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Angie drove fast all the way, passing several red lights and returning home.

With a bang, the door was pushed with force by her.

When the servant saw such a mess on her, she couldn't help exclaiming and hurriedly ran over and asked, "What's the matter with you, Miss? You're all covered with water marks. I'll give you that towel right away."

"There's no need. Where's Mom and Dad?" Angie pushed away the servants rudely.

When the servant saw the threatening Angie, she did not dare to approach her. She replied timidly, "They are all in the study on the second floor."

Angie's eyes were deep, and she began to go to the second floor.

Before she got close to the study, she heard a faint conversation coming from the open door.

"Alan, Angie has suffered so much abroad. Now if she loves William, don't stop her."

The man sighed and said, "Now William was more elusive than he used to be. I can't imagine that I've been doing the official work for many years and I'm proved wrong. Now, if Angie can be with William, I'd like to. I'm afraid William doesn't think so."

"How can it be? Isn't William also very interested in Angie? He didn't care about that matter."

"You had a narrow version. Do you really think things are so simple?"

"Angie, what should we do with Angie? If we had not..."

Angie had heard their talk outside. She pushed the door and went in. She asked aloud, "Dad, mom, what did you do behind my back then?"

"How did you come back? What happened to your clothes? Who bullied you?" When Vanessa saw milk tea on Angie's clothes, she went over anxiously.

"Don't touch me, I want to know the truth. Tell me!" Angie screamed.

There was a trace of sorrow in Vanessa's eyes, she reached out and tried to touch her, and it was also stiff in the air.

At first, Alan was worried at first and then he showed a serious expression and said, "Apologize to your mother."

"Forget it. Angie must have been stimulated by something. Don't shout at her." Vanessa still did not want to see her own child being scolded.

However, Angie seemed ungrateful and shouted, "Dad, how long are you going to hide it from me? Do you really have to wait for me to die before you can say it?"

"Angie, how can you say that? I'm so sad!"

When Vanessa saw the tearful Angie, her heart also felt bad. She turned to her dignified husband and said in a loud voice, "Alan. Do you still want to hide it?"

"I have just one daughter...I should die if anything happened to her!"

"Mom..." Angie held Vanessa in her arms and cried.

Alan frowned at Vanessa and her daughter who were crying together, and said with a long sigh, "Well, well, there's nothing to hide from you. We did it for you."

"Dad, are you admitting that you suppress William through your position?" Angie didn't expect that it was her parents who secretly went to William.

How could William, such a proud man, suffer from this humiliation? So he broke up with her as soon as she graduated. Because of this, she went far away from home and stayed with that foreign man...

It all turned out to be the result of her favorite parents.

"Dad, mom, why? Why did you do that? You know I love him so much. Why?"

Alan looked at her daughter who had always been doting by them. Now she spoke for an outsider. He said sadly.

"Of course, it's for you. You are the pride of our family and the only daughter. As your parents, do you think we'll let our daughter stay with a poor guy?"

"But Dad, I can't live without him." Angie couldn't said a word and was sitting on the ground. Her parents were making their own 'right' decisions for their children.

It's no wonder that William had always been lukewarm to her.

"You're spoiled! I think that man is not suitable for you at all. Tomorrow, I'll ask your mother to arrange a blind date for you!"

After thinking about it, Alan still let his daughter stop thinking about William. He didn't mention the insults he said to William many years ago.

With William's patience and mind, he still could not hand over her daughter to such an elusive man.

"What? Dad, I don't want to. I only love William. I only marry him." When Angie heard that his father was going to arrange a blind date for her, she was shocked.

Alan said with a tight face, "I've made up my mind, so you're ready for a blind date."

Angie grabbed Vanessa's hand like grabbing the last straw, imploring, "Mom, please help me to persuade dad, I don't want it, and I can't let William go. He's my last hope, mom, please."

"Angie, you'd better listen to your father's words, and I will definitely choose an excellent young man for you."

Vanessa saw her daughter crying into tears, but after listening to Alan's analysis, she also felt that William was not so suitable.

Angie shook her head constantly, half of her body leaned up, and she cried out.

"No, I don't believe it. You are biased because you looked down on William. Now you are selfish because of William's success. You treat a gentleman's belly with a villain's heart..."

A snap.

Alan's arm was still high in the air. It seemed that as long as Angie said out one word of treachery, the slap would fall.

Angie was stunned. She sat on the ground with her left face covered. She couldn't believe it and murmured, "Dad, you hit me..."

From childhood, she was the little princess in her family. It could be said that she could get whatever she wanted, and her parents would never touch her. Unexpectedly, she would be beaten when she was an adult.

Vanessa didn't expect that her husband, who always loved her, would teach her a lesson. Seeing that her daughter was stunned, he was heartbroken, "Daughter, don't disobey your father. I am doing it for you."

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