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This discovery gave her a scare. She finally woke up, reflexively touched the clothes on her body and breathed a sigh of relief when she found her clothes were undamaged.

Jessica licked her lower lip subconsciously, but gasped in the sudden pain.

She touched her lip and it seemed there was a cut.

Strange, she only drank some wine yesterday. Did she bite her lip carelessly?

When going out, Jessica hit a human wall directly because she didn't pay attention to it. Her lips kissed something cold and soft. She who was muddled by sleep opened her mouth and took a bite.

"Uh..." the man groaned, low and muffled.

"Ryan..." Unexpectedly, it was actually the residence of her brother Ryan. Jessica was scared stiff directly.

Looking down, she saw somewhere of the man's muscular chest was the glittering saliva, which looked very intimate.

Jessica, "..."

She really didn't know that. She just did not wake up, and was not on purpose!

Ryan took two steps backwards very quickly. He covered the chest with the towel that was used for wiping the hair, and gave a little cough. His ears turned red slightly and he said in a deep voice, "The breakfast is in the kitchen, remember to eat."

Jessica waved and refused, "No, thanks. Ryan. I have to rush to the company."

She just wanted to go now, escaping from this embarrassing place.

Ryan grabbed her wrist; his face was still cold, "Go and have the breakfast."

Jessica compromised and walked to the kitchen silently with her head down.

Sure enough, her second brother was pretty scary.

After Jessica ate two bowls of porridge to warm up her heart and stomach, Ryan came out of the bedroom in a suit.

The short and cropped hair was fixed meticulously and the legs were thin and straight. He was almost the walking hormone.

Seeing Ryan come over, Jessica passed him a bowl of porridge, and carefully said. "Well, Ryan, I am full. Look at the time. Or I'll..."

"You start at nine. There's no rush." Ryan had the breakfast leisurely. He seemed not urgent. "I will drive you there after I finish."


Could she refuse what her brother said?

No, she didn't dare.

He said he would drive, but eventually they went downstairs together and it was Jessica drove the car. Jessica bit the bullet and drove him to The Howard Group first.

"Mr. Howard, good morning."

Staff coming in and out of the gate of the company greeted him one after another when they saw Ryan Howard get off from the Bentley. Occasionally, someone looked at Jessica who was in the passenger seat with curiosity.

She was anxious for him to enter hurriedly, so she could leave.

However, after getting off the car to accept the greeting of the staff, Ryan turned around, and his fingers knocked at the window.

Jessica rolled down the window with a stiff smile, "Brother, is there anything else?"

"I didn't tell mom about last night. Promise me it won't happen again." Ryan said in a cold and low voice. She hung her head and listened to his scolding silently. "Remember to drink more hot water these days."

Jessica smiled awkwardly, "I know, brother."

After Ryan turned into the company, Jessica stepped on the gas and drove away quickly. She sighed with relief quietly.

Jessica arrived at the company and just sat down on the seat when Clara came.

"Jessie" Clara smiled evilly. All she needed was a whip in the hand. "I witnessed what happened last night. You would like to confess honestly or by torture?"

Jessica pretended to be confused, "What did you say? I don't understand."

"Ryan Howard came to pick you up yesterday. I'm sure, it was him!" Clara moved close to her face and said word by word, "And you have a very close relationship with him."

"No, we are not close." Thinking of the scene that she bumped into Ryan this morning, her ears turned red. She prevaricated, "He, he is very familiar with my second elder brother. And I also call him brother."

Clara was suspicious of it, "You are not making up a lie to deceive me?"

"I swear." Jessica raised three fingers, which were a little bit curved. She said without missing a beat, "I might got the wrong number last night, so he came to pick me up."

"So boring!" Clara curled her lip and said, "I thought you hooked up with Ryan and kicked Alex out. I was happy for nothing."

Jessica was awkward, "You are too critical of my boyfriend!"

"Huh, just a kept man."

"He is not..."

Clara stuffed the bread into her mouth to stop her from speaking. She said shortly, "Shut up. I'm tired of hearing you defend him. Eat your bread!"

Jessica bit the bread bitterly.

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