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Then in the evening, as she was packing, she received a short notice that she would be delayed for a week.

Jessica did not think too much. She had not finished the script, so this week, she could just ponder about the script.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye. The mother excitedly prepared four boxes of luggage for her. She arranged for a top makeup artist, a stylist and three female bodyguards and a dietitian.

Jessica disliked it because it was too ostentatious, so she didn't agree. The mother made concessions again and again. Finally, she compromised reluctantly. "You must take these two boxes with you, or you will take them with you!"

The mother pointed to the people she arranged.

There was really no other choice, so Jessica could only drag two giant suitcases to meet the assistant who Tina arranged for her.

But she never thought of it. "C..Clara?"

"It's me!" Clara came up to give her a big hug. "When I heard that you were going to act, I immediately resigned as chief editor and came to be your little assistant. Surprise, surprise!"

Jessica, "..."

No surprise, but only scare.

She didn't drive the high class nanny van that her mother arranged for her because it was eye-catching. As a result, she eluded her mother, but she didn't eluded Clara. She ended up riding in a Porsche to the set.

Luxury car and beauties attracted a lot of attention.

When Jessica got off the car, she could hear several people talking...

"Is the director serious about having a young paparazzi as the leading role?"

"He was not kidding. Didn't you see the Porsche? It's good to be a beauty. Yesterday's paparazzi can be today's leading role by hooking a sugar daddy casually."

"What a great director. Pooh. He will also take the money and give someone a role."

Jessica poked Clara with elbow, and said in a low voice. "I said take a taxi, but you insisted on driving."

"Oh." Clara touched her nose embarrassedly and said, "I thought I can drive a nice car to back you up."

Who knew all these people guessed Jessica hooked a sugar daddy, but she couldn't explain one by one. Jessica sighed. Anyway, it was no use talking about it.

Clara and Jessica put away the luggage and went to attend the booting ceremony. It was already 2:30pm after the ceremony was over.

In the past, regardless of birthday, opening ceremony, graduation ceremony or other meaningful things, Ryan would always accompany Jessica.

After the ceremony, she wanted to call him to dinner subconsciously. But when she turned to see Clara, she just realized that he didn't come.

She felt bad suddenly.

This was the first time that Clara went to the set, so she was very curious about it. She also did not notice Jessica was wrong and just said," I went to get the lunch box ." and ran away.

Jessica took her phone and found Ryan's number. Her finger was hanging on the dialing key, but then she withdrew it.

She didn't know what to say if she called him.

When she was staring into space, there was a roar from the crowd and she looked there unconsciously. She couldn't see anything but a bunch of people.

It was not until the crowd was parted and the man came to her that she opened her mouth and said in surprise. "Bro..."

She spat out a word and swallowed. "I thought you wouldn't come!"

Usually, she was afraid of Ryan. But she missed him because she hadn't seen him for so long. Jessica excitedly rushed to him and gave him a hug.

It was noisy just now, but it was so quiet at the moment that even the sound of a falling needle could be heard.

Everyone was shocked to see this.

A paparazzi turned actress. It was surprising enough to be a heroine, but now it seemed that her sugar daddy was Ryan Howard.

Who was Ryan Howard?

He was the second son of the Howards, the successor to the Howard Group and the senior investor! It was no exaggeration to say that Ryan Howard was the ideal husband of 90 percent of women!

So many women wanted to climb into his bed but did not succeed.

Incredibly, a paparazzi succeeded. The crowd of onlookers had mixed feelings about it.

Suddenly there was no sound around. Jessica looked up and then realized that there were many people around them. She was frozen suddenly.


Overhead came Ryan's indifferent voice. She paused and then stood still hurriedly.

She coughed and stood a meter away from him deliberately to pretend that she didn't know him. "Our set is honoured by your presence. You are so busy. Why are you free to come?"

The crowd, "..."

What was the use of pretending not to know now?

They all knew Ryan had an affair with her.

The Howard Group invested the film. Of course, I have to come and see." Ryan did not expose her. He just looked at her for a while, and then looked away.

The special assistant followed behind Ryan. After hearing this, he couldn't help taking out his phone and looking at the selfie camera to see the dark circles under his eyes which were because of work schedule.

Hearing that he was just for work, Jessica felt disappointed, but as was expected. Her brother was so busy every day. How could he pay attention to her?

"Haha, everyone is lucky today. " At this time, the director Mr. Johnson said with a smile. "Don't take the lunch box any more. Those who took it don't eat. Jessica ordered a big meal for everybody. Eat a big meal later."

Obviously, it was ordered by Ryan in the name of Jessica. Everyone knew it, but no one exposed the truth because they all knew how to behave in a delicate situation.

There was a big meal. Who cared?

Jessica saw Clara taking two lunch boxes coming from afar. She was about to tell her not to eat the lunch box, when she was grabbed by the forearm.

"Come with me." Ryan said coldly.


Under the envious or indifferent or sneering or admiring look, they went to a quiet corner of the set.

Now Jessica didn't miss him but began to fear him.

"Didn't you just jump into my arms? Now you're afraid?" Ryan let go of her arm, squinting at her.

Jessica clutched the corner of her coat unnaturally. Her face was burning.

It was mainly because she missed her brother so much just now. Now she sobered, so she began to fear him. But these words, she didn't dare to say.

Ryan also did not wait for her to answer, and said in a low voice. "Why did you pretend you didn't know me?"

"I, I don't dislike you." Jessica was afraid that he was misunderstood, so she explained hurriedly. "Too many people want to be my sister-in-law. I'm afraid that if they know you are my brother, they will try to please me and use me to get close to you."

Did she ... mind him getting together with other woman?

His eyes narrowed. Ryan swallowed and said gloomily. "You don't want to let others be your two sister-in-law?"

"No, you will have someone you like in future and I will have a sister-in-law. I just don't like women who are scheming and use me to get close to you." Jessica explained earnestly.

The light in his eyes faded. Ryan asked in a lower voice. "Aren't you angry that I married someone else?"

"Why should I be angry?" Jessica didn't understand. "You are a man. You're gonna marry somebody else. But forget about Amy Scott. She's not good enough for you."

She didn't know why. When her brother said he wanted to marry other people, she felt down.

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