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It would be even better if she could marry Mr. Howard... She smiled. Even the dark garage looked nice to her.

On the way to the company, Tina apologized to Jessica solemnly and promised a lot. The latter, however, only gave her a cold grunt. She didn't pull a face at her, and didn't forgive her either.

"Is Mr. Howard your brother?" Tina asked casually as she got off the car.


They entered the company, and Tina sighed, "You are the only daughter of the Howards. Your brothers must treat you as a little princess... I apologize again for what I just did."

Hearing that, Jessica stopped, turned around and looked at Tina with a faint smile on her face.

Tina remained calm, "What's the matter?"

"If you want to know exactly what's the relationship between me and brother, just ask directly. Don't beat around the bush."

Because of what happened before, Jessica didn't like her so much. Now she was more discontented with her trap.

She had been a paparazzi for quite some time, so she wasn't worse than this agent in getting someone to talk.

There was a flash of embarrassment on her face when Tina was directly exposed.

"I apologize if I upset you with what I just said. But as your agent, I need to know everything about you so I can help you deal with everything the first time."

Jessica frowned and said, "It's all right if you want to know, but I don't like the words mean more than they say."

Too much thinking.

The two people stood in the doorway for a long time. Jessica's appearance and temperament was outstanding, and she was a stranger. So many employees sneaked to look at her.

A moment later, Tina smiled, "Professional habits, sorry. It's not convenient to talk here. Go inside."

"Ok." Jessica also didn't want to make a scene.

Tina was famous person in the company. No matter old or new employees, they all greeted Tina respectfully. Some thoughtful people asked about Jessica's background and identity.

She deceived them all with the sentence, "She is Jessica, a new colleague."

They went to the office of the special assistant to president and took the new contract. After signing, Tina asked Jessica a few questions. This time she did not beat around the bush.

Jessica answered truthfully. Including the amour with Alex, she also did not conceal.

"Alex?" When Tina heard this, she frowned.

His public image was a considerate guy, but indeed, he was a punk, a rascal. How did Jessica get involved with him?

"Well." When she mentioned that bastard, Jessica facial expression was not very good. She made a long story short, "But we broke up a few days ago. He... cheated on me." Luckily, she just held the hands with him at most. Nothing overdone.

Otherwise, she'd have to get tested for AIDS after all so many people had used his stick.

"That's good." Tina couldn't know clearly whether Jessica still had affection for her ex-boyfriend or not. She didn't dare to say too much, and just reminded, "Stay away from him."

"I'm afraid I can't."

Listening to this, Tina suddenly looked up. She said in anger, "What do you mean? Are you still going to get back together with him?"

"I'm not blind. But he's the villain of 'Spy', and we're going to meet on set."

The thought of him and the mistress holding each other naked made Jessica sick.

Tina was relieved and told Jessica that she would choose an assistant for her in two days. Then she asked her to go home and study the script.

Jessica took a taxi home and just in time for dinner.

"Give it to me. Wash your hands and go to dinner." The cook came over and took her bag kindly.

Jessica washed her hands and jumped to the dining room. When she saw the person sitting in the dinning room, the sentence 'What do we have today?' was suddenly stuck in the throat.

In front of the table, except for her mother and Ryan, Amy Scott was there, too.

Amy Scott was also surprised to see Jessica. She was trying to smile, "Jessica, why are you here?"

"You can be here. Why can't she?" Ryan said carelessly. He was using a wet towel to wipe his fingers which the bone joints were clear.

Was Mr. Howard speaking for this paparazzi? Amy Scott 's face was frozen with a smile.

She was green with envy, but she had to pretend to be magnanimous.

"I just asked. I didn't mean anything."

Then she smiled at Jessica warmly, "Please sit down, Jessica. Oh, by the way, you didn't bring your camera with you, did you? Mr. Howard doesn't like to be in some messy news."

She talked like the master of the house.

However, Jessica didn't have much energies to play word game with her. All her attention was on her brother.

After she entered the dinning room, his eyes fell on her. They looked cold and he seemed to be unhappy.

Did she make him angry?

Or did something happen to him outside?

Jessica wanted to ask, but it was not good to ask in front of Amy Scott. So she drew the chair beside him, and sat down with some ingratiation.

Amy was embarrassed because she said a lot of words, but did not get a response. She clutched the corner of her dress and said. "Jessica, Mr. Howard doesn't like others sitting next to him."

"That's all right, Jessie is not an outsider." Mother answered casually. She didn't mind her words.

But Amy wasn't comfortable when she heard.

Mrs. Howard called Jessica so affectionately that it looked as if they had known each other for a long time. And this paparazzi was different to Mr. Howard.

However, no attention was paid to her face.

"Eat." Ryan said quietly and put a chicken wing on Jessica's plate naturally.

Amy looked at the scene aside and felt even worse.

She had never seen Mr. Howard cared so much about a woman.

"Mr. Howard, try this pork rib. It tastes good." Amy picked up a pork rib and put into Ryan's bowl.

Almost as soon as she put it in, the noise on the table died away.

She looked up and found that everyone was looking at her, and Ryan's face was cold.

"What...What's the matter?"

Amy felt uncomfortable under their gaze.

Jessica stood up the first time, took Ryan's bowl and said quickly. "I'll change your rice."

By the time the words were out of her mouth, she was gone.

Ryan put down the chopsticks, stood up, and looked at Amy coldly. When she was almost unable to sit still, he moved towards the kitchen.

"Mrs. Howard, well..." Amy looked at his back, at a loss.

Didn't she just put a pork rib on his bowl? And she used the serving chopsticks. Why did he get angry?

The mother was used to it. "He doesn't eat anything except what is served by Jessica." Then she asked curiously, "Don't you know that after having been with Ryan for so long?"

Amy was frozen and said. "We've been together for a year. But I'm an actor and he's busy. We didn't meet each other often, and we usually squeezed out time for video chat."

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