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"Your working time is 8:30, but I suggest you come earlier, because William will be in the office at 8:30 on time, so you should make coffee five minutes in advance and put it at his desk, and remember to clean up William's office before you leave."

Melanie went on, "William likes working in a clean room, so you must be careful when you clean up. It's better not to leave out the window and table."

Vivian thought that the assistant was an easy job, but she didn't expect that there were many things to deal with, so she couldn't help taking out the notepad in her bag to write down one by one.

When hearing that William loved tidiness, she couldn't help but pout. Isn't it just a habit of cleanliness?

"William doesn't need you very much. After that, you will go to help Secretary Alexander. There are 20 rules and regulations of the firm. Remember to recite them. You all work at 5:30 p.m. without overtime. The time from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at noon is the rest time."

"Well, that's all. Do you have any questions about your work?"

Vivian looked at her notepad and shook her head, "No, Mel."

She also admired that Melanie kept saying and didn't need to pause. Her vital capacity was so good.

"Well, you will report directly to Secretary Alexander later. When you have a rest at noon, you will go to the logistics department to measure the size of your work clothes. In these days, you can just dress up like this." Melanie told Vivian to follow her to get some necessities.

Vivian looked at the remarks of the rules and regulations. It would take a while for them to be digested.

After picking up something from the personnel department, Vivian walked to Secretary Alexander's office with a cardboard box. It was not hard to find it. It was next to William's office.

Alexander was too busy. Suddenly, there was a clear and gentle voice, "Hello, are you Secretary Alexander?"

"Are you the new assistant?" Alexander looked at the woman in front of him nodding to him with surprise.

The personnel department didn't give a notice in advance. It was such a beautiful girl. If he had known that she was coming, he would have to make a gel.

"Well, hello, Alexander, my name is Vivian." Vivian said sincerely and reached out politely.

Alexander looked at the clean and slender hand in front of him, the round fingernails were covered with light pink, and his heart was beating fast.

Mom, I fell in love at first sight at the age of 29. I must protect her before "the hungry wolves" found her.

"Oh, hello, you can call me Alex."

Alexander reached out to hold Vivian's hand. He raised his hand and wiped it twice before reaching out and shaking it with her.

"OK, Alex, you can also call me Vivi." Vivian was not so restrained.

"Well, Vivi, I'll take you to your desk first. If you need anything, just tell me." When she called him Alex, she was so sweet. Alexander was very happy.

The above idea was Alexander's personal psycholagny, and Vivian called him out of politeness.

"Thank you, Alex." Vivian thought that the man named Alex was still very good to get along with, and the working atmosphere in the future should not be too bad.

"You're welcome." Alexander was embarrassed to grab his forehead and took Vivian to go inside.

"Alex, isn't that William's office?" No way. Her office was so close to William's office.

"Yes, don't be afraid. William doesn't stay in the office. Your desk is right next to that." Alexander pointed to the empty desk not far away.

"Alex, should all assistants sit here?" Vivian looked at the bare and unshielded desk and was unwilling. If William came every day, he would pass by her side.

A desk without even a baffle, she felt like a reception.

"No, it's not in this area. It's in the general office, but it'll be more leisurely here. You may not adapt to it if you go there." His words was very euphemistic.

However, Vivian understood. The assistant secretary could be asked to bring tea, water and make copies by some high-level lawyers.

But she would rather be busy outside than meet William here.

"Alex, I just came here and I'll sit outside according to the company's rules."

"It's OK. Nobody else will say anything when you sit here." Alex thought Vivian heard that their Boss was very strict and she was afraid, so he placated.

"Alex, thank you for your kindness. I can just sit outside."

Seeing Vivian's insistence, Alexander sighed, "Well, I'll ask someone to help you move your desk out."

"Thanks." Vivian nodded.

Alexander went out to ask two people to come over, commanding them to move the desk to the original place, and added a board for Vivian, so that it would not look out of place with the general office.

"Alex, why do you have time to walk in the general office?" Someone looked at Alexander and pointed at him and asked.

"There's a new colleague. I'm just helping her." Alexander explained calmly.

"New colleagues? The personnel didn't come to inform us. "Another man said.

Knowing that he couldn't hide Vivian, Alexander greeted Vivian, who was not far away, and reluctantly introduced her, "This is Vivi, the new secretary assistant."

He specially emphasized the word "secretary" to remind them that Vivi was his exclusive assistant.

The two men were stunned when they saw Vivian. They were not listening to him. They all crowded in front of Vivian.

A self-introduction, "Hello, I'm Ben. You can rest assured that I will take good care of you."

"Go away, Ben. How are you? My name is Megan. Call me Meg later."

Vivian looked at the man who was joking in front of him, smiled politely, and replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Alex's assistant, Vivian."

When Alexander heard Vivian's introduction, he nodded his head and pushed them away. Standing beside Vivian, Alexander said with a smile, "You guys can go back to work. Now the boss is still sitting in it."

Hearing the words, the two people who had been wandering disappeared in a swish.

Seeing Vivian's confused eyes, Alexander explained, "'Boss' is our honorific name for William."

Honorific name...

Vivian thought about the picture that William was called the 'boss'. It's very funny.

"The desk is cleaned up."

"Well, I see. You can go." Alexander waved them away.

"Vivian, you can know of the office first. I'm going to familiarize you with the things to be done at noon." Alexander also remembered that he had not finished his work.


After Alexander left, Vivian began to sort out her own things.

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