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The mother frowned and said, "It's an excuse that you are busy in working. If you have any secret, just tell mom. I am not a narrow-minded person."

"Mom, actually..." As mother misrepresented the fact too much, Jessica couldn't help saying, "Ryan is..."

She wanted to say that Ryan's sexual orientation was normal. At least he went to the hotel with the gossip actress yesterday.

But when Ryan raised his eyes and looked at her with bleakness, she shut up.

"What's wrong?" Mother's eyes wandered on them.

"No, nothing." Under the pressure of Ryan, Jessica swallowed the remaining words obediently into her stomach.

"You are such an annoying kid by speaking haltingly." The mother hummed a sound and changed the subject to Jessica. "What about you? When do you bring your boyfriend back to meet me?"

On hearing these words, Ryan frowned sharply. There was invisible cool air emanated from him.

"Well... He's a busy actor." Realizing that her mom was forcing her into marriage, Jessica was afraid of her and said, "I promise I will bring him home to meet you when he is available."

Jessica was afraid of being questioned again by her mom. She quickly stuffed a piece of toast into her mouth, dragged the bag and ran to the door.

"I am going to work. Bye mom!"

Ryan also stood up and picked up the coat that put aside on the chair, "I'm full, too. I am going to the company first."

"Hey, you..."

The mother wanted to say something, but only sighed because two figures already left one after another.

These children were too old to control.

Jessica went to the underground garage to get her car. She tried for a while but couldn't start the car. The oil gauge indicated the tank was full, so she estimated it was internal fault. She gave a kick on the car.

The car was broken just at an inappropriate time when she was going to the company.

Well, she had to take a taxi to the company.

At that time, Ryan also came to the garage. He pressed the unlock button on the car key. When she heard the beep voice, the man walked toward the Maybach opposite, and reached out his hand to open the door.

She hesitated for a moment, and then holding the bag walked toward him slowly.

The man was very tall with a cold and noble temperament. Jessica who was five foot seven looked short in front of him. "Well, Ryan, it seems my car is broken. Can you give me a ride to the company?"

After saying that, Jessica held her breath and became nervous.

In usual, she must have escaped rapidly, but the weather forecast said the weather was bad today. She didn't want it to rain before she walked out into the street, so she asked for a ride bravely.

"You should have change your stupid SONATA." Ryan looked at the car behind him in distaste. "Have the driver take you to company. I am in a hurry." He said and got in the car directly.

After she reacted to his words, the black Maybach already passed by her without mercy. Looking at his cold profile in the driver's seat, she was speechless with anger.

This was really outrageous!

Jessica wanted to retort, "I brought you back in my car last night. How could you complain about it only after a few hours?"


Big Chance entertainment company was located in the city's prime location, which was over ten minutes drive from her home.

After the taxi arrived at the gate, Jessica paid the taxi driver, got off the car and took the elevator to the 17th floor.

"Jess, how was the tracking last night?" As Jessica came in the office, Clara ran toward her actively on high heels. She asked excitedly, "What does the investor look like? Is he handsome?"

"Yes..." the corner of Jessica's mouth trembled.

If the man was not her brother, she would think that Amy Scott was so lucky. Because if the other people in the entertainment industry knew that she depended on such a rich and handsome investor, they would be so jealous of her.

"Come on, show me the video!" Clara stretched out her hand, her eyes blazing.

"The camera was broken. I didn't get anything." Ryan had both her pocket camera and the pad. She had nothing in hand.

Clara poked Jessica's head with her short finger and wished she could be poked to death. "It was really difficult for me to give you such information. You you...make me so mad!"

"Clara, I know you are the best." Jessica clasped her hands and fawned. "Really sorry. Would you mind my treating you to Japanese food tonight? The most expensive one."

Clara grunted and poked her again, "Keep your promise. Have Japanese food tonight."

She said and then left actively on high heels.

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