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Jessica quickly got off Alex. She seemed to see something and blushed. "I'm so sorry. I was so intent on it that I didn't expect..."

Everybody turned around to look at Alex and found there was an obvious bulge in the crotch of his jean. They couldn't help tittering.

"Wow, this girl is so awesome. She made the man have an erection."

"The man's acting is so poor. He couldn't hold it and had an erection. Shame on him!"

"Yeah, it sucks."

Alex looked bad when he heard the comments on him.

Jessica hadn't acted for so long, but she still acted so well unexpectedly and led him into her trap.

"What's your name, little girl?" Director Johnson asked. He made the decision and said, "You'll be the heroine of this TV series!"

The people around them gasped and cast envious looks at her.

The girl named Carol also glared at Jessica ruthlessly. She hated Jessica so much because Jessica picked up the prop gun for her unnecessarily. Otherwise, Jessica wouldn't be chosen by director Johnson .

"Mr. Johnson, you misunderstood..."

Jessica just came to fix Alex and didn't intend to act. She was just about to refuse.

Alex took a few steps forward, speaking loudly to director Johnson, "Mr. Johnson, she's not a waitress but a reporter of Big Chance. Sneaking into the audition, she just wants to be the first one to know who you will sign for your new TV series, so she can go back to claim credit for it."

"Is it true?" Mr. Johnson looked at Jessica with a frown, who seemed to be a little displeased.

Jessica knew Mr. Johnson hated reporters the most, especially those who take candid photographs of audition materials.

She admitted voluntarily, "Yes, I'm a reporter from Big Chance, but I didn't go to work these two days. I came here purely because I like the drama directed by Mr. Johnson, and I want to come here to watch and learn. I graduated from the Central Academy of Drama."

When Mr. Johnson heard that Jessica mentioned Central Academy of Drama, he stopped frowning as if he meant to forgive her.

Alex said, "Since you are working as a reporter, you are a reporter. What does it have to do with that you graduated from Central Academy of Drama? I don't believe you're not going to make a lot of money writing about auditions."

Jessica glanced at Alex whose face was really nasty.

Why didn't she find Alex so disgusting before.

Director Johnson's face looked completely cold. It seemed that he thought Alex was right, so he said coldly, "Get out! I don't allow any reporters to be here!"

Jessica put her hand into the pocket, touching the voice recorder which was a "gift" prepared for Alex.

If she went out, the recorder wouldn't be able to be played to the crowd.

As Jessica hesitated to say something, the door of the conference hall was opened and a group of people came in.

"Director Johnson, Mr. Howard is here."

The first man looked more slender and handsome against a black suit. With a deliberate temperament, the man just slightly glanced around with an indifferent look. Everyone present seemed to be under pressure.

When she caught sight of Ryan, Jessica was dumbfounded. Then she slipped into the crowd. Her heart was pounding.

Why was Ryan here?

Mr. Johnson didn't notice Jessica's movement. He changed his cold attitude and greeted with a happy face. "Mr. Howard, why do you come in person?"

"I am just passing by after I got stuff done. I know that there is an audition for that TV series today, so I come and have a look." Ryan politely shook hands with director Johnson and looked at the crowd casually.

He saw Jessica when he came in just now. She was trying hard to hide herself in the crowd for fear that he saw her, who looked somewhat ironic.

"Since you are here, why don't you take a look together?" Director Johnson suggested. He smiled happier when he saw Ryan nodded. Then he led Ryan to the judge's table.

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