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Alex was a little worried when he saw Jessica was still here. He reminded director Johnson, "Mr. Johnson, the reporter is still here."

He was defeated by Jessica in acting, so it showed how talented she was. If Jessica still stayed here, maybe director Johnson would choose her when he didn't settle on other actors.

"What? She hasn't left?" Director Johnson frowned. He raised his voice when he saw Jessica was really in the crowd. "I told you to go out. Why are you still here ?"

"Yes, yes, I'm going."Originally, Jessica wanted to stay, but she was eager to leave as soon as she saw Ryan come. She quickly put on the coat and went out as Mr. Johnson began to speak.

She would find another chance to play the recording to the public.

"Wait a minute." Ryan said softly to stop Jessica who was going to open the door and leave.

Jessica, "..."

What did that mean?

Ryan turned to ask director Johnson, "Isn't she here for the audition? Why do you kick her out?"

"The girl's performance was good. She is talented but it's a pity that she's a reporter." Director Johnson sighed. "I don't know if she sneaked into here to get some news, so I let her go."

Before Ryan said something, Alex went up to Ryan as if he is trying to accost Ryan deliberately. "Yes, Mr. Howard. Her name is Jessica. She broke the news about you."

Jessica was holding the door handle so hard and she was very anxious to punch him on the face.

She felt really disgust for him.

Ryan didn't change his expression and asked, "Is there any news about me recently? I don't know that."

"Well..." Alex didn't expect that Ryan would contradict him. His face turned green and then pale. He thought that didn't you know the news about you and Amy Scott caused the twitter not to work?

Alex reluctantly smiled, "I read those news on the Internet. I don't know if it's true or not."

Ryan was disinclined to look at him even with an indifferent eye. He said to director Johnson, "Since you say she's talented, let her do an audition again. I quite like this series."

Director Johnson heard and couldn't restrain his excitement.

Ryan Howard was the biggest investor of this TV series. If Ryan said like it, it indicated that after he started shooting Ryan would help him with any financial requirements. How could he not be excited?

"Come on, little girl." Director Johnson pulled Jessica over in person. He said with much enthusiasm, "Whether you are reporter or not, if you like acting, I'll try my best to cultivate you!"

"Director..." Jessica hesitated.

She loved acting and wanted to be an actress, but the previous experience cast a shadow on her and caused her fear for the entertainment industry.

Director Johnson was trying to persuade her. "Being an actress is much better than being a reporter. Being a reporter means you'll be beaten and scolded. Being an actress means you'll be spoiled. It won't be a problem to go to Hollywood if you're famous!"

Jessica was tempted.

She really wanted to work with her idol.

After she made up her mind, Jessica nodded. "Ok, I'll try again. Let me know if I can't make it."

"You can do it. I believe you!" Director Johnson was very satisfied with Jessica's previous performance, so he was brimming with confidence now. He picked an actor for her from the crowd.

When director Johnson went back to his seat, he laughed and said to Ryan who was next to him. "This child is really talented. She just had a wonderful performance with Alex. She was so coquettish and provocative that Alex couldn't hold it."

He couldn't hold it?

Thinking the performance of Jessica and Alex, Ryan squinted slightly with a frightening air.

Director Johnson was shivering with cold.

Director Johnson looked around and whispered, "Strange! Why I feel so cold?"

As a heroine, Jessica had few lines in this part, but she was in character quickly. She suppressed the actor just relying on the eyes and body movements, who looked domineering and cool.

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