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Her voice trailed off.

Jessica curled her lips. "You are Mrs. Howard. Of course she has to flatter you."

"Look at you." The mother laughed. She pinched her bulging cheek. "Next time when I invite someone to come, I will investigate it privately."

"Well. By the way, mom, the fact that I am your daughter. Please don't spill your beans in front of Amy Scott." Jessica was satisfied and told the mother casually.

When the mother heard that, her eyes popped. "Why can't I say? If she knew you were my daughter, how dare she bully you? "

"Well, you don't know." Jessica sighed. "If it was exposed, there will be men chasing me for the status of your daughter. There will be more women fawning on me, asking me to help chase my brother, and a bunch of people flattering me and plotting against me..."

She sighed. "It's very tired and troublesome."

The mother thought it was right and nodded in agreement.

They were chatting while eating. When they were almost full, something occurred to Jessica. "Mom, a year ago... Did anything special happen?"

Why did her brother always mention a matter happened a year ago. And he always had an unspeakable feeling when he mentioned it.

"What is it?"

"I just don't know, so I am asking you."

The mother thought carefully. "Nothing special. What's the matter?"

Apart from the fact that she went abroad to learn dancing for a period of time. It was the same as usual.

"Nothing." That was strange. My brother seemed to be very concerned about what happened a year ago.

Jessica put down the chopsticks, and went back to the room to take a bath. After much hesitation, she gave Ryan a call.

When he left, he looked very unhappy but she did not know what she had done to him.

But she made several phone calls in succession, and no one answered.

It often happened before, but this time it seemed that he was angry with her. Very angry.

Jessica panicked. She jumped out of bed, put on shoes, and ready to borrow her mother's cell phone to make a phone call.

When she just went to the door, the mobile phone rang. She picked up and looked at it. It was her brother.

"Ryan ..." She called anxiously.

"What?" His voice was as good as ever, but hoarse and a little tired.

Jessica just wanted to confirm whether he was angry with her or not, but when he answered the phone, she did not know what to say.

"Hang up if nothing else. I have work to do." When he finished, he didn't give her the opportunity to react at all, and hung up the phone directly.

Jessica stared at the screen which already returned to the main interface. She felt sour and the heart was blocked up.

Over the past year, her relationship with her brother seemed to be getting worse...

In the Howard Group headquarters, President's office-

Outside the huge French window, the enchanting lines spread out from the neon lights. The traffic flow was winding, and the pattern changed on the high buildings, which made up the gorgeous and spectacular night scenery. It was very beautiful.

Ryan was standing in front of the French window. The colorful lights in the distance were reflected in his pupils. There was no focal length in his deep eyes.

The office was dark with no lights on.

In the darkness, the flame of the cigarette between the slender fingers flickered. As he exhaled, the smoke curled around him, softening some of his fierce breath.

Except Jessie and themselves, nobody knew the fact that he went to the hotel with Amy Scott. Now Amy Scott was invited to their home by his mother. It was obvious who did it.

Was Jessie so willing to put him with other women together?

There was a knock at the door.

Ryan held the smoke in his hand and said hoarsely. "Come in."


The door opened and the light was turned on.

"Why didn't you turn on the light?" The special assistant said in surprise.

Ryan did not answer, but just walked to the desk with a sulky handsome face. He put out the rest of his cigarette in the ashtray and flicked the ash off his finger. "Have you done what you were told to do?"

"Yes." The special assistant didn't bother with that question. "The plane ticket has been changed to the latest one, leaving in two hours."

After a pause, he said. "Your affair with Miss Scott was found out. It was not Jessica. It was arranged by Amy Scott.

"Amy Scott?" Ryan frowned. After thinking for a while, he matched the name with the real person.

"Yes. At the beginning, she arranged for other reporter to follow her. Later, when she found out that Jessica was also involved in the affair, she hired a hacker to expose your affair with her in the name of Jessica. So she could clear herself. "

The special assistant knew his boss's temperament, so he proposed. "Shall I ban her?"

Amy Scott shouldn't have calculated others, especially Mr. Howard. She also wanted to plant it on Jessica. How dare she!

But Ryan Howard didn't ban Amy Scott directly as he expected. He paused and said, "The director, Mr. White is still short of a female supporting role for his latest film. Give it to her."

Didn't ban her, but gave her resource? The special assistant was surprised, but he couldn't guess the boss's mind. He merely answered and arranged the matter.

Ryan also did not say anything about Amy Scott. He looked back at the dark night. And then left the office, whose lips were pressed together tightly.

The special assistant was pulling the suitcase behind him. He couldn't resist asking, "Boss, if you go on a business trip today, you won't be able to make it back the day after tomorrow."

The day after tomorrow was the day Jessica joined the crew. According to the boss's disposition, he would usually go.

Ryan Howard stopped when he heard that. He said in a cold voice, "Well, do I have to listen to you about when I should go on a business trip?"

"The day after tomorrow, Jessica will join the crew. Did...did you forget it?" The special assistant said carefully.

Ryan pressed his lips and said, "You care too much."

Then he turned and walked outside.

The special assistant suspected that he was dynamite today. He did not dare to say any more and blindly followed him.

But after Mr. Howard left, he would have to check the day after tomorrow, no, the flight for tomorrow night. Well, he'd better get in touch with the boss's private pilot.

The boss always backtracked on her affairs, not once or twice.


Jessica didn't see her brother the next day. After she asked the special assistant, she knew that her brother went on a business trip and he would come back after ten days or half a month.

Since last year, he had been going on business trip a lot. So she was not surprised, but still a little disappointed.

Usually, her brother was not so warm to her, but he couldn't hang up the phone with no reason. Yesterday it was clear that he was angry with her. And now that he was gone, she could not find out why he was angry with her.

But Jessica just lost for a while, and then concentrated on the script. Anyway, she couldn't figure out the reason why her brother got angry.

But this TV series was invested by her family. She needed to act well and made more money!

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