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It seemed that she saw through the words in Angie's heart, and Selina smiled and added, "Go back and ask yourself."

Everyone called for a big reversal. It was a great reversal.

Originally, they thought it was the injured woman who was mistress. Now it was her parents put pressure on that man, and they had already broken up at that time.

So the woman that was beaten was aggrieved.

The crowd began to gossip again, "I don't know what the truth is until I see it in the end."

"That girl is stupid, so she's beaten."

"Don't you see that the woman hit the girl without mercy? I don't think it's just taking her boyfriend. It's probably revenge or jealousy. Women are like that."

"What are you talking about?"

They didn't know if Angie was afraid of being found out, or if she didn't want to believe Selina's words, she turned away from the crowd and left in a hurry.

She must go back to ask clearly, if these were false, she must give double to Selina.

"It's all gone. It's almost gone."

Maggie had already sneaked away when Angie was running.

The crowd gradually gone, leaving only Selina holding Vivian, who was full of scars.

"I'll take you to the hospital first." Selina was just angry before and because of Vivian's hair, she didn't notice the injury on Vivian's body.

It happened that as soon as she lowered her head, she saw her swollen face, as swollen as bread, and several scratches on her neck. She got angry again, "That bitch hit you hard. I'll kill her."

Vivian said softly, "Selina, I want to go home."

She was so tired, both physically and mentally, that she had reached the limit.

"No, how can you go back like this? Go to the hospital first and deal with it before going back." Selina disagreed and said that she couldn't bear it. Wait and see. There were opportunities for her to make trouble for Angie's family.

Of course, the first culprit was that bastard.

"I'm fine. I'll just have a few days' rest for my skin injury. Please ask for leave for me tomorrow." Her face needed at least two or three days to recover.

"Are you stupid? Are you still thinking about working at this time? If you were not injured, I would like to beat you up."

Selina carefully held Vivian and said angrily, "I've told you thousands of times. What do you owe that woman? Why are you being beaten for nothing?"

"It's OK. That's what I owe her." Vivian wanted to speak frankly, but when she spoke, she felt the pain on the wound on the corner of her mouth.

"Look, this is the end of bravado." How can someone be so stubborn and form a set of theories? They can't listen to others' good advice.

Selina felt that she would die of anger because of Vivian.

"Selina, remember to ask for leave for me..." Vivian did not forget to remind.

"I know it." Selina had begun to be impatient. Just a little assistant.

Vivian smiled and didn't speak.

In the end, Selina still sent her back to the small apartment. She went to the drugstore and bought some anti-inflammatory and swelling drugs to smear for her.

"Selina, be gentle, please." Vivian was about to break the pillow.

"You also felt the pain. How can you not resist when you are beaten?" Selina said this in her mouth, but she still did it a little more gently.

Vivian was speechless and could only bear the pain.

Half an hour later, Selina finished all this, "Do you want to get something to eat in the evening?"

"No. Go get Roe and tell him I can't go to see him today." What Vivian remembered most was her child.

Selina said maliciously on purpose, "How can I take a woman back with a swollen face like a pig back and tell him, this is his mother? I'm afraid you scared the kid. "

Vivian took a funny look at her and said, "Selina, I know you have a sharp tongue but a tender heart."

"I'm going to pick up my son." Selina was embarrassed. She got up and left with her things. Before going out, she didn't forget to remind her, "Remember to apply medicine."

"I see." Vivian felt warm.

As soon as she left, the forced smile on Vivian's face collapsed. She didn't have to touch it and knew how swollen her face was. The feeling of hot and spicy continued until now.

Now the knee kicked by Angie still hurt.

Vivian carefully pulled up her clothes and smiled bitterly. As expected, there were many blue and purple marks on her waist. Fortunately, she didn't let Selina see them.

Otherwise, she would run to Angie's house and make a scene.

Vivian had to apply medicine for herself. As soon as she reached for the medicine, she accidentally touched her back, and felt cold sweat. Did her back hurt too?

It seemed that Angie couldn't forgive her.

Vivian had to apply where she could touch by herself and the places she couldn't reach on her back she could only wait for the scar to heal.

After applying the medicine, the cold sweat were on her back. She couldn't move and she lay back to the sofa carefully.

Just a few minutes before she lay down, the phone rang again.

Vivian had to move slowly to reach her mobile phone. Fortunately, before she left, she took out her mobile phone, or she would really climb over.

"Hello, John."

"Vivi, what's the matter with you?" Her voice was very weak. John asked after a pause.

"I might have a cold." Vivian pretended to cough twice, she almost forgot that he was also a meticulous man.

"Did you go to the hospital to get the medicine?" John asked immediately.

"It's just a slight cold. I will be better tomorrow." Vivian was afraid that John would continue to ask, and she quickly change the topic, "by the way, what do you want for calling me?"

John said softly, "I heard there is a good movie on today. I want to ask if you want to go to see it with me."

"I'm sorry, but I can't go today. I'll go with you two days later." Vivian was embarrassed to say no.

"It's OK. Take a rest first." John took a look at the movie tickets he had bought, and silently threw them into the garbage can at his feet.

Vivian and John said a few words before hanging up.

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