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Selina directly interrupted what Vivian wanted to say, and said angrily, "I see. You look like a ghost. Go back to have a rest."

She knew that Vivi wanted to ask her to pick up Roe at night. That was her little sweet heart. How could she forget?

"Thank you." Vivian smiled at ease.

John left with Vivian.

Grace seemed to notice something and said in a meaningful voice, "I smell a sense of adultery."

"Shut up." Selina warned him in a low voice and turned away with her little sachet.

Grace smilingly followed up.

In the car.

A long silence.

John didn't ask much and just drove quietly.

"Do you think I'm nosy, too?" Vivian took the initiative to break the repressive silence.

John looked ahead and said in a gentle voice.

"Don't put all the mistakes on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one can be a saint, so don't be overly critical of yourself."

"I'm too smug." Vivian made a self-mocking smile. Her back on the chair was wet through with sweat. Her heart was covered with a layer of frost when she thought of William's cold eyes.

"We all know your good intentions, but some things can't be good even if you have good intentions. No matter how close friends or lovers they are, you still need to follow your own internal principles sometimes."

He knew that Vivian did it for Angie, but he thought that even if they were close friends, she should not agree.

In the end, even if she helped her, she was likely to be scolded.

Vivian was too emotional, she did not understand the coldness and ruthlessness of this society.

Vivian didn't answer. There was a mist in her bright eyes. She also asked herself in her heart, when did she become so unprincipled?

No wonder William would treat her with that sarcastic tone.

She thought she was the Savior. No, she was actually a wretch, unable to get rid of the guilt and hesitation.

"Vivi, here we are."

John stopped the car, looked at Vivian, who was pale, hesitated and asked, "Vivi, do you need me to send you up?"

"No, I'm sorry today. I wanted to invite you to have dinner, but I didn't expect it to be like this." Vivian reached out and unbuckled the safety belt.

"You put too much pressure on yourself. It doesn't matter. You don't need to pay attention to it. Take a good rest for one night. Don't think too much about it."

John sometimes felt that he couldn't see her through. She was at a little girl's age, but she seemed to carry the heavy burden of life.

He remembered that in school, she always smiled quietly, and the light between her eyebrows seemed to shine into everyone's heart.

But the beautiful girl lived so hard after three years.

He didn't know what she was up to, but he wouldn't force her.

One day he would wait for her to say it.

"John, what's the matter? Why you look at me like that?" Vivian touched her face, thinking that something stuck to her face when she was eating.

John suddenly returned to his senses and found that he unconsciously looked at Vivian in a daze. He said gently, "You are beautiful when you smile. A smile is more suitable for you."

"Well, I'll go first and make a call to you when I have time." Vivian didn't expect that John would suddenly say that. Her face turned red and said something casual. She opened the door and fled.

John smiled and started the car to leave.

Vivian went back to the apartment, lay on the sofa listlessly, speechless. Troubles were coming one after another

The bell rang.

The special mobile phone ring of Vivian suddenly rang.

She didn't want to answer, and was afraid it may be Selina, so she could just get up and took out her cell phone.

Seeing the word "Fox" on the screen, Vivian didn't want to answer the phone.

Fox was a special name for William, the black-hearted old fox.

It's just that shouldn't he be with Angie at this time? How could he call her?

When she thought about it, the phone had been hung up. Vivian thought that William had given up, and put the phone aside as if she hadn't heard the ring.

Then, a message came.

--Call back within three seconds, or you will be responsible for the consequences.

See, this man was still so domineering and arbitrary. Vivian wanted to reply to him with a text message. Now she could just pick up her mobile phone and dial it.

Vivian frowned. She was really slavish. She had been enslaved by William for a long time and had formed a reflective nerve.

"Why don't you answer the phone?" William was unpleasant and said in a cold voice.

"I didn't see it."

Not facing him, she didn't have to be so obedient now.

"You didn't see that? Why you call back so quickly? You're getting less and less brainy." William snorted, unkindly exposed his words.

"William!" Vivian could imagine William's mockery on his sharp handsome face.

"Do you think you are brave today?" William's low and cool voice came with a little coolness.

The sunshine outside the window was so bright, but Vivian couldn't help shivering. "I don't know what you're talking about. Are you just calling to praise me?"

She absolutely took William's words as a compliment, and no one could withstand 12 hurricane like her.

The man at the other side of the phone didn't expect Vivian would respond like this, and suddenly he calmed down.

Vivian thought that she had win back the game, and the haze on her head was dispelled. It was a very comfortable thing to let William lose.

For a long time, the man's cool and doleful voice sounded, "Vivian, you need a spanking."

Vivian deliberately took the mobile phone away, pretending that she couldn't hear clearly, "Ah, I can't hear clearly, we seem to have a bad connection on this phone, let's talk about it next time."

"A bad connection? Well, let's talk about it face to face." William's quiet words directly destroyed the complacency of Vivian.

Vivian also said coldly, "Say it and I'm listening."

"Come to my office tomorrow, my assistant secretary." William's simple and clear words were like a basin of water pouring on the head of Vivian.

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