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Vivian also thought that the explanation of her friend was the most reasonable, but she still had a pain in her heart.

It was really just a little bit painful.

"Selina, I have promised him, and you must be wrong. He just let me go to work."

"You got water on the brain. I don't agree with you. At that time, Angie will trouble you again." Selina was about to scratch her face.

Vivian was a very smart girl. How could her brain be eaten by zombies after she came back?

"It's OK. I know the right balance. Besides, William and I have made three rules. I'm just his subordinate in the office, and he's just my boss. That's all."

There's a glimmer of adamancy in her voice.

"Why?" Selina said weakly. Listening to Vivian, she knew nothing could bring her back.

"What did William give you to make you so obedient? Did he threaten you?"

"No, how could I be threatened by him?" Vivian bit her lip slightly, pretending to be relaxed, and said, "Selina, actually I have no loss in going to work there. He said that the salary was not lower than where I used to be."

"You're still a fool. Ten cows can't pull you back once you are determined. I'm afraid of it. Then I'll apply for the job with you." She was so righteous, wasn't it?

Vivian asked in surprise, "Are you going to work in William's office, too?"

"How could it be? I'm just going to work upstairs for the Dawn&Dusk Magazine." Selina said in a heartless voice, "Anyway, didn't you said that I'm very suitable to be a journalist? A magazine reporter is not bad."

"It seems that the magazine is very strict about resume." The magazine had a nice position on the 32nd floor of the building. Naturally, it's not that kind of tabloids. Vivian was worried that her friends couldn't stay there for a few days.

"When I returned home, the personnel department sent me nearly 80 emails. I was to made contribution to their magazine. You think it's a little assistant who serves tea and water like you?"

Anyway, she graduated from journalism department, not to mention a magazine reporter and editor in chief. She just didn't like the office with rules and regulations. She preferred to go outside.

"By the way, I'm free and I take care of Roe, so it's OK."

"Well." In terms of ability, Vivian still believed in her friends. She was just not serious about her work all day.

"Well, first, I'll see you at noon tomorrow." Selina said and cut off the phone directly.

Vivian emptied herself on the sofa and was upset. She was not able to speak out and was annoyed.

What would happen if Angie knows?

After thinking about it all night, Vivian had been dreaming about it all night, and in the morning, she was also drowsy.

She reached for the cell phone under the pillow and took a look, and found that there was a message left on it.

"Report in the personnel department at half past eight."

"Shit." Vivian opened her eyes and looked at the time. Her dozy feeling disappeared suddenly. She hurriedly took out a suit of clothes from the cupboard and put it on.

And she quickly rushed into the bathroom to wash. If it wasn't for that bastard, she wouldn't have been dreaming of big fish eating small fish all night.

The fish was a real fish, but the head changed. The big fish became William's evil face. She was the little fish that couldn't escape.

Thinking about the terrible picture, Vivian's body shivered.

She arranged her clothes and shoes as fast as she could. She wanted to take the bus to get there. Now she had to take a taxi.

Finally, with the unremitting efforts of Vivian, she managed to arrive at the personnel department 5 minutes earlier.

A middle-aged woman in the personnel department pushed the black mirror frame on the bridge of her nose, looked up and sized at Vivian in front of her and asked, "Vivian, right?"

"Yes." Vivian nodded politely.

"Come with me. I'm Melanie, the director of the personnel department. You can call me Mel later. I'll take you to the office for a walk first. I'll explain the details to you." Melanie said and walked on.

"Ok, Mel."

Although Vivian didn't know how William told Melanie about her work, she could also understood that his subordinate was competent from her behavior.

Melanie was satisfied with Vivian's polite attitude. The most important thing was that unlike those frivolous interns who made up in the office for hours, Vivian was an honest girl.

It's obvious that they were coming for William. They're all with no brains.

"The 19th floor is the office of our personnel department and logistics department. It is mainly used to deal with some simple disputes. You are the assistant of the secretary. You can know something about it."

Melanie took a walk on the 19th floor with Vivian and went upstairs. "The 20th floor is the office of a lawyer. There are more than 60 lawyers in our office. But they're not registered lawyers. It's a lounge and a conference room inside."

Vivian followed her step by step and carefully noted down the pattern of the office.

Melanie suddenly turned around and said, "The last room behind the separated area is our William's office. Can you remember it?"

"Yes." Vivian also stopped.

The people come and go and didn't stop because a new person was coming. Everyone was immersed in work. In such an atmosphere, Vivian was still shocked.

William's success was not unreasonable.

"William usually only comes to deal with the documents in the morning, and rarely stays in the office all day." Melanie suddenly said something of no importance.

Vivian was stunned for a few seconds, and soon understood what she meant. She didn't have any other ideas. She nodded, "Mel, I know."

"Well, your work is very simple and can be very hard. It's easy to stay here without worry if you can stick to your duty."

Melanie sighed and said, "The last assistant was dismissed because she was undisciplined."

"I understand." Vivian could imagine that his last assistant was dismissed because she peeped at the black-hearted fox. Don't worry, she would never be so stupid.

"Well, let's talk about what you will do later." Melanie looked at Vivian kindly. She didn't speak as cold as before.

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