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When Jessica thought of the way they got along with each other was becoming increasingly strange and she suffered wrong today, she didn't know what she felt. But she just didn't feel good.

"Nothing, just miss you." What Alex did to her was so disgusting that she didn't want to tell her brother.

There was a long pause, and when he spoke again, his voice was a little hoarse. "Haven't we just met?"

"Just, just miss you." Jessica really couldn't think up any other excuse.

Ryan did not answer. She could only hear his somewhat obvious breathing on the phone. He was actually in a thousand miles away, but Jessica felt that he was near at hand. It seemed that she was able to feel the heat of his breath.

She couldn't explain but she blushed all of a sudden and her heart was beating faster than usual.

"R-Ryan?" Jessica stuttered.

"Well." Ryan's voice was a little low. After a pause, he said, "I'll be back in a few days."


She didn't know if it was illusion. Jessica felt her brother was more gentle than usual when he said these words.

Their conversation was always brief, so they hung up within half a minute.

Jessica threw the phone aside and lay face up on the bed.

There was a snap, and her head seemed to rest on something. She sat up and looked round. It was the kraft paper bag her brother had given her.

Jessica picked it up and opened. Inside were the property certificates of the new houses her brother had bought for her. He gave her a house for every big order he signed. She didn't know his habit.

She opened it and threw it into the kraft paper bag. She didn't expect a piece of paper dropped out of it.

"What was written on it?" It was hidden so deep.

She picked it up. The words on the paper were strong and powerful, like her brother, sharp and threatening.

"Sorry for what happened a year ago."

Her brother was such a proud person. Incredibly, he would say sorry to her.

Jessica was so surprised, so she turned upside down again and again to read for a few minutes. And finally made sure that it was written by her brother.

Why did he mention the incident a year ago?

And every time he mentioned, he always had a low posture.

But the point was she really couldn't remember what had happened a year ago.

Jessica thought hard but she couldn't find the answer. But she dared not directly ask her brother. Finally she called his two best friends after she thought about it.

Mark's recent medical project with the American was under investigation. He was so busy, so it was his little assistant who answered the phone.

She hung up the phone and called Jeffrey.

"How can you a little girl have the same virtue with your brother that like to call me at this time? If I got impotence and premature ejaculation, are you responsible for it? Huh?" Jeffrey's voice was as sexy and charming as ever, but with a bit of gloom.

Jessica was smiling. "Don't worry. If you got impotence and premature ejaculation, let the doctor be the top and you be the bottom. You still can experience the pleasure of sex..."

"Hoho." The brother and the sister were alike. Mark sneered and interrupted her words. " I'll hang up if nothing else."

Jessica dared not banter and said hurriedly. "Don't hang up. I have a question. Bro, emergent! Recently my brother always talks about something happened a year ago. Do you know what happened?"

Mark was going to hang up, but he had interest when he heard "something happened a year ago". "You don't know?"

"Nonsense, do I have to ask you if I know?"

"Oh." He was sure that she didn't know and hung up directly.

Ryan kept thinking about it, but she forgot? This was fun.

He turned to called Ryan.

Jessica hoped to know something from him, but as a result , he directly hung up. She was furious at it. She called him again, but the line was busy.

After a while, he sent her a message slowly.

"I don't know. Stop calling. It spoiled my enjoyment of sex."

Jessica ,"..."

It seemed that she could only ask her brother. She had to give the matter a further thought.

She put away her cell phone and went to bed early. She needed to put up a good show tomorrow. If it were like today, the director would not be satisfied.

However, Chris who played the part of hero had asked for leave the next few days, so they could only shoot those scenes without the hero.

Unfortunately, this drama focused on love. The hero was Chris, and the male supporting role was the villain Alex. When the hero was not in the scene, the plot was all about the heroine outwitting the villain.

There were not many romantic scenes between them, but many scenes required physical contact.

Hugs, handshakes, and some martial arts fights. None of this was a big deal.

However, when Alex embraced her, he held intentionally tight, and his body squeezed up against Jessica's breasts. He scratched her palm and squeezed her hand when they were shaking hands. He also pawed her if he could when they were fighting.

He made Jessica so sick that she couldn't go on at all. She couldn't help telling the director, but they couldn't see anything in the footage.

Instead, because of these, Mr. Johnson became impatient with her, and the attitudes of others to her was getting worse.

It was because people always had a very good impression of Alex. Besides the obvious gaffe in the audition, he was a lovable and obedient teenager with five virtues usually.

Jessica was so angry. Finally she caught Alex touching her thigh, and and there were corresponding records on the picture.

But Alex had his own explanation, "This part is that I flirt with the heroine. I think with this movement, the character will look fuller."

The script was fixed, but to make the presentation better, the actors were usually allowed to add some movements or something to show the emotions of the characters.

There was nothing wrong with his explanation.

It was getting dark and there were full of voices accusing Jessica in the crowd--

"Each shot was shot a dozen times and never did well. The dog next door was better than her."

"Why does she cling to sexual harassment? Does she feel hatred towards Alex?"

"I don't know how she got the leading role, apart from being pretty."

"Black box operation! She's good-looking. She could get everything if only she opens her legs. "

Each was worse than the last.

Jessica's face turned red and white, but she just couldn't find evidence against Alex. She just felt she was filled with anger. Sooner or later, she would explode like a balloon.

The key was that the cheeky bastard always look at her with a smug face for fear that she wasn't angry.

"Jessica, come with me." Perhaps he was so disappointed with her, His address to her had changed from Jessie to Jessica.


Jessica had to suffer in silence, so she was agitated. She put the script and prop gun in her hand to Clara who was frowning. Then she followed behind Mr. Johnson and walked to the side.

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