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After several colleagues gathered together, one of them whispered. "The version that I heard is Mr. Howard likes a female college student who is eighteen or nineteen years old and very tender. But the girl refused plainly, which made Mr. Howard feel humiliated."

"Really, it's not fake news, is it?"

"One of my nephews is a reporter. He can dig up all kinds of news."

A group of people had heated discussion on their president's gossip. They also speculated that if Mr. Howard really found a girlfriend, he would not go abroad. It was more excited than talking about their weddings.

Ryan Howard was completely unaware of all the gossip.

Ryan Howard went back to his office. There were two piles of documents waiting to be signed on the desk, and a plane ticket stood out next to the pen.

Ryan picked up the ticket, his tall body sinking into the boss chair.

The flight was at ten o 'clock on Saturday morning.

Yes, he let his secretary arrange a week for him to come back and deal with things. He had to leave when the time was up.

Once he left, it was estimated that he would come back only at the New Year.

Ryan looked at the ticket and was somewhat absent-minded. At this time, the secretary knocked on the door and entered.

"Mr. Howard, this is a document to be signed." The secretary put the file on the table and said, "The acquisition of Big Chance is complete. Tomorrow I will bring several people there to take over the jobs."

Big Chance was the newspaper where Jessica worked.

Ryan put the ticket into the notebook. He said flatly, "No, go with me this afternoon. I happen to have something to talk to their chief editor.

"All right."

The newspaper got the news temporarily that the new boss would come over to inspect in the afternoon. The chief editor ordered people to clean hurriedly and asked those who went out come back quickly. The newspaper was in a mess.

"The new boss is coming?" Jessica just came back after she finished tracking a tip-off.

There was no time for her to drink the water before she was dragged in the restroom. "Will he treat us to a meal? I didn't eat the lunch."

"I don't know yet!" Clara repaired her lipstick in front of the mirror, and urged Jessica, "Fix your make up quickly, otherwise the chief editor will scold you later."

Jessica touched the stomach, and curled her lip.

Someone shouted, "the new boss is coming". All the people rushed out to the lobby in first floor.

Jessica and Clara came late, so there was no position behind. They had to stand in the front.

A few minutes later, a car stopped at the gate of the company. Several men in suits got off, and employees in the lobby craned their heads to see who the new boss was.

Jessica was also very curious. When she saw the first man who was indifferent, she could hardly breathe. She lowered her head and moved towards Clara.

"Oh, my god..." Clara was also shocked. She pushed Jessica with her elbow and said quietly, "The new boss is Ryan Howard, your brother!"

"Ha, ha." Jessica laughed hollowly and tried hard to make herself invisible.

It was her brother. Her real brother.

The chief editor greeted Ryan and shook hands with him. "Mr. Howard, in future, our company is in need of your attention. Behind me are the employees of Big Chance. Please feel free to say hello to them."

"Hello, Mr. Howard." The employees greeted together.

Girls in the crowd peeped at Ryan from time to time, with undisguised excitement on their faces.

They didn't expect that the new boss was actually the famous Ryan Howard! This man was young and handsome, just like a woman's dream prince charming!

"Good." Ryan responded faintly. His eyes swept through the crowd and seemed to see something. He walked up to the employee and looked at her name card. "Jessica?"

Jessica was in a sweat.

Oh god! Why did her brother look for her? Would the other people know their relations?

"Hello, boss." Jessica winked at Ryan secretly, hoping that he wouldn't say anything. "I am Jessica from the Department of Journalists. I would appreciate your guidance."

"I've read some of your entertainment reports. Not bad."

Ryan withdrew his hand. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief and took some steps back quietly.


Just then, a delivery boy came in with food.

The delivery boy didn't seem to know why so many people gathered in the lobby. He was probably in a rush, so he shouted loudly, "Who is Miss Jessica? Here is your takeout!"

Everyone looked at Jessica at the same time. Jessica was so embarrassed and that she wished she could disappear suddenly.

"It's me." Jessica ran to get the takeout quickly.

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