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Vivian cooked too many dishes yesterday. Selina didn't bring them. She didn't want to waste food, she also wanted to have a good relationship with her boss.

So she prepared two boxes of packed lunch.

At noon, colleagues all went to have lunch one after another. Vivian also brought a hot lunch to Alex's office. "Alex, I cooked a lot of dishes yesterday, and I also brought one for you. I hope you would like it."

"Oh, thank you. I'm almost tired of the canteen food." Alexander stood up excitedly and scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.

Vivian looked at Alex's honest expression, chuckled, and said, "Take your time, Alex. I'll get the box later."

"Well, you are so kind." She is the goddess in his mind. She's gentle and has a good temper. She is the best choice for man.

He must try to court Vivian.

Vivian was very embarrassed to be praised. She just gave him a meal. She returned to the office with her lunch.

Fortunately, there were two or three colleagues who brought lunch with them too, so she didn't seem very abrupt.

As soon as Vivian left, Alexander couldn't wait to open the packed lunch. When he saw the full food on it, he was drooling.

It's really thoughtful of Vivian to prepare the lunch. The meat and vegetable were well matched. Even the dishes were so delicate.

That waves of attractive fragrance urged Alex to hurry up, just when his fingers were about to touch chopsticks...

Someone came over and asked lightly, "Order a meal and send it in."

Alexander immediately stood straight and respectfully said, "Yes, William."

Someone who was going back to the office suddenly stopped, and his deep vision fell on the table of Alexander.

Familiar taste, familiar dish, no one would prepare it carefully except that woman.

"I'm hungry."

"What?" Alex suddenly became surprised, he looked at his indifferent eyes, and then his brain began to work rapidly.

Wait a moment, William couldn't say such a sentence casually. There must be something implied that he didn't understand.

These words seemed to be simple, in fact, it was broad and profound, profound and mysterious.

First of all, the boss wouldn't say he's hungry when he didn't order.

Then he felt his eyes were on his lunch for several seconds.

The final result was that the boss wanted to have his own lunch!!

The whole process seemed to be very long, but it only lasted for three seconds.

Alexander quickly closed the lid of the lunch box and handed it over respectfully. "William, if you like it, you can eat my lunch first."

"Well, Alex, please order one for yourself and put it on the company's account." William took over Alex's lunch and walked slowly to his office.

It was a second that determined his life and death. Alexander wiped his sweat on his forehead and praised his wit. Only when he looked down at his empty desk, did he feel like crying without tears.

He really wanted to taste the lunch.

"I'm so full. It's good to make lunch for yourself and not waste it." Vivian looked at the computer time. Half an hour passed. Alex should have eaten it up.

By the way, she could take it back and wash it together. Actually, she could keep it for the night, but it was not easy to wash if the oil condensed.

Vivian decided to go to Alex's office to get her own lunch box, "Alex, have you finished?"

"Yes. Are you here to take the lunch box? I'm sorry to ask you to come here to take it." In fact, he just finished the take-away. Although the taste was not bad, he still felt sorry.

Vivian said casually, "It's OK, I just washed it."

"Well, wait a minute. I'll get it to you right away."

After taking the boss's empty lunch box, he knew how good the lunch tasted. He didn't know that William had such a terrible stomach before.

You could imagine a cold and distant man, who has a stomach that 'embraces all rivers'.

It was so terrible.

"I want to wash it for you. I didn't expect you came so early."

Vivian was also a little surprised with her lunch box. The materials of the packed lunch she specially prepared for Alex could be eaten by almost two people. It seemed that it had been eaten by one person.

She was only stunned for a second, and quickly replied, "Alex, let me wash it first."

"Good." Looking at Vivian, who was about to go away, Alex was reluctant. After a while, he began to say, "Vivi, could you bring me a meal tomorrow? I can pay for it."

"Maybe not tomorrow."

Vivian looked at Alex's disappointed eyes, she couldn't help but smile and say playfully, "Alex, don't you forget that tomorrow is the weekend, and I've sent it to no one to eat."

"Oh, I almost forgot it." Alex himself felt a little embarrassed.

"So wait for Monday." Vivian nodded and agreed. A few meals could bring a person closer to each other, which was still a good deal.

"Thanks." Looking at the playful smile in Vivian's eyes, Alexander felt a ripple in his heart.

"You're welcome. It's just a piece of cake." Vivian waved and left with her lunch box.

Alexander was just like a lost soul, staring at the empty gate. She was a good woman. If she could be his wife, he would have no regrets in his life.

He didn't know if it was Alexander's delusion. He felt that his workload had suddenly increased a lot. Originally, he had ten minutes of breathing and rest time.

Now he was busy with his work and had no time to have a rest.

Alexander deeply doubted whether he had offended the boss, but he just didn't understand what was wrong with himself.

Even if it was lunchtime, he handled it very well. William was very happy to take it.

Why does he became more and more severe to him?

Alexander always felt that he had missed some important information, but he still couldn't figure out which one it was.

Vivian also began to adapt to the fast rhythm of the office, she was turning like a top all afternoon, but she was busy with small things.

Make coffee, copy, send documents, typesetting.

People in the office seemed to treat her as a dogsbody.

She was still a newcomer now. It was inevitable. It was OK if she went through this period of time. And now she had no specific task plan.

She could only wait for Alexander to finish his work, and then he would give her a specific explanation.

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