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"Before today, I was quite sure of your ability to work, but now I have changed my mind." Ryan looked at Tina whose face looked stiff and angry.

Tina clutched the corners of her dress. A director who knew her well told her that the boss seemed to be chasing a woman. Shortly after saying this, the boss thrust someone on her, so she unconsciously thought the one was an eye candy depending on sugar daddy.

Now it seemed she was wrong...

However, "Even if Jessica is your sister, not your lover, that will not change the fact that she is just a eye candy!"

Ryan did not answer this time, but just looked at her with a spurious smile.

Tina felt her throat tighten under his gaze, but she still bit the bullet and said. "I met many rich second generation who work in the entertainment industry just for fun. I don't want to waste effort to cultivate a person who just wants to have fun!"

"Are you dumb? Can't explain yourself?" Ryan still didn't answer. He just looked at Jessica.

Jessica was attacked without reason again. Her mood now filled with despair, but she dared not retort because of fear.

She looked at Tina and said gloomily, "My name is Jessica. The outstanding graduate of the Central Academy of Drama in 2013. I am not the eye candy you said, nor the rich second generation who just wants to have fun in the entertainment industry."

"I got the role of heroine in 'Spy' by myself after audition. It's not because of hidden rules."

The Central Academy of Drama?

And the outstanding graduate?

The words hit Tina on the top of her head. Her mind went blank.

Jessica had acting skill, beautiful appearance and the support of Mr. Howard...As long as she worked hard, it was not a problem to be famous. Maybe Jessica would be the next best actress!

"Please don't behave like that you are afraid of being entangled. You have requirements for your actress, and I have requirements for my agent. At least someone like you, who doesn't even read the actress's information and criticize randomly, are out the scope of my consideration.

Again and again, Jessica was scolded by Tina. Even if she was a clay figure, temper began to fray now.

Tina was not an unreasonable person. Now she realized that she was too impulsive on this matter and misunderstood Jessica.

She was so embarrassed that she tried to apologize but couldn't swallow her pride. She opened her mouth several times but didn't say a word.

Ryan glanced at the two people with indifference, took the car keys to the front of the car, and opened the door. "If you don't want to work with her, change her. Get in the car."

Jessica was angry, so she was not so afraid of Ryan as usual. She went to the other side of the car and opened the door. "Come on. Even if you change her, someone else will still think I'm your lover who managed to hook up with you."

Ryan almost sat on seat, but he stood out after hearing her words and looked at her across the car with an expressionless face.

"Then please help me choose another one." Jessica also wanted to be firm in attitude once, but she flinched instantly at his gaze. Her legs even went limp.

Then Ryan nodded faintly. Jessica stroked her chest to calm down. She made a face furtively at him and was about to get in the car. She was pulled by someone when one of her feet just stepped on. She turned around and saw that the person pulling her was Tina who scolded her from the beginning of the meeting.

But before Jessica spoke, Ryan said in a cold voice. "Let go. You can go back and I'll get her another agent."

"It was all my fault. I misunderstood Jessica by not reading her information. I would like to apologize." Tina was an ambitious person who really didn't want to see such a good resource go away from her.

Otherwise Jessica became a top actress in future, she would be regretful.

Ryan sniffed. "Who said she would forgive you if you apologized?"

"It is my duty to apologize, and Jessica can make her own choice whether to forgive or not." "But there are three gold agents altogether in our company, and one is going to retire soon." said Tina.

"And Ken, he is good looking and has the gift of the gab. All the female entertainers who worked under him were cheated out of affection and body. Even Grace who are working under him now is no exception."

Those Z-list actresses in the entertainment industry like Amy Scott couldn't compete with her. Her resume was unique among young actress and she had lots of fans.

If Tina hadn't said, she wouldn't have thought that Grace whose public image was maiden would have an affair with her agent. Ryan still looked calm. He said indifferently. "So?"

Ryan just spoke lightly, but Tina broke out in a sweat after hearing that.

It seemed that the boss was very dissatisfied with her because of her attitude to Jessica... But she could not bear to give up such a good resource.

She wiped the sweat from her palms on her trousers. "Of course, Mr.Howard can poach people from other companies, but it's not easy to find a suitable agent in such a short period of time as spy is about to start shooting."

After she finished, she looked up carefully and looked at Ryan's face. But he looked so cool that she could see nothing.

She took a breath. "I want to apply to be Jessica's agent temporarily. If a month later, she is not satisfied with me, I can quit voluntarily without asking her for any liquidated damages."

The condition was only favorable to Jessica. Now she was not angry. She thought and didn't refuse, but turned to look at Ryan, waiting for her brother's opinion.

There was no conflict between her fear of him and her confidence in him.

When Ryan saw that she was willing, he said coolly. "I'll let them draw up a new contract. What you have just asked for will be in it."

"Thank you, Mr. Howard." Tina's heart was no longer in suspense. Now when she looked at Jessica, she just thought that Jessica was all good.

Ryan's eyes were black. He just glanced at Tina after hearing that. Don't thank me. She's the one who makes the final decision. If she didn't choose you, then do your duty and resign of your own accord."

"Sure. She will be satisfied with me!" Tina saw there was hope. Her voice was full of surprise.

Ryan didn't say anything more. He kicked Jessica who in the car just for a while out of the car and then drove away.

And Tina drove Jessica to the company.

After they were all gone, Fiona came out from the corner, taking the mobile phone.

She was too far away to hear what they were saying. However, judging from their looks, Tina was not satisfied with the price proposed by Jessica. But because of Mr. Howard, she finally gave in.

"Jessica..." Fiona grasped the corner of her dress. She bit the lips, who hated and envied Jessica so much.

She couldn't believe that the bitch hooked Mr. Howard so soon. But Mr. Howard could take a fancy to that bitch. There was no reason that she couldn't catch his fancy.

Fiona took her mobile phone to look at herself in the screen. Her look changed. Finally, she took her lipstick out and put on her lips happily.

When she became Mr. Howard's girlfriend, she could take revenge on the bitch whatever she wanted. When the bitch was tortured enough, she would kick her out of the Big Chance.

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