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"The meeting is over. We'll resume tomorrow afternoon." Ryan grabbed the coat and walked out, whose fingers were still operating on the phone, searching that Karaoke bar Jessica mentioned.

He worried that the girl was drunk without any other people. He had to go and see her.

"Jess, let's go to my house."

It was cold at night. Clara was shivering in skirt. She couldn't stand and said, "You dialed his number for more than ten times, but he just didn't answer."

"No!" Jessica was sitting on the ground and kept phoning. She muttered, "I'm sure he didn't notice the phone. He would come to pick me up if he saw it..."

"I was defeated by you." Clara got mad. "He is obviously a kept man and counts on you to help him everything. You still defend him like this."

She dragged Jessica from the ground forcibly and said toughly, "Now, you have to go whether you want it or not."

"I don't want to. I'll wait for him."

They pulled and pushed when the Maybach smoothly came over and stopped firmly in front of Clara and Jessica. The man in the driver's seat got off and went around the car to the two people.

Clara was still doubting which rich kid strolled along the street so late at night.

After the man approaching, Clara was shocked by seeing his cold face.

She loosed her hand and Jessica fell down on the ground again. She was so excited that she could hardly speak, "You...you are Ryan, Ryan Howard, right?"

Ryan ignored Clara and reached out to help Jessica up.

He caught a glimpse of her phone and found that she was calling the man named Alex. His face turned grim and involuntarily grasped her arm hard. "Who allowed you to drink so much alcohol?"

"Ouch, you hurt me." Jessica pouted and complained, "It was because you came too slow. I've been waiting for a long time but you didn't come."

Looking at the girl's wronged face, Ryan felt helpless. He scooped her up horizontally and said, "Go home."

"Yes, go home." Jessica put her arms around his neck obediently like a kitten. "I'd like to go home with you."

Soon, the low-key Maybach drove away from Clara.

Clara was still standing there with shock.

The car was running on the road smoothly. Ryan turned to look at the girl in the passenger seat from time to time.

The girl's soft body curled up in the seat with her eyes closed slightly. She was sleeping soundly. And the car filled with her light fragrance.

Ryan took a deep breath. As if he had made a decision when he saw the red light passed. He turned the steering wheel and drove to his private housing--the apartment in Dragon Bay.

The apartment was very clean and tidy because it was cleaned by a cleaner every month.

Ryan held the girl and went to his room on the second floor. He carefully put her on the bed.

But the girl wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her eyes suddenly.

His eyes met hers and Ryan was shocked, "Jess..."

The next second, her soft lips were pressed on his thin lips.

The girl's kiss was clumsy and green, but soft and sweet. Listening to her groan, Ryan couldn't resist clasping the back side of her head with his palms to deepen the kiss.

The kiss was as sweet and memorable as it had been a year before.


The girl's cat like twittering like a basin of cold water poured on Ryan's head. All his enthusiasm was extinguished and only left the anger in his heart. He pinched her chin forcibly.

"Jessica!" Ryan glumly stared at her, gnashing his teeth. "Who do you take me for?"

Jessica just looked at him vaguely and giggled.

Ryan pressed the girl against the bed, and kissed her lips again with anger. This kiss was no longer gentle, but fulled of anger and aggression. It seemed he wanted to brand his trail on her lips.

She had no idea how long she had been asleep. Finally Jessica woke up. She rubbed the dizzy head and sat up from the bed.

The room was decorated in cool tone. It didn't seem to be her room.

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