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"Well, then keep it a secret and come to have dinner." Vivian said resignedly.

Selina became inattentive again and was pull Roe to the dining table.

Selina looked at the delicious dishes on the table and exclaimed, "Oh my god! Vivi, you've made so many delicious dishes."

"I think I'll take a meal to the office tomorrow. There's a refrigerator in the lounge. And I see other colleagues take it too. Selina, do you want me to prepare one for you?" Vivian explained.

"No, can the food cooked in the microwave oven be the same as fresh food? It's better to eat fresh food." Selina took a kidney bean with her hand and chewed it in her mouth.

She was chewing and saying, "It's so delicious! It's lucky for a man to marry you."

When Selina finished, she felt that it was a little embarrassing. She smiled and said, "Why don't you get married to our house, and I'll enjoy this feast?"

"Aunty, keep quiet during meals and bedtime." Roe sat on his exclusive stool and said slowly.

Selina's face became red and sat down in her seat and began to eat.

Vivian couldn't help chuckling. Roe was such a small adult and lovable child.

"Do you hear what Roe said, Selina?"

Selina snorted and did not speak. She ate a mouthful food with chopsticks.

Vivian knew that she was embarrassed, and she didn't say anything again.

The three people ate a meal quietly.

Vivian continued to clean the kitchen, cut two fruits and sent them to the living room. She saw them watching cartoon together and bursting into laughter from time to time.

She reminded, "Eat some fruit."

"I see, mom." Roe took an apple and ate.

Selina nodded without turning over her head. Next second, she began to clap the sofa and laugh.

Vivian didn't know what to say anymore. She didn't know what he would feel if Selina's admirer saw it.

She saw Selina still smiling. She couldn't help but watch TV. Isn't it just a person who has been arched by a boar?

"Aunty, your saliva!" Roe moved to the side a little bit.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't control it. That guy was so stupid." Selina's tears were almost coming out.

Roe said in a childish voice, "Aunty, you are so naive."

Selina was not happy at once. She grabbed Roe's small body and put her on his. She was envious that his skin was smooth like milk.

"Aha! You're done!"

"Aunty, please don't tickle me!" Roe laughed and asked Vivian for help, "Ha-ha, it's itchy. Mom! Help me!"

Vivian looked at the time and "rescued" Roe from Selina's hands and said, "You're sweating all over. Go to bed after taking a bath."

"I know, Mom." Roe nodded obediently.

Selina had to entertain herself alone.

Vivian put the water in, took him to have a bath, and washed his hair. Then she wiped his body, made his hair dry, and carried him back to the room.

The warm lamp at the head of the bed was turned on, and Roe still looked at her with excitement.

"Can't sleep?" Vivian sat beside the bed.

"Yes." Roe moved his head away and gave out a place to Vivian.

Vivian looked at him and lay beside him and said, "Roe, how about reading a Green Fairy Tales?"

"Good idea." Roe was close to Vivian, squinting comfortably. His mother had a good smell. He wanted to rely on her for a lifetime.

Vivian picked out a book from the table and read it gently and delicately beside him.

"Once upon a time there was a snow white..."

When Vivian finished telling the story of Snow White, she looked down to see the little boy in her arms. She did not know when he fell asleep. His pink and tender mouth breathed and sucked, and his curled eyelashes looked like a fan casting a shadow.

Roe hadn't grown up yet. He looked not as mature as William.

Vivian was stunned for a moment, and soon covered up the emotion in her eyes. She got off the bed and looked at him. Then she turned around and went out of the room.

The TV in the living room was still playing funny cartoons. The light on the top of the head had been turned off. The woman who was lying on the sofa now didn't watch TV. She said, "Is he asleep?"

"Yes." Vivian went to the other side to sit down and watched TV for a while.

Selina also stared at the TV, and said without turning her head, "Vivi, you have been reluctant to leave all the time. Do you have any agreement with William?"

Vivian's half closed eyelashes trembled a little. "Selina, how can you think so?"

"Everyone know that. You're in chain. I don't believe that you are such a tangled woman. The only explanation left is this." Selina was not stupid. She just didn't want Vivian to be embarrassed at last.

"Selina, I can handle this and I'll make it clear to William soon." She just needed to finish the last promise.

As long as she bore it again.

"I'm afraid you would be bullied to death by that little bitch before you told him clearly. How long do you think you can keep it from him?" Selina glanced at Vivian, who was sitting not far away.

The faint light of the TV made her face paler and colorless.

In fact, the person who bore the most pressure was Vivian, but she was the person to hide everything in her heart too.

She was also powerless as a friend.

Vivian smiled bitterly and said, "As long as I can take Roe to have surgery, everything will pass. In fact, this is what I should bear, isn't it?"

"Bullshit, what does 'you should bear' mean? Don't you know what that little bitch wants to do? She is selfish and can do anything for herself."

Selina raised her voice a little, and she lowered, as if she was resigned and angry, "You don't think about yourself, but what about Roe? I don't care about you. If that little bitch dare to bully Roe, I will never let off her."

"Selina, Roe is my bottom line." Vivian said with a trace of vigor and in a heavy tone.

No matter Angie or William, no one could hurt Roe.

Selina was relieved to know that she know the importance of Roe, and she was not so stupid as to be incurable.

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