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"Mr. Howard, do you know the paparazzo?

Amy Scott leaned over, and her plump breast was against the man's back. She deliberately rubbed his back with her breast and said, "Will she tell someone about us?"

She felt the air around the man was frozen after she finished. She was scared to push him away because of his murderous look.

Her legs got so weak by looking at the man's sullen face. "Mr. Howard..." she stammered.

" I suppose you know how to tell the reporters tomorrow."

The man unfolded his hand, letting the pieces of pocket camera shatter on the ground. He frowned coldly and said, "I have never been here. Nobody has been here."

Amy Scott went limp with fear. She almost knelt down and said, "I came to the hotel because I was drunk after the party. I was alone and no one else with me. My assistant will testify for me."

In the area B of the hotel's underground parking lot --

After running away from the room, Jessica immediately went to the bathroom to change her clothes for short sleeves and trousers. Then she came back and waited in front of her car. Her face was full of anxiety and embarrassment.

She didn't expect Amy Scott's investor was her second elder brother, Ryan Howard. If she had known that, she wouldn't have tracked this revelation!

She was adopted by the Howard family and there was no blood relationship between Ryan and her. However, she was always very afraid of Ryan Howard. Probably because they have lived together for nearly twenty years and he has been very strict with her since she was a child.

Especially when they stayed together, she felt really nervous.

Compared with Ryan, her eldest brother is the best who is so gentle and considerate, and is always nice to her. But it's a pity that he got married two years ago and settled in Spain. He's not coming back a couple of times a year...

After waiting for about 10 minutes, Jessica still didn't see Ryan walk out from the elevator. She flashed back to the scenes happened in the room a few moments ago and then blushed inexplicably.

She estimated that Ryan couldn't come downstairs soon. Why didn't she drive her car and leave first?

Jessica took the car key out of her bag quickly. When she opened the car door, she heard a sound from the elevator which was a few meters away from her. The elevator door opened and Ryan walked out.

She looked at the man who was coming with a steady step, and then she greeted with him bravely.

"Hi, Ryan."

"Why do you say hi again? We've met already, haven't we?" Ryan said in a chilling voice.

He relaxed his brow as he saw that she has changed her clothes. Then he went around to the other side of the car, opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

Jessica also hurried to jump in the driver's seat.

When starting the car, Jessica accidentally spotted that the man reached up to loosen the tie. His fingers were slender and beautiful. Two buttons of his shirt were undo, revealing his sexy collarbone.

The man leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, who looked abstinent and sexy as well.


Jessica looked away awkwardly. When she reversed the car out of the parking space, the rear of the car hit the pillar by accident. Ryan leaned forward because he didn't wear the safety belt.

"Ryan, please fasten your safety belt." Jessica reminded him.

The man in the seat didn't move. It seemed that he fell asleep.

Jessica was speechless.

Gosh! I would be fined if I was caught by the traffic camera in the street.

"Ryan?", she asked again but received no response. Jessica had no choice but to stop the car and unfastened her safety belt. She leaned over to pull his safety belt with her thin hand and then buckled up for him.

Ryan opened his eyes a bit and looked deeply at the girl who was almost embraced in his arm.

In fact, he heard her. But haven't seen her for a year, he missed her terribly.

He wanted to be close to her but was afraid to frighten her. That's why he didn't respond and let her help with the safety belt.

Over the past year, it seemed she lost some weight. Her chin became pointy.

Ryan smelt the faint scent from the girl and became restless. He reached out furtively and wanted to touch her hair when the phone inappropriately rang inside the car. He quickly withdrew his hand and closed his eyes.

Jessica hurriedly took the phone and peeped at him.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Ryan didn't wake up. She put on the bluetooth headset and answered the phone, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Jessica spoke to the person through the bluetooth headset in a soft voice. It seemed that she was speaking to a man. Ryan's face darkened when he vaguely heard the man called her "baby".

Who was he?

Did she have a boyfriend?

"I see. I'll take good care of myself."

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