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Ryan's thin lips were pressed into a line. He stared at her firmly and said later. "Well, I'll marry. You'll marry. Normal."

Jessica felt that his facial expression was horrible. Did she just say something wrong?

"If , if you like Amy, I, I can accept that you marry her." Her brother would find a wife according to his preference. She just gave a suggestion.

Ryan's look was more indifferent. " Is it acceptable to you that I marry any woman?"

"As long as you like, yes..." Jessica observed his expression, and said carefully.

Ryan looked down at her. When she was about to be scared, he looked away from her, turned around, and disappeared from her view.

Jessica stood there foolishly. She was a little sad.

She liked her brother very much, but recently she didn't know why she could not control the fear of him. And she didn't know why she always made him angry.

"Mr. Howard has gone?" Clara came with cutlery. She gave one of them to Jessica and asked secretly.

Jessica's voice was muffled and she clutched the cultery in her hand.

Clara didn't know her thoughts and asked excitedly. "Why did you give him a hug just now? Jessie, do you really have an affair with Mr. Howard?"

"Don't be ridiculous. He's my brother... 's friend!" Jessica got emotional as if it was a sore point with her.

"Why are you so emotional?" Clara put her arms around Jessica's neck and narrowed her eyes at Jessica. "Am I right?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I told you. He's my brother's friend." Jessica really didn't understand why Amy Scott took her as an imaginary rival, and why Clara thought that she had an affair with her brother.

Was the difference between brotherhood and amour not obvious?

"He is your brother's friend, not your brother. And you are so beautiful. It's normal that he chased after you. I think he is good in all aspects. You could accept his love."

Clara separated the cutlery. She was beating the spoon and fork in rhythm.

The clash of metal gave Jessica a headache. Her heart was pounding. "Oh, please don't talk nonsense. Anyway, Mr. Howard can't like me. We can't be lovers!"

"Why..." Impossible?

Before she finished, Jessica interrupted. The meal is coming, and it is the shop that you like most at ordinary times. If we don't go, we'll have nothing to eat soon!"

Clara's attention was diverted. She didn't bother with that any more. She dragged her to the place where people were eating.

The crew was already there, and the clerk was putting something on the floor.

The seafood in this restaurant was very expensive. One meal will cost the average person a month's salary. Usually, they were unwilling to spend money in eating. Now they were very happy when they looked at the seafood which was put out.

But there were exceptions, like Alex.

The better and the more the seafood was served, the worse his face became.

He was sure that Jessica, the bitch had managed to hook Ryan Howard and maybe had slept with him before she broke up with him!

He had tried to apologize to her and wanted to get back together with her...But he didn't expect that the bitch used him as the backup boyfriend. She wanted to give her virginity to her sugar daddy. No wonder that he didn't have sex with him.

The more he thought of it, the angrier he grew. He gave a sullen snort. Then he raised his hand and wanted to knock over the nearest plates.

But before he had time to take action, a sudden chill came over his back, as if he had been locked by the beast. And the sense of danger spread through him. Every inch of his skin was stretched tight together.

"What do you want to do?"

The cold voice came from behind him. Alex turned around stiffly. And he just met Ryan's eyes which looked like the endless abyss and would drag him into hell the next second.

Alex swallowed and his forehead already broke out in a cold sweat. "Nothing, nothing. I just see that these look good. And I want, want to taste. Ha ha..."

He laughed embarrassedly. And his face looked extremely bad.

Ryan sneered and ignored Alex. He just turned his head and glanced at Jessica with meaning.

Others didn't understand what his glance meant, but Jessica was clear about it. He was clearly questioning her ability to find a boyfriend.

Jessica's face was burning. Her vision was really not good. Her first love was Alex the scum, but she just discovered his true face recently!

But no one noticed her abnormality. A lot of people whispered about Alex --

I used to like him, but now... Emmmm...."

"Me too. He's been an actor for a couple of years. As a result, he was erect immediately by the flirtation in the audition. Now when he eat, he looks like he's never eaten anything good. He's really obscene and low."

"He is so low, okay? I can't believe I followed him!"

These people didn't lower their voices, so Alex heard clearly. His comely face turned red and blue.

Were these people blind?

When did he look like he hadn't eaten anything good.

Alex was furious. He turned around and wanted to glare at Ryan. But when he saw Ryan's handsome and cold features, his body was stiff and then he turned his head back unconsciously.

He couldn't blame Mr. Howard for it. Jessica, the bitch was to blame. If she hadn't run him down in front of Mr. Howard, Mr. Howard would have targeted an unknown starlet like him?

Alex clenched his fist, turned his head and glared at Jessica hard. Bitch! He wouldn't let her off.

His glare baffled Jessica. He cheated on her, and did something wrong to her. How did he have the face to glare at her? And he even looked like she was unfaithful lover. That made her so sick!

"Is your baby staring at you?" Clara poked Jessica with her elbow. She stressed the word "baby" somewhat deliberately.

"...don't mention the word baby. I'm afraid I can't eat."

She didn't know if it was an illusion that she felt her brother seemed to look at her several times when he heard the word "baby" and his look was cold.

She glanced furtively at him, but he was talking to Mr.Johnson, and didn't look at her at all.

That was an illusion. She sighed with relief.

But then he didn't look at her the whole time, as if she were a stranger.

Jessica was eating her favorite shrimp, but she couldn't feel the taste now. She thought he had stayed because he was not angry. But now he looked distinctly unhappy.

She pressed her lips and was a bit sullen. She poked at the dish with her chopsticks and lost her appetite.

"These are all ordered according to your preference. Why don't you eat? Period or illness?"

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