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When Jessica was thinking about why her brother was angry and how to explain to him, his voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

Clearly, the topic was a bit charming, but when he said it, it was too cold to be attached to romance.

"No, but my arms are too short to reach what I want." Jessica was poking at the dish with chopsticks and made up an excuse.

Ryan's eyelids drooped, and then raised. He frowned slightly and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

Jessica pointed to two dishes of food which were farthest from her. In fact, she did not see clearly what she pointed to.

"Can't you help yourself if you want?


Jessica did not dare to retorted. She could only stand up and took the two plates which she had not seen clearly to hand under the gazes of the crowd.

When they spoke, her voice was very small, but Ryan did not deliberately suppress his voice. So other people on the table could also hear clearly.

When they heard the word "period", they felt that it was certain Ryan Howard was Jessica's sugar daddy.

Alex gritted his teeth with hate. He was sure that Mr. Howard had slept with Jessica. Otherwise as a big man, how was it possible for him to know her period?

Jessica didn't have sex with him before and said that she wanted to keep her virginity intact for their wedding night. Pooh, she was just afraid he would find out she was not a virgin and couldn't explain it!

He didn't know how long this slut, bitch, had cheated on him.

Jessica was enjoying the food happily. Suddenly she felt a sticky and dark look fell on her as if the snake crawled over her which was disgusting, damp and cold.

She looked up and saw Alex looking at her. As soon as she looked at him, he withdrew his eyes and talked to the people beside him.

"Why don't you eat?" Ryan's eyes fell on Alex along her line of sight. He frowned unhappily.

Jessica, "...nothing."

After she finished, she lowered her head and continued to eat, who didn't see Ryan's gloomy eyes.

She did care about that man.

When the thought flashed through Ryan's mind, the air pressure around him dropped. A few days ago, when he asked her about Alex, what she said was only verbal. But she still could not let go of the man.

Every person had his/her own thought.

After dinner, Ryan asked Jessica to see himself off.

Clara smiled mischievously.

Jessica wanted to explain to her that she and her brother were not what she thought, but she couldn't explain in front of so many people. She just sighed lightly and followed behind Ryan.

Recently his temper was always uncertain, and he always liked to mention what happened a year ago. But Jessica did not know what he said exactly.

She lowered her head, wondering whether to ask directly, so she didn't notice that he had turned to face her and stopped. Then she ran into him with a bang.

They were more than a head apart in height. But she was wearing high heels today, who was right up to his chin. His lips happened to kiss on her smooth forehead because of the bump.

The warm and soft touch made Jessica pause. And then when she realized what had happened, she blushed, whose face was burning.

"I..I'm so..sorry, Ry..Ryan." She moved several steps back hurriedly.

Ryan's lips still retained her breath. But she had retreated to where was more than a meter away from him, as if to avoid him.

He pressed his lips and gave a sneer.

When Jessica saw that he didn't speak, every cell in her body tensed. She was nervous and terrified. "Ryan, I will watch Where I am going next time. I will never run into you again!"

Ryan did not pay attention to her words, but just said in an indifferent voice. "You still can't let go of that Alex?"

Jessica did not expect him to ask that suddenly. So she paused for a moment, and didn't make a sound.

Was that a tacit admission? Ryan's eyes darkened.

He took a kraft paper bag from his assistant with a cold face and thrust it into her arms.

"What is this?" Jessica asked in surprise, but she did not get a response. He got in the car without looking round, and the person and the car quickly disappeared from her sight.

Jessica looked at the dust which hadn't dissipated in the air yet. After a long while, she realized that he seemed to be not happy.

She hung her head in frustration.

She could not fathom his mind increasingly.

But Jessica was not the kind of people who always liked to embarrass themselves. If she couldn't figure out, she just stopped. She was ready to open the kraft paper bag and see what was inside.

But she only opened half, and then closed again. There were too many people watching here. So she decided to check it in the evening when she arrived home.

She just didn't know what was in this kraft paper bag.

Jessica returned to the set with a heavy heart. As she passed a corner, she happened to hear some people talking about her --

"Can Jessica act? Why did Mr. Johnson choose her to be the heroine?"

"So what? Her sugar daddy is freaking awesome."


Someone saw Jessica, and poked the person who was talking to imply that she should stop.

Jessica pretended not to hear and nodded a greeting to them. And then she walked toward the set.

There was no part for her this afternoon. She was going to give the director a shout and then went back to the hotel to read the script.

As a result, she just arrived and heard the director shouting loudly. "Chris asked for leave this afternoon, so Jessica please go and put your makeup on and change your clothes. Later I will take the scene where you meet Alex ."

"Well... ok."

Someone came and took Jessica to put on makeup and change clothes. When she was done with these, it was already an hour later.

The heroine of the "Spy" was a very enchanting beauty. Even when she was killing someone, she was wearing her makeup with impeccable hair, not to mention the ordinary days.

In order to make Jessica as close as possible to the character in the play, the staff prepared a very colorful cheongsam for her. She also had her hair done in the most fashionable curls of the days and wore heavy makeup.

After Jessica went out from the dressing room, all the people on the scene were stunned.

The flaming lips, smooth and fair skin probably refered to such a beauty.

Alex also froze. His eyes were full of obsession. He glanced at her inch by inch, and finally his eyes fell on her plump boobs. He swallowed hard.

Mr. Johnson reacted first. He said jubilantly. "Jessie. Come on. Ready to shoot!"

Jessica nodded and walked over obediently. She found the locations of the cameras.

This scene was about the heroine first met with the traitor. He saw she was beautiful and wanted her to be his fifth wife.They had no physical contact other than one that he pulled her into his arms.

She thought it would be all right.

"Are you ready?" The director gave a shout of excitement, and when he got a definite answer, he shouted, "Action!"

Almost at the same time, everyone found Jessica changed.

She walked gracefully towards Alex. The skirts of her cheongsam were fluttering between her movements, showing her slender and fair-skinned legs faintly.

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