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Ten o 'clock in the evening, in the Vienna hotel-

Lurking in a lawn, Jessica was not tired at all but really excited, although sweat beaded on her small face.

According to a reliable information, the most popular gossip actress in the showbiz would show up today with her investor!

She's been waiting here since the afternoon in order to scoop this breaking news.

During the past eight hours, she didn't even dare go to the bathroom.

Not far away, a commercial vehicle was slowly approaching.

"Coming! Coming!" As soon as she saw the deluxe car parked in front of the hotel, Jessica immediately raised her camera.

The actress got off the car first, then a long and slim figure bent over and got out of the car.

The man was tall and his back looked aloof.

Jessica felt somehow familiar with him.

It seemed that she has ever seen the man somewhere before.

After the actress and the man entered the hotel, Jessica packed up her things and hurriedly ran toward the reception without thinking too much. She got the room card after telling her name.

Swiping the card into a luxurious suite, Jessica felt her heart was bleeding.

As they track such revelation, her company wouldn't pay for it. The reporters have to pay by themselves. This suite costed more than half of her monthly salary.


The sound insulation effect of the room was good, Jessica eavesdropped on nothing.

Clenching her teeth, she jerked the curtain open.

After climbing up, the height of more than 20 floors made her feel dizzy. She jumped to the next balcony in a flurry and hid in the corner.

The light in the living room was on, and the faint sound of footsteps could be heard. Jessica tied the pocket camera to the bracket and put it out.

Through the connected pad, Jessica saw the actress help the man to the bed.

The coat was taken off, and the actress's hot figure nearly made Jessica get a nosebleed. Jessica could hear the actress faintly.

"In fact, Mr. Howard, I've admired you for a long time..."

As a rising star, her hot body and delicate voice would make every man erect.

Jessica patted her rosy face and stretched the pad forward.

Whether or not she was able to know who was Amy Scott's investor, as long as she gave the video and material to the editor tomorrow morning, she would not only get a generous bonus, but she could also become famous.

"I'll treat myself a good meal tomorrow evening!" She got excited thinking about it. Unwarily, she bumped into the glass with her whole body, making a big noise.

After getting up, Jessica quickly withdrew the bracket. Her heart was thumping wildly.

Such a big noise. Did the people inside hear that?

Jessica waited for a few moments and didn't hear anything. Wondering if they were taking a bath, she popped her head up. The heavy curtain was flung open, and a tall figure blocked in front of her.

As she looked into the man's sharp eyes suddenly, she was shocked. The tools fell to the floor with a snap.

"You you you..." She stammered, unable to utter a word.

Why was he the investor of Amy Scott?

When he looked into the paparazzi's face, his face changed and his voice sounded chilly, "Jessica!"

Especially when he caught a glimpse of her bare midriff short sleeves and mini shorts, he couldn't wait to rip the curtain down to wrap her up.

He found it unexpected that she should go out dressed like that!

"Hi." Jessica had to say hello bravely. She knew that he hates her dressing like this, so Jessica didn't forget to place the pad in front of her breast to cover up, "Well, I didn't know you are here..."

Unexpectedly, the man walked into the balcony suddenly with strong aura. Jessica was too frightened to speak. She was recoiling with a reluctant smile on her face. "Ryan...", she stammered.

The next second, his expensive suit jacket was thrown onto Jessica.

She caught the jacket hurriedly. She blushed with the unique fragrance of the man from the jacket. Then she saw the man bent down, picked up the pocket camera and crushed it violently.

Jessica was desperate.

She cried in her mind. What he has crushed was her money and prospect.

The man glanced at her and said coldly, "Get dressed and wait for me in the parking lot!"

The man seemed angry, so Jessica didn't dare to worry about her prospect. She put on the jacket hastily, took her tools and ran across the room as quickly as she could. She was so flustered.

Amy Scott was stunned when she watched the girl run out.

It was been a while that she worked for the man. Therefore she knew that the man would never relent if he caught the paparazzi.

Why did Mr. Howard give this girl his jacket and asked her to wait for him in the parking lot?

Did it mean... Mr. Howard liked this sort of tender girl?

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