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"Honey, I didn't expect you would call me."

Grace didn't expect that the woman who had been avoiding him would suddenly call him, and his voice could not help but bring some joy.

"Bullshit. Where is that bastard?" The reason why Selina called Grace was just to find William.

She thought that since Grace and William were friends, he must know the whereabouts of William.

Grace really knew that, and...

He took a look at the cold man sitting opposite him. He smiled deeply and asked the angry woman on the phone, "Honey, may I ask if he offends you?"

"No." Selina refused directly, paused for a moment, and her tone was more gloomy and dangerous, "William is right next to you now."

"You're very clever, my dear." Grace didn't feel guilty about betraying his friend at all, and even wanted to watch a good show.

As the saying goes, a good brother is like a hand or a foot and a woman is like a garment. Whoever wears my clothes, I will cut off his hand or foot, so a woman is more important.

Maybe William thinks so too.

"Tell me where you are." Selina could not restrain her anger.

Grace shrugged his shoulders and said it out.

The phone was also cut off. It seemed that she's really urgent.

Grace's interested eyes, William saw it actually, and he just didn't pay attention to it. He continued to look at the documents in his hands, and said lightly, "Continue to talk about the business."

Grace put his arms on the edge of the sofa. His lazy expression didn't seem to be eager to discuss the business. Instead, he asked, "William, don't you wonder what I said to her?"

"No." William replied without raising his head.

"It's a pity that she didn't come to me this time, but to you." Grace thought that he should remind him of the next possible scene as his best friend.

"Listen to my honey, it should be that you have done something that she was angry about."

William calmly turned a page of the document in his hand, and said in a calm voice, "Don't worry, I don't agree with your taste."

"William, what do you mean? You say I don't have a good taste? Why don't you say your woman and my woman grow up in a skirt?"

Grace seemed to sink into memories, "I've known that girl for more than ten years. You don't know what Vivi was like before."

William finally had a reaction. He slowly closed the document, looked at him with deep dark eyes, and indicated that he could continue to speak.

There's a glint in Grace's eyes, "She's like a quiet porcelain doll. At that time, Selina and I thought she was a little mute. I didn't expect that she had changed a lot and became more and more beautiful."

William snorted with his noble nose.

"I'll tell you, Vivian was obedient. In fact, she's a very sensitive person. In addition, her parents doesn't stay with her, and she stayed with her elderly grandmother. She is a typical left behind child." Grace could not help exclaiming.

"I also know that Vivi's parents were going to other places to do business. In fact, they gave birth to children secretly, but they haven't come back yet. Occasionally, they would make a call."

When William heard that Vivian was a left behind child, his eyes became deeper. When he raised his eyes, they were clear again, "When did you start to become such a gossip?"

"William, that's not enough for you." Grace didn't like it. Who was listening to it with relish? He would change his face at will.

If people had been known that he was such a man, few people would have been able to bear it.

"William, I finally understand why you just have a few friends."

William glanced at him and said, "Do I need to make friends?"

"Well, well, come on. Are lawyers as tricky as you? They are really people who can't chat well." Grace said with a helpless wave.

William raised his eyebrows and took back his sight.

"I don't know if my dear has come." It's like three autumn after a day. He didn't see her for two three autumn. He missed her very much.

Grace hadn't finished his words yet. The heavy door was kicked open directly. Selina's sharp eyes glanced twice in the room, and soon locked the target.

She walked directly to William, pointed to the man who was still calm in front of her and roared, "William, you bastard, you still have the time to sit here leisurely."

Grace clearly saw the cold light in William's eyes, and immediately jumped up from the sofa, stopped Selina, who was furious, and said, "My dear, don't be so angry."

Selina directly threw Grace's hand away, and she still stared at William with her fierce eyes. "I have nothing to do with you. Get out of my way, and I will revenge for Vivian today."

Mentioning Vivian's name, the original calm man suddenly stared her, and the coldness in his eyes seemed to freeze Selina, "What's wrong with Vivian?"

"It's too late to care about her." When Selina saw that William was angry, she felt a sense of revenge.

What did he do in the early time?

"Selina, I'll ask you for the last time. What happened to Vivian?" William's tall figure rose from his chair, like a mountain on the top of Selina's head.

Selina swallowed her saliva subconsciously, then thought of her good friend lying at home, stopped laughing at him and said, "Don't tell me you don't know it."

Grace saw that his friend kept tightening his hand and knew that this was a sign of anger. He quickly said, "Selina, who bullied Vivi? Tell me, I will teach that person for you."

"Who can be that person except for Angie? She thought Vivian took William from her and beat Vivian all over. Her face is swollen like a ball. That fool is not willing to go to the hospital. She also asked me to ask for leave for her tomorrow. Isn't it funny?"

Think of it, her tears almost came out. What a fool.

Grace was not very good after hearing this, but he knew that someone was angrier than him.

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