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Her mother was fertile in imagination, so she couldn't let her mother think too much.

Jessica pondered for a while and found an explosive topic to shut her mother up. "Mom, I broke up. I won't bring my boyfriend back home."

"Oh?" The mother was shocked. She didn't think whether the children were bickering or not any more as expected. "Why did you break up?"

She just wanted to have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. Why was it so difficult?

The mother was a bit melancholy.

"He cheated on me!" When Jessica was talking about the bastard, she was groomy and angry. "Many times!"

The thought that he had sex with that woman and he had an erection because of her at the audition made her sick!

Why did she regard such kind of bastard as a treasure before?

After the mother heard that, she didn't felt melancholy at all, but only angry. She smacked her hand down on to the table suddenly and stood up, whose face was red with rage. "Who gave him the nerve to bully my daughter? !"

Without another word, she called her underling. "Take some people with you and go to..."

But here she stopped and just realized that she didn't know who was he at all. "Jessie, what's the name of the man who dared to cheat on you?"

"Alex." Ryan just took a dish to come out and said in an indifferent look. "You don't need to worry about it. I will deal with it."

His deep eyes fell on Jessica and his voice lowered. "Come and serve the dishes."

"Oh,ok." When Jessica saw him, she became unnatural. She answered stiffly and followed him into the kitchen.

Unexpectedly he suddenly stopped and she just bumped into him.

His muscle was very hard, so her nose hurt. Fortunately she did not have any plastic surgery, otherwise her nose would break!

Jessica rubbed her sour nose and looked up with teary eyes. She wanted to complained, but met his eyes. The expression in his eyes was cold, indifferent and with an emotion she did not understand. She could hardly breathe because of it.

Her blood froze and she stepped back subconsciously.


Ryan looked at the tears in her eyes and his eyes darkened. He reached out his hand and wanted to touch her nose and asked if it hurt. But as soon as he reached it out, he withdrew it.

He slightly bent down, stared at her and asked word by word. "Why do you mention Alex? Do you still miss him?"

Jessica was numb because of his stare. Her neck couldn't help curling up. She said glumly. "I don't. Just explain to mom that I will not bring that scum back home."

The "boar" wasted her feelings, cheated on her for so many times and even made a false countercharge in front of director Johnson. She wanted to kill him. How could she still miss him?

"Well." Ryan straightened up and his look relaxed a bit. He passed her to take the dishes.

Jessica looked at his back, clutched her chest and took a few deep breaths. She just thought her brother was getting more and more frightening.

"If you can't solve it by yourself, go for my special assistant Andreas." He said suddenly. She was startled. When she recovered, her eyes were filled with joy and she asked delightedly. "Ryan, are you concerned about me? Are you afraid that I'll be bullied?"

Ryan did not answer, but turned to look at her. She coughed and stood still, not daring to


It was not until he left with the dishes that she grunted and made a face at his back.

Three dishes and a soup were soon put on the table.

Ryan was here, so Jessica was somewhat silent and hardly spoke. He didn't talk much, and just ate quietly.

The mother was still angry about the thing that her daughter was bullied. "Alex, is that the actor Alex? He looked like a human being. How could he have done those wicked things?"

"No, we can't be bullied like that! You know about it, Ryan. Did you teach that little actor a lesson?"

"Oh, I can't keep eating! I have to..."

Ryan put some food onto Jessica's plate and then said in a low voice to stop his mother. "Mom..."

The mother finally stopped muttering, and turned to look at him. She stared at him and waited for his following words.

"Jessie is an adult. Let her deal with her own business." Ryan put down his spoon and wiped his mouth with a tissue. "I'm finished."

Seeing that, Jessica was relieved secretly.

Ryan was going to leave at last. Because he was here, she dare not breathe heavily.

Ryan saw her secret action when he was turning. His face looked colder.

Jessica had nightmares all night long. She dreamed that Alex cheated on her and also wanted to rape her. She dreamed Alex confused right and wrong in front of director Johnson and wanted to slander her.

The whole dream was real and she was furious because of it.

When Jessica woke up with her eyes open, she was still very angry. She stroked her chest to smooth her ruffled feathers. Before she finished, the door was kicked open with a bang.

She was shocked and looked at the door instinctively.

Ryan was wearing dark blue silk nightgown and his sash did not fasten, revealing large areas of tan skin. The strong pectoral muscle and abdominal muscle formed sexy line. Just watching could make people's blood pressure soar.

But he wore only one slipper on his foot and frowned.

"Ryan?" Jessica called him carefully. What was he doing?

Ryan walked up to her, and looked her up and down for a few times. His look relaxed a bit. "Did you have a nightmare?"

"It was not a nightmare." Jessica scratched her head embarrassingly. "I just dreamed of a villain and got very angry. Well...You come to my room for..."

"Too noisy." Ryan coldly gave a reply, and his line of sight fell on her body.

She was wearing a light pink nightgown, but the straps had fallen off after a night's sleep. And she did not wear underwear. From Ryan's angle, her large areas of delicate skin and faint cleavage could be seen.

Ryan frowned more tightly and his throat became dry.

"Ready to get up and have breakfast." He said in a hoarse voice whose ears were red, and then strode out.

There was a small noise and the door closed.

"Did I talk in my dream at night?" Jessica murmured, but did not notice the slip of the straps. When she got up, washed up and went to have breakfast, she found only her mother was in the dining room.

"Where is my brother?"

Ryan was not here, so Jessica was relaxed a lot instantly. She sat down casually.

"He went to the company." The mother answered without thinking. Then her eyes lit up and asked. "Jessie, I read the news that you reported, saying that your brother slept with a female star that calls Amy Scott. Is that true ..."


The rice was spat out of Jessica's mouth before the mother finished.

Jessica kept coughing and her face turned red. She could hardly breathe.

The hot search was removed so fast. Why her mother still saw it?

The mother hurriedly gave her a tissue and patted her back. She sat back to her seat after Jessica recovered. "Look at you. Slow down. What's the hurry?"

She wasn't in a hurry. She was startled.

Jessica said to herself.

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