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The actresses auditioning around were jealous and envious.

The girl was so talented in acting that if she was going to break into the entertainment industry, perhaps she would cut off other people's way to make a living.

At the end of a short audition, director Johnson took the lead in clapping. The more he looked at Jessica, the more he liked her.

"Mr. Howard, I'll designate her as the heroine and Alex as the hero. What do you think?" After all, Ryan Howard was the investor, so director Johnson had to ask even if he had decided. "I think they look like a couple."

Alex's eyes lit up when he heard this. "Thank you, Mr. Johnson. I won't let you down!"

Although he didn't want Jessica to be in the entertainment industry and blocked his future, he had to depend on this popular IP TV series with a huge investment to become an A-lister. He didn't dispute with Jessica for the time being.

Alex looked so arrogant, so Ryan was displeased. Ryan sat there firmly, crossing his legs, and said flatly, "The choice of heroine is good. She's smart and good at acting. But another actor for the hero should be chosen."

Director Johnson didn't notice Ryan's displeasure and said, "Although Alex is a newcomer in the entertainment industry, he's a good match for the hero of this series. Among those people who come for audition, his performance is better."

"I didn't see him audition, but I've watched his previous TV series." Ryan sneered and attacked him impolitely. "He played the hero like a person with facial paralysis. He wept with smiles when his lover was dead. How could he win the Lotus Award by such acting skill? And how could he have the nerve to accept the award on the stage and make a speech? Ha!"

"Mr. Howard, you, you..." Alex was livid because of what Ryan said, but he didn't dare to pull a face due to Ryan's high status. He just said politely, "The acting skill of the actor can't be perfect by practising one or two days. I think I am always improving. Moreover, were you a great man when you took over The Howard Group?"

"I was pretty good, then." Ryan stretched out his hand and pulled his tie. He said with a sneer, "Half a year after I took over The Howard Group, it had a ten percent increase in profits. In the same year, I bought the Jubilant company and became the largest shareholder by investing the Diamond Pictures. Do you want to check?"

Alex stood there like a clown. His face turned blue and pale with anger, who looked so funny.

"Poof!" Ryan looked so celibate and stuffy that Jessica didn't expect him to be so ruthless when he attacked someone. When she saw Alex who was in an awkward position, she couldn't help laughing. Her laughter drew the eyes of everyone immediately.

Jessica smiled embarrassingly and moved into the crowd. She felt more comfortable.

She suddenly had a little admiration for her brother.

"Then I'll choose again." Director Johnson didn't said anything else because he saw Ryan was determined to reject Alex. After all, he needed investors the most in making a film. And he could find a good actor by choosing. "What do you think of Chris Gardner?"

Ryan just glanced at him lazily and said, "Okay, you have a good choice."

"Mr. Howard, are you intent on it?" When Alex saw Ryan decided just by a glance at the person who was a middling actor, he looked even more disgruntled. "I think you just want to shield Jessica!"

"You said you just came over to have a look because you knew that Mr. Johnson was auditioning the actors, but in my opinion, you were intended to come! You stopped Jessica when she was driven away. And you asked the director to let her audition again. You just pull strings for her openly!"

The meeting room was silent. Jessica was also a little muddled.

After what Alex had said, she found that Ryan's appearance was really a coincidence, including that he stopped her when she was about to leave. In other people's eyes, it seemed that Ryan pulled the strings for her deliberately.

"Alex, you..."

Jessica was afraid that Ryan felt awkward,so she stood out with a grim face and was about to say something. Ryan gave her a look, as if he wanted her to stand back. Jessica stopped saying and stood back.

"Do I know her? Do I need to pull strings for her?" Ryan put a hand on the back of the chair. His eyes were so piercing that Alex didn't dare to look straight at him. "Why don't you ask everyone here about the girl's acting?

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