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Jessica was eating sugar sitting comfortably in the car. She was enjoying watching TV series when the passenger door was opened suddenly and Ryan got in.

Jessica quickly withdrew her legs from the steering wheel. She was embarrassed. "Brother."

"I'm a little tired. You drive."

"Well, Ryan, my car is also here..." Jessica attempted to say something, but she was stopped by Ryan when she was about to say. "Come and get it tomorrow. It's not far from your office. Mom called me before and told us to go home for dinner."


Jessica knew it was useless to continue, so she fastened the safety belt silently.

The car went out of the garage and sped along the asphalt road. It was quiet in the car.

Jessica felt a bit embarrassed because it was too quiet, so she wanted to say something. "Ryan, can you talk to the director? I don't want to be the heroine."

"Didn't you just want to act when you went to art school?" Ryan shot her a glance and his hand propped against the window. "Why do you give up such an opportunity?"

"Uh, well..." Jessica spoke with hesitation, who looked kind of unnatural.

Her unnatural look passed fleetingly across her face, so Ryan didn't notice. He thought she was afraid that nobody supported her when she was in the entertainment industry. "Our family invests the TV series, and you should also help to make money."

Jessica listened and thought it was reasonable.

Then Ryan continued, "I am with you. All you have to do is act."

"I know." She liked acting very much indeed. At the beginning she was forced to switch to reporter. Her brother's words set her mind at ease. She seemed to be afraid of nothing.

She was not alone. She had brother and family behind her.

Jessica secretly looked at Ryan. His profile looked cool whose red thin lips pressed slightly together. He obviously looked cold and unapproachable, but he seemed to be able to let a person feel the heart flip.

Jessica temporarily forgot to watch the road, and the steering wheel tilted to one side.

Ryan reacted to it first. He unfastened his safety belt and leaned over, whose hands were put on the back of her hands and pressed slightly. The steering wheel was turned half circle. Then Jessica slammed on the brakes hurriedly.

Looking at the fence beside, Jessica was afraid after that and her face turned pale.

If Ryan hadn't stopped, they would have got in trouble.

"Are you all right?"

Jessica was in a disturbed state of mind, so she didn't notice the tension from his words. She just subconsciously shook her head.

Jessica was just about to say something when she realized that her cheeks were hot.

More than half of Ryan's body was leaning over and was really close to her. His breath was on her face and his hands were still on the steering wheel which made the back of her hands hot.

Jessica was very embarrassed.

She was actually thinking about the day when she went out and kissed Ryan's chest in a daze. It was so embarrassing!

"Jessie..." Looking at the girl who was almost encircled in his arms and was biting the lips slightly, Ryan's Adam's apple slided. His hand propped against the back of the chair.

The little girl who previously always hugged his leg and begged him to help with homework by fawning on him had grown up. And he lost his heart to her unwittingly and missed her all the time even in a foreign country.

Jessica looked up at him doubtfully.

Ryan's thin lips slightly opened and he seemed to be a bit nervous. "That night a year ago..."

Then, the ear-piercing sound of horns from behind them broke the the awkward and ambiguous atmosphere.

Jessica came back to earth quickly and drew back to keep Ryan at a distance. She stammered, "R-Ryan, I'm fine. Can you...you..."

Damn it!

Ryan gave a sullen glare at those behind them. He was itching to find the driver who honked his horn and to blow his head off directly. He restrained himself, withdrew his hands and sat back to fasten his safety belt.

He enjoined in a low voice. "Drive carefully."

"I , I see."

After her pressure was gone, Jessica sighed with relief and drove away quickly. She was thinking what did her brother say about a year ago?

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