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The conversation was continued. "So your brother slept with that actress? Do you know Miss Scott well? What's she like? Does she really like your brother, or does she like..."

"Mom--" Thinking of Ryan's warning, Jessica interrupted because of a strong thirst for survival. "Someone broke the news in my name. I don't know it's true or false."

She patted her head. "I suddenly remember that I had something to deal with in the company. I'll go first, mom!"

Before the mother could react, Jessica quickly grabbed her backpack and slipped out, with a piece of bread in her mouth.

Whew, that's terrible!

If Ryan knew, she let out the secret...

Jessica felt a cold shiver in warm breeze.

She rubbed her goose bumps, threw the horrible thought out of her head, walked to the roadside, got a cab, and went to company.

"Spy" the TV series that Jessica auditioned for, was to begin shooting in three days, and she had to ask for leave of absence from work.

The reason why she asked for leave rather than resigning was mainly because she can not stand the hidden rules of the entertainment industry.

Maybe she would be kicked out of the crew or she would quit before the shooting was over, so it was better not to quit now than to look for a job then.

She arrived soon.

Jessica paid and got off the car. She saw a very familiar car parking in front of her company.

Her brother did not go to the Howard Group headquarters, but came to the Bigchance? !

Jessica was not good.

"What are you doing standing here instead of coming in?" Clara came on the 10 cm high heels. She tugged at her bun.

Jessica was listless. She finally managed after quite a while. "...my brother is here. I'm afraid."

"Your brother is not the boss. What are you afraid of?" Clara dragged her to the inside. "I would say that you broke the news of the boss but still live well. You must thank your brother. I'm sure he helped speak well of you."

Jessica sighed heavily. She felt she had nothing left to live for.

No one understood her pain...

Her colleagues were almost in the office. They saw Jessica and Clara came in, and then one of them popped out his head and said, "Hey, Jessie, the new boss ask you to go to his office."

"!" Jessica froze when she heard that.

Why did her brother ask her to go to his office?

Did he want to settle a score with me for that little tidbit?

No, he said he believed her.

"Tut, you're blessed with a handsome new boss." Clara patted Jessica on the shoulder.

Fiona made up her eyeline, put away the small mirror and gloated. "Blessed? I think, Jessica , you had better be careful. Perhaps this is the last time you see the new boss."

Other colleagues also discussed it.

"Mr. Howard is the sort of person who do great things. He should not be so haggling over every ounce?"

"This is Mr. Howard's only tidbit. If he fires Jessica because of it, it's not haggle over every ounce."

Seeing Jessica's facial expression was not good, Fiona smiled. Her chin was lifted up higher. "After all, we worked together as colleague. Before you leave, I have to remind you. Don't just have breasts but no brain. When you go to the next company, bring the brain with you."

Except for her brother Ryan, Jessica didn't afraid of anyone. She irritably scratched her hair and said. ""All you said is to say I have big breasts, isn't it? If you're really jealous, just get a boob job and make it as big as you want!"

The whole newspaper, the person who bothered her most was Fiona. Her words were always deliberately ambiguous, which made people's ears hurt.

There was a roar of laughter.

Fiona's face dropped and she was gnashing her teeth.

This son of a bitch, who will be fired soon, was still so arrogant!

Jessica was in no mood for her. She threw down the backpack, trotting to the boss's office.

Her brother didn't like to wait.

"Why did you run?" In the office, Ryan sat on the chair looking at something on the computer. He raised his eyes and glanced lightly at her when he heard the noise.

"I'm afraid you will wait too long." Jessica smiled ingratiatingly and asked carefully. "Why do you... ask me to come?"

The voice grew weaker and weaker.

Little girl was so arrogant in front of the female colleagues, but she was such a coward in front of him... Ryan frowned. He turned off the monitor on the computer, pulled out a stack of documents, and threw them on the desk.

The file collided with the table, giving out a light patter. Jessica's heart also shivered because of it.


What did that mean? Did her brother really want to settle a score with her because someone broke the news in her name, like Fiona said just now?

Before Jessica's thoughts wandered away, Ryan stood up and walked to her.

"Didn't listen to your boss carefully. Do you want to be fired?" He looked down at her.

"Ouch, it hurts." Jessica covered her head and said in injured tone. "No...Ryan, you ask me to come here. Do you want to fire me?"

Jessica waited for a long time, but Ryan didn't speak. She looked up in fear, and saw his handsome face was cold.

Her heart missed a beat. She hurriedly explained. "But Ryan, I didn't break the news. Really! I..."

"I know." Two indifferent words interrupted her.

She relaxed a little bit. Then she heard him saying, "I don't need any reason to fire you."

"!" Jessica's face turned pale. She ignored her fear at the moment and couldn't help saying. "Since you believed that I am not the one who broke the news, why do you still fire me?"

Ryan leaned on the table, with his hands around his chest, looking at her coldly. "Go on."

The voice was very light, but Jessica was afraid suddenly.

She coughed, cleared her throat, and pleaded in a low voice. "After all...after all, I've been working for the company for such a long time, so you can't just fire me, can you?"

"Having been working for a long time, is the money you earned for the company enough for you to buy ten bags?" Ryan said in a very flat tone, but it sounded like irony.

Jessica bowed her head, wrung her hands together, and fell silent.

"Check the contract and sign it if it's ok." Ryan returned to his seat and pushed the papers on his desk toward her.

"Ah? What contract?" Jessica was spiritless. Was it an agreement for severing labor relation?

"Your contract with the entertainment company subordinate to the Howard Group." He didn't say anything else and handed her a pen.

Jessica opened the contract but she didn't check it. She turned directly to where she needed to sign and bent down to sign her name.

Probably because he was the new boss, she wasn't wearing her fitted clothes as usual. But even so, when she bent down, her body looked curvy.

There was no other reason. Her body was so hot that her loose clothes couldn't hide it.

Ryan's line of sight paused in front of her cleavage that he faintly saw, and then moved away. His thin lips were pressed together. "Why didn't you read it before you sighed? Who taught you?"

This little girl, she wouldn't even know she was sold!

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