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Her face changed and she was tongue-tied, "Wh..what?"

Oh god, she will be the heroine! A paparazzi turned into the heroine of a big directed film. What could be more magical?

"I'll talk to you later." Jessica covered her mouth and glanced at the colleagues guiltily. She was relieved that no one noticed them. Then, she opened the door and went out.

Outside the door, Fiona was talking with Tina with a smile, "Are you here because of the best actor Mr. Lauren?"

Tina gave the cold shoulder to Fiona whose ambition was shown on her face. She was in no mood and wanted to bypass her to call Jessica.

However, Fiona stepped forward and stopped her, "Tina, as a fan of the best actor Mr. Lauren, I must remind you. Jessica doesn't have bottom line. No matter how much money you pay her for what she wants to expose, she's still going to expose.

"Get out." Tina guessed that she misunderstood, but she never explained to strangers.

This old woman was really ungrateful, Tina scolded her in mind. Fiona wanted to say something more, but Tina didn't give her a chance at all.

"I don't have much time for you. Hurry up!" She looked across Fiona, shouted to Jessica, and turned to go to the elevator.

"You want to ruin my business with Tina, huh? No way." Jessica listened to their conversation for a while, so she can guess what Fiona wants to do easily.

She smiled triumphantly at Fiona, and then walked to the elevator humming an off-key song in the latter's exasperated sight.

Fiona looked at her back. Her face was green with anger.

Jessica got off the elevator after Tina. After the latter got on the car, she couldn't help asking, "Where are we going?"

"Can I still sell you?" Tina started the car and didn't even look at her, "Get on the car or not? If not, I'm going!"

She looked impatient all the time.

Even if Jessica had good temper, she couldn't stand at the moment, "Fine."

Then she turned and walked away after she answered.

What the hell? She didn't offend her.

Tina didn't expect that Jessica would leave without hesitation. She stopped the car quickly and got off to chase the girl. "Jessica!"

No one took any notice of her.

She shouted again, and the girl in front of her stopped. "Tina, if you have any complaint against me, just say it. There's no need to show it."

Jessica never say euphemistically. She also disdained to talk in a roundabout way.

"Oh." Tina sneered. She was filled with anger.

"You hooked up with Mr. Howard and was thrust on me. Are you still wronged?"

Jessica didn't expect this situation to happen. Tina could think she was her brother's little lover?

The corner of her mouth twisted. She was about to say something when a cold male voice came from behind her. "I am not willing to say that about her. Who allowed you to talk to her that way?"

Jessica looked back in surprise and saw the man who was still sitting in the office not long ago was now standing behind her, and his handsome face was sullen.

Tina was shocked that he would appear here.

"Speak." Ryan stared at her coldly. His eyes were all covered with ice and snow.

Tina's fingers were trembling. She managed to smile, "Mr. Howard, I'm just... just..."

"Just don't want to take her?" Ryan stretched out his hand to hug Jessica in his arm. It was obvious who 'her' meant.

Although he was busy all day, he did not forget to keep fit. Jessica could feel his strong muscle in his arms, even through the clothes.

It was hard and not comfortable at all.

She looked down at his arm around her waist and secretly stretch out a paw to pull his hand.

But instead of pulling it apart, the strength of his hand grew so great that it nearly broke her waist.

"Don't move." A large hand fell on her head, accompanied by the man's low alarm.

Jessica was too frightened to move. She only curled her lips where he could not see it.

Ryan was becoming more and more overbearing. Her eldest brother was still the best...

The girl in his arm did not toss, so Ryan's eyes fell on Tina again. His voice was lower. "I don't like to repeat."

Tina had worked for the entertainment company of the Howard Group for several years. She had never seen him so close to a woman before. And now even if she were a fool, she knew that she was kicking the iron plate. And she was not stupid.

Denying it now would only make things worse.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Yes, I don't want to take her. Mr. Howard, to tell you the truth, I've been working so hard to become the gold medal agent. Except for the money, the main thing is that I can choose partner. I don't like to work with eye candy or idiot.

Ryan did not answer, but Jessica could not help saying. "I'll take 'eye candy' as a compliment. But what do you mean idiot?"

In fact, she admired those who dared to retort her brother directly. But if the person retorting his brother just wanted to slander her, it was a different situation.

Anyway, things had been very terrible, so Tina also did not disguise herself. She sneered. "Except for your face, what qualities do you have that relate to an actress?"

"Well, I..."

Jessica just opened her mouth, but was interrupted by Tina, "I have seen so many people who depend on their good looks and then look for sugar daddies to help themselves become popular actresses. Who would go to film school if it were so easy to be an actress?"

She looked directly at Jessica aggressively.

Please let her finish!

"Brother." She turned to look at Ryan.

Hearing this, Tina, who was still full of vigour, suddenly froze.

Bro... brother?

So...she's not his little lover but his sister?!

But she had never heard of the daughter of the Howards before!

"Didn't you give her my information?" Jessica continued.

When did her brother become so unreliable?

She looked up at him like an angry kitten.

There was a fleeting blandness in his eyes, but soon it was cold again, "Are you questioning me?"

"...No, no." Jessica huddled.

She didn't dare to question her brother unless she was emboldened.

Ryan sniffed and released her.

Jessica was free again and she could move. But she didn't dare to move because she was afraid of being scolded. However, it didn't help that she obeyed and was still criticized.

"Why are you standing still?" Ryan looked down at her, frowning.

Jessica felt that he seemed to dislike that she was too close to him, so she quickly moved aside to put some distance between them.

It was he who told her not to move. It was he who thought she was too close. Her brother was so hard to please!

Jessica wanted to roll her eyes upwards, but halfway through, she met his cold eyes. So she quickly stopped and gave him an ingratiating smile.

She didn't dare to make any movement at all at the moment.

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