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"I see." The mother sighed. " It's not easy for either of you."

Amy smiled awkwardly. Her back was already in a cold sweat.

Jessica just entered the kitchen and the next second Ryan came in. When she was filling the bowl with rice, he did not speak or do anything else, but just stood there with his hands around his chest and looking at her coldly.

"Ry...Ryan, I can do it myself. You don't need to come." She felt nervous at his gaze.

In fact, the servant could do it, but she was uncomfortable at his brother's gaze. So she just came on the pretext of filling a bowl of rice.

No response, so she took the bowl and turned to look up at him.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly moved forward. The distance between them was like the size of a bowl.

Jessica's nerves were tense suddenly. She backed subliminally and had to stop until the back of her waist was against the cold desk. "Ry...Ryan?"

Her voice was trembling.

She was afraid of her brother. Especially when he behaved like this, as if he would devoured her.

"Do you want to put me together with other woman so badly?" Ryan bent down, and his hands was pressing on the table. His eyes were filled with strong emotion.

Jessica was trapped between his chest and table, breathing his breath.

She swallowed, and got goose bumps all over her body. "...What?"

Put him together with other women? Why didn't she know what he was talking about?

Ryan raised his hand and squeezed her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Because of the incident a year ago, right? Huh?"

His face was very cold. Jessica couldn't understand the complex look in his eyes.

She did not know what he meant. She just knew that she was afraid now.

Ryan wanted to ask what she wanted to do, but when he saw the fear in her eyes, he frowned, and all the words were swallowed.


He smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes, only the extreme cold ruthlessness.

He was unwilling to put her in a difficult situation and unwilling to hurt her. Finally, he could only torture himself.

His smile made Jessica uncomfortable, so she carefully asked. "Ryan, what..."

Before she could finish, he let go of her chin and turned around to leave the kitchen. His tall figure looked a little lonely.

What was the matter with Ryan?

Jessica pressed her lips and paused for a moment. Then she followed him out with the bowl.

But she walked slowly, and when she got to the dining room, she realized he wasn't there.

"Where is Ryan?" Jessica sat down and whispered to the mother. She couldn't tell why, but she just felt guilty.

Before the mother answered, Amy said enigmatically. "Look what you have asked... Mr. Howard stayed in the kitchen with you for a while and then left after he returned. You should know better than we do."

Left? Jessica's pupils were contracted. And she felt empty in her heart.

Undoubtedly, she should have been relaxed when Ryan was not there. But thinking of his look as he left, she couldn't be relaxed at all.

She seemed to always make her brother angry recently...

Amy saw Jessica disregarded her words, she felt she was ignored by her. She just felt she couldn't breathe and was suffocating.

The mother got a good impression of Amy at first, but now she saw how she treated Jessica, she took some dislike to her.

She put down her chopsticks and said, "Ryan has gone. I'm afraid Miss Scott won't find it interesting to stay here. I'll let someone send you back."

The person with a kind and pleasant countenance just now changed her face suddenly. Amy paused and then said hurriedly. "No! Mrs. Howard, since I'm here. It's not too late to leave after this meal with you!"

It was not easy for her to have the opportunity to come, and she did not want to give up the chance of gaining Mrs. Howard's favor so easily.

But Mrs. Howard was not asking for her opinion. It was a unilateral order. Her retort was of no use at all. Mrs. Howard directly arranged someone to see her off.

Since Mrs. Howard had said that, Amy couldn't stay there brazenly.

"Then let me go with Jessica. Our work overlaps and we can talk on the way."

Mr. Howard had an unusual attitude towards this paparazzi. If she gave the paparazzi another chance to curry favor with Mrs. Howard, how could she still have a chance?

The mother frowned. Jessie was a member of the Howards. She didn't have to go.

She was about to speak, but Jessica stole her thunder. "I'm not full yet. I'll go later."

Amy did not know her identity, so her mother could not spill the beans!

"... Then go out and see me off." Amy was disgusted by her cheek, and forced a smile on her face.

Her superior attitude displeased the mother.

"Yes, come on." Before the mother was angry, Jessica hurriedly took Amy's hand to go out.

Amy hated it when nameless people pretended to be friendly with her. But in the presence of his mother, she had to maintain her image.

She endured and just couldn't wait to shake off Jessica's hand after going out.

"Sorry, I'm a neat freak." Amy said with a look of disgust.

So this C-list actress was a double-faced person. She had two faces. Even if her brother looked for a lover, he shouldn't have looked for someone like that.

Jessica curled her lips. "Oh, I happen to be one of them, too."

In front of Amy Scott, she rubbed her hand on the clothes hard as if it was dirty.

"What do you mean?" Amy blushed furiously. This little paparazzi was insulting her? !

Jessica tilted her head to look at her with a look of innocence. "My hand is dirty. Just wipe my hand. Can't you see?"

"You..." Amy took a deep breath. She clenched her teeth and said. "Do you really think Mr. Howard like you, so you can be lawless?"

How did this person know that her brother liked her?

Jessica murmured to herself, but was smiling broadly. "Mr. Howard likes me. His mother also likes me. Is it not normal that I am lawless?"

When Amy heard that, she could hardly breathe. "I warn you, don't be too arrogant!"

"I am arrogant. Hit me if you can. " She smirked at her, and turned back under her exasperated gaze, humming a tune.

Amy Scott looked at her back, whose eyes were full of jealousy and hate.

She gritted her teeth, grunted heavily, and got in the car with a sullen face.

Let the paparazzi be arrogant for a while. She would regret it!

Jessica went back to the dining room and sat down to eat. She complained, "Mom, why did you invite her?"

Amy was a C-list actress. Her reputation was not bad, but it was only because her team worked well. There was more dirty work under the table.

She told her mother what she knew.

"Your eldest brother is already married, but your second elder brother has no movement at all. I'm anxious about it." The mother had a guilty conscience. "I didn't know she was like that. She was okay before you came..."

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