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In the office, Angie held William's arm affectionately, and she asked in a delicate and weak voice, "William, how are you getting along with Vivi? She is my good friend and you can't bully her."

William looked at her indifferently, and said a word, "Friend?" Then he reached for his coat and walked out.

Angie was shocked suddenly. What does William mean by this? Is he asking her if she really treats Vivian as a good friend?

She didn't know why. She was inexplicably upset. William couldn't know it. She covered up it so well, even...

Angie realized that William was about to walk to the door. She chased after him quickly and dared not ask again.

The horn of the car rang twice.

Selina stuck her head out and shouted to the absent-minded woman, "Where are you going, Vivi?"

"No, I'm going nowhere." Vivian looked up and found that she had passed by, and then she went around the front of the car and opened the door to sit in.

Selina looked at Vivian, who was unusual, "You look like you are having a sleepwalking."

Then she asked seriously, "Did that bastard do something to you?"

When she drove out, she seemed to see that William and Angie came out one by one.

"No, it's time to pick up Roe." Vivian didn't want her to worry about herself, so she changed the topic.

"Well, don't play dumb." Selina snorted and started the car and left.

Roe was in the reception class, and he could only be picked up after the teacher confirmed the identity of the parents.

From afar, she could saw the little bun's white and tender face and he was constantly looking at the door. When he saw Vivian, he waved his little hand and said, "Mom, I'm here."

"Roe, Aunty and I come to pick you up from school." Vivian relaxed when she saw Roe's lovely face.

After the handover, Vivian led Roe, "Roe, say goodbye to your teacher."

"Goodbye, Miss." Roe said in a childish voice.

Looking at Roe's earnest face, the teacher couldn't help but smile and say goodbye to Roe.

Vivian also said goodbye to the teacher, and then left.

"Is the kindergarten fun?" Selina asked, holding his other little hand.

Roe pouted his red lips and said, "No."

"Why?" Vivian also asked.

"They are too naive and they always pester me." Roe said with a frown.

"Ha-ha, that's because you're too cute." Selina couldn't help laughing.

Vivian thought about the picture and thought it was very funny. She said with patience, "Roe, I think they like to play with you and don't let them down."

Roe was silent for a few seconds, answered reluctantly, "Mom, I know."

Vivian was amused by his bitter appearance. Obviously, he is still a child, but he likes to pretend to be an adult and looked lovelier.

"Let's go, with our little adult-like Roe." Selina made a gesture.

"Go home." Roe also waved his small arm and said happily.

Looking at Roe's carefree face, Vivian told herself that everything she insisted on was worth it.

Because of Roe, Selina also had the chance to have dinner without doing anything. Now, dinner had been prepared by Vivian, as long as she wait for a few moments.

"Roe, do you think you will marry a girl who cannot cook?"

"No." Roe's little head was on the edge of the sofa, and he looked at the direction of the kitchen and answered without turning his head.

Selina continued to ask, "What if she is a beautiful woman?"

Roe turned over his head at Selina's expectant expression and answered slowly and seriously, "No."

Selina thought that she had suffered huge 'damage'. She knew that she shouldn't make a fuss over a kid, but she couldn't help asking, "Why?"

"Aunty, don't you think it's nice to have someone cooking when you come back home?" Roe replied very straightforwardly.

Selina was speechless. When she came home from work, someone made a meal and waited for her. It was really a great feeling, but she couldn't cook, she quickly found a reason to comfort herself.

"Roe, in fact, it's enough for a woman to have a beautiful face. It's OK for other people to do such rough work as cooking."

Roe was looking at her with his eyes, which were as dark as grapes. "Aunty, are you finding excuses for yourself?"

Selina had a thick skin, like a wall, and she was stared at by a child less than four years old. She said, "Roe, you are still young and don't know much about adults."

Roe looked up and said with a thoughtful expression, "Aunty, I think I understand."

"Tell me what you know." Selina didn't want to hurt a child who hadn't grow up, so she thought she should listen more to what the child wanted to say.

"I know that I look more like dad. I also know how hard my mother works for me. In fact, I really don't mind her finding a boyfriend."

Roe seemed to say a common thing, in a soft and tender childish voice.

But listening this, Selina felt it was like a thunder, she was not only surprised, but also felt sorry for him.

She unconsciously spoke lower, "Why would say so, Roe?"

"It's because sometimes mom would stare at my face and be dazed. Sometimes she would hide in the room alone and apply the medicine. I saw it." Roe was a little disappointed.

Selina also put her face on the edge of the sofa, and looked at him sideways, "Does your mom know it?"

"I don't know. I don't want her to worry about it." Roe shook his head.

After a few seconds, Selina hesitated and asked, "Roe, don't you really want to know who your father is? If you want to, your mother will definitely tell you."

"I don't want to."

Roe straightened his head and looked at the busy figure in the kitchen. His mouth moved a little.

"If dad really loves mom, he won't make her sad, and mom won't conceal my existence from dad. How would I want to know a person who has never met and bullies mom?"

Selina found that she really shouldn't look down on a three-year-old child. His reasoning ability made her irrefutable.

The children are indeed the most sensitive in the world. Even if you don't say it, their small and sensitive heart will be aware of it.

When Vivian finished the last dish, she saw the two heads lying on the sofa and jokingly said, "What are you talking about?"

"It's a little secret between us, isn't it, Roe?" Selina blinked at him.

"Yeah." Roe nodded with force.

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