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Ten minutes later, Mark breathlessly came with his medical box.

"You are good, aren't you?" Ryan who opened the door for him seemed to be good. Mark was confused, "Why did you call me? If you want to drown your sorrows in wine, just look for Jeffrey. "

Ryan dragged him by the collar up to the second floor. Then Ryan threw him into Jessica's bedroom and said, "Jessie has a fever."

"Let me see."

Mark had no time to care that his collar was dragged by Ryan. He took the thermometer to take Jessica's temperature.

Finally, she was put on a drip.

"Just a low fever. Nothing serious."

After he finished, Mark put the things into the medical box and said, "She'll be fine after these two bottles of infusion are finished."

Ryan stopped frowning after hearing that, "Well, thank you."

"I saw that her eyes were a bit red. She seemed to have cried." Mark took a glance at Ryan and he couldn't help asking, "What's wrong? Is it still because what happened a year ago..."

"No, her boyfriend cheated on her. I let her see the truth." Ryan said lightly.

"I don't think so." Mark touched his nose and said in a low voice, "It is clear that you couldn't tolerate Jessica had a boyfriend, so you found his fault deliberately to let them break up. You are so possessive."

Ryan's eyes darkened instantly. "Let me know if you want to die. I'll prepare a tombstone for you."

"Oh, did I say anything?" Mark pretended to be confused and smiled embarrassingly. "You see, since she's put on a drip, I'll go back to sleep."

"No. Wait until her fever goes away."

Mark was helpless. "The fever will go down when the infusion is finished. Why do you torment me like this?"

Ryan stared at him and the look in his eyes showed everything. "You can try to go out."


Until dawn, two bottles of infusion was finished. Jessica also finally recovered from the fever.

Mark almost cried, and he took the medical box and ran away. He decided to book the ticket to go abroad for vacation when he arrived home.

Jessica didn't know Ryan was frightened badly for that she got a fever last night. She even didn't know that Mark was asked to help. She only felt refreshed when she woke up in the morning. She changed the clothes and went downstairs. Jessica found the mother was sitting at the table.

"Good morning, mom." Jessica greeted her mother. "Is the cook cooking today?"

"No, your brother." The mother pointed to the kitchen. She was also very surprised. "I don't know what's wrong with him. He is actually making breakfast for us. It is extremely rare."

Jessica couldn't help laughing. "Mom, look at you. How come you are unwilling to let my brother make the breakfast?"

The mother groaned, "I don't need him to make the breakfast. If he can bring me a daughter-in-law early, let alone make the breakfast, I'll be willing to look after their children for the rest of my live."


Then, the mother moved closer to Jessica and said, "Jessie, pay attention to those girls who work for your company. If there is any right person, arrange her to meet your brother."

Jessica's mouth twitched.

She wouldn't do it. Ryan was already the boss of her company. He would do it himself if he wanted.

Ryan came out from the kitchen with the breakfast, and he saw Jessica and her mother were talking in whispers. He walked over and asked, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

"It's none of your business." The mother coughed and sat back.

"Good morning, brother." Jessica took the dinner plate from his hand and greeted. "Uh-huh," Ryan replied and sat down opposite her. Jessica felt warm.

Last night, she was crying her eyes out in the street. It was Ryan came to pick her up and also made dinner for her. At that time, she found that except her brother was strict, he seemed to be quite gentle.

After arriving at the company, Jessica found that the atmosphere was not right. Everyone looked at her with schadenfreude.

What did she do?


As soon as Jessica entered the office, Clara rushed over, dragged Jessica aside and said in a low voice, "Do you want to be killed? You knew that Ryan Howard is our new boss and still released that news?"

Jessica was confused, "Oh, what did I release?"

"Read it yourself!" Clara said shortly and passed her phone to Jessica.

Jessica found that it was the thing that Ryan went to the hotel with Amy Scott. The angle was very accurate, so Ryan's face was shot clearly. The famous entertainment gossip blogger also noted that the source was from Jessica.

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