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Clara was very disdainful, "There is example that people break up after having been in a relationship for ten years."


"Well, I'll shut up." Clara hummed and walked away with her waist wiggling. "Anyway, he's not my boyfriend."

Jessica couldn't help laughing.

She knew that Clara cared about her, but she also believed Alex and believed that he was not that kind of person.

After drinking up a cup of coffee, Jessica felt much better. While working, she took out her phone and logged in the Instagram account.

After she saw what Alex's agent posted, she was confused.

Was Alex acting in South City? Why didn't he tell her?

After making good use of the morning time to finish the work, Jessica left the company in a hurry at noon. She bought the lunch and went to the film and television base.

"Alex already went home." The agent was surprised at seeing Jessica come over. He said, "And his phone is available all the time. Why didn't you call him?"

"I want to surprise him!" Jessica's mind raced and she smiled at the agent, "I didn't expect him to finish so fast today. Here's your lunch. I'm leaving now."

"How can I... Thank you."

After leaving the film and television base, Jessica drove to the place where Alex lived in the South City. She also made a phone call on the way.

Alex still didn't answer.

What was going on? The phone was connected, wasn't it? Why didn't he answer her phone?

After arriving at the apartment, Jessica took out the key and opened the door.

There were several pairs of shoes in the hallway. A pair of black lady high-heeled shoes was particularly conspicuous. Jessica stood there as if the blood of her whole body was frozen. She still could faintly hear the ambiguous sound coming from the bedroom.

After taking a deep breath, she walked towards the bedroom calmly.

The bedroom door was ajar, and then it was opened with a push.

Two naked bodies intertwined on the big bed. The thin legs of the woman hooked around the man's waist. Charming sound spilled out of the red lips. The scene made people blush and the heart pound.

The woman pouted prettily, "Are you not afraid that your girlfriend know you bring me home?"

"Huh, who admitted she's my girlfriend? I keep her around just because she is a little useful. Besides, her figure isn't as hot as yours."

"It is wicked of you to use people like that."

"Would you like me if I were not wicked?" He chuckled, and his palm gently clapped on the woman's pink buttock. "Dear, raise up a bit. Let me in a little more."


Jessica stood in the doorway, watching quietly.

When she really knew it, she was not that sad. She just thought it was not worth of having been in a relationship with such a man blindly for years and giving up acting for him.

The woman wriggled her waist and flirted with the man. She took a glance and saw Jessica who was standing in the doorway. She shrieked in fright and hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover her body. "Look, is that... your girlfriend?"

Alex turned immediately. He was in a panic immediately when he saw Jessica in the doorway. Alex grabbed a towel and wrapped around himself quickly. He got out of the bed, walked over and said with a forced smile. "Jessie, I'm not..."

"What? you're not playing around with woman?" It was disgusting that she smelled him. Jessica stepped back out of the bedroom and said, "You look so skilled. I guess that you have looked for quite a few girls for these years, right?"

"Jessie, I was wrong." Alex immediately admitted his mistake and said, "I look for woman is also because of physical demand. I promise it won't happened again. Please forgive me."

"Oh, forgive?" Jessica twisted her mouth and sneered, "Have you ever seen a dog eat shit and said it would never eat again?"

Alex looked at her with an awkward face.

Jessica removed the bracelet on her wrist, put it on the cabinet together with the wallet and said flatly, "This is the gift you gave me. It's worn because you gave it to me a long time ago. The money in my wallet is compensation."

"Jessie." Alex wanted to take her hand, but she avoided. "Is it worthwhile to break up over such a trivial thing? We have been in a relationship for so long..."

"It is worthwhile, because I don't want anything that's been touched." Jessica slapped his hand away. "But don't worry. I won't leave it at that."

Jessica left the apartment and drove away without a break. She looked cool.

Her heart was painful, like ants gnawing at it.

She didn't know which street she had driven to. There were few cars and pedestrians, which appeared a little lonely.

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