ryan looked at her reddish eyes and frowned slightly. He stretched out his hand, but withdrew it abruptly when he almost reached her.

"What's wrong? Say it." Ryan asked coldly.

"Just..." Jessica looked up at Ryan and saw his bloodshot eyes which was because of lack of sleep. She swallowed her words and said. "I just miss you."

He was so busy that he didn't even have much time to rest. So it was better not to bother him with her problem.

"...miss?" Ryan looked down at her and repeated. His eyes were full of strong emotion. It was like the dense and tangled net circling around Jessica.

It was obviously invisible, but she could not breathe because of it.

That kind of weird fear came again. Jessica's pupils were contracted. She did not answer his question, but changed the topic abruptly. "Why are you here suddenly?"

"Well, I can't come?" Ryan did not answer the question but asked her.

Jessica stiffly smiled, and dared not ask again. "Yes, yes, ...you can."

Ryan looked down at her, whose lips slightly opened, just like blooming red rose. He swallowed and looked away.

"Are you going to keep me standing here all the time?" He asked.

"No, no, no. I was just so happy to see you that I forgot to invite you in." Jessica laughed awkwardly. She took small steps to the side and made a gesture of invitation. "My brother, please come in."

Ryan looked around her and went in. She trailed after him, trying to make tea and get some fruit. It turned out there was nothing but small snacks from Clara which he had never liked.

"Ryan, wait a moment. I will go to buy some fruit."

Jessica said softly and was about to go out with her purse. But she was stopped by Ryan after she just took a few steps.

"Never mind. I'll leave soon. Sit down." He pointed to the bed.

Jessica always dared not disobey him.

She went back and sat down on the bed obediently when she heard that. She looked up at him, but even from this terrible angle, he still looked extraordinarily good.

She sigh with emotion inwardly. His brother was so handsome. She wondered which girl will marry him.

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