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On Monday, Alexander didn't receive the lunch from Vivian.

Because she asked for leave.

That day was also the day that Vivian would never want to recall.

At noon, she received a phone call from Angie and asked her to go shopping together, saying that she was making amends for the events of the previous days.

Vivian could not refuse, she nodded and agreed.

It happened that Selina also rested at home, and she sent Roe to school. She went with her because she had nothing to do.

Three people were in the most bustling department store in this city.

Weekend time was also the time of the largest flow of people. When Vivian and Selina arrived at the appointed place, Angie didn't appear.

After sitting for half an hour, Selina couldn't help but complain, "That's enough. She really think she's a princess and everyone has to wait for her."

"Selina, maybe there are more people on weekends. Let's wait." Vivian persuaded.

"Wait here. I'll buy a cup of milk tea. What would you like to drink?" In such hot weather, her throat was almost smoking.

Vivian also felt thirsty, "Just bring me a bottle of water."

"You're different. White water has no taste." Selina said that. She got up and left to buy it for her.

Vivian knew that a good friend had a sharp tongue but a tender heart.

Selina didn't leave long and Angie arrived.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. You know that women are always wasting more time when they come out." Angie said she was sorry, but there was no apology on her face.

Vivian just smiled and said, "It's OK. You just came and Selina was buying water. Let's wait for her."

When Angie heard Selina went to buy water, she murmured, "Selina was too impatient. I'm just a few minutes late. She didn't even wait for me."

It was not just a few minutes, but it was almost 40 minutes. However, Vivian knew that Angie had always been like this, and she didn't care much about it.

She still said a word for her friend, "Selina has been waiting for you for a while. Please be patient and wait for a while."

"It's such a big mall. Why don't you go shopping with me first? Let's look for her later." She wouldn't wait for that nasty woman.

Angie then took Vivian's hand and went to the busy place.

"It's not good if Selina can't find us." Vivian followed the steps of Angie passively.

Angie said indifferently, "It doesn't matter. She's not a child, and we haven't gone far."

Vivian had no choice but to compromise with Angie, but she insisted on going shopping nearby first.

Angie had no choice but to agree. Seeing her favorite shop, she rushed in with Vivian.

Vivian was more like a servitor who helped Angie to carry her things.

"Vivi, is this dress nice?" Angie wore a white petticoat and circled in front of Vivian.

Vivian looked at the shopping bags in her hand, none of which was her stuff. After a pause, she nodded, "Well, it's pretty."

"I knew William would like it." Angie was happy and turned to the salesman arrogantly, "Wrap them up for me."

"Yes, madam." The salesman just met a woman who made such a big deal and had no time to care about such a small thing.

Vivian had two more bags in her hand, and her forehead was also sweating. Although the bags were not heavy, there were many bags, and she had difficulty in carrying them.

Angie had just seen the bag in Vivian's hands, she said kindly, "Vivi, let's find a place to rest."

"Well." Vivian nodded. She couldn't walk any more with so many things. She didn't know if Selina had bought milk tea.

A florid woman came eagerly, "Oh, hi, Angie and Vivi."

"Maggie, I haven't seen you for a long time." Angie soon recognized that the woman in front of her, who was her college classmate. At that time, except Vivi, she still got along well with her.

"It's me." Maggie was also very happy to see Angie. When her eyes fell on Vivian, they became meaningful.

Vivian felt uncomfortable being stared at. When Maggie was in college, she didn't like Vivian. Now she had graduated for several years, and she was still unlike her.

Vivian still didn't know why she would offend her.

"Why don't you speak, Vivi?" said Maggie, in a strange tone, "We haven't seen each other for such a long time."

"No, I just don't want to disturb you two." Vivian replied.

Maggie took a look at the shopping bag on Vivian's hand and said scornfully, "What? I think you are just too shameful to speak."

"What are you talking about, Maggie? What's wrong?" Angie seemed to be helping Vivian, but in fact, it was more like spying on the meaning of Maggie's words.

"You don't know what your best friend did behind your back."

Maggie looked at Vivian's pale face with great pleasure. She hooked her lips proudly. She finally waited for the day of revenge.

Vivian didn't understand at first. When she saw the light of gloating in Maggie's eyes, she immediately understood what Maggie had known.

No, No...

"Maggie, no..."

Maggie directly interrupted Vivian's words, "Vivian, please put away your false face. I've seen right through you. Every time I think about it, I can't believe there's such a shameless woman in the world."

"You really betrayed your best friend."

"Maggie, I don't understand it." Angie's face began to get a little bad. Her intuition told her that the truth in Maggie's words was related to the man she cared about most.

Maggie turned her eyes to Angie's face and said sympathetically, "Angie, you don't know that Vivian had been staying with William since you went abroad."

Angie excitedly grabbed Maggie's hand and asked loudly, "What? It's impossible! Maggie, you have made it clear to me."

It's impossible. Vivi still encouraged her to go back to William. How could she have been with William long ago?

People around heard a noise and couldn't help but stop and look in their direction.

Maggie seemed to hope that more people could watch and she spoke in a voice that everyone could hear clearly, "Angie, you can ask her if she helped William to the hotel after the graduation party."

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