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Angie was a little uncomfortable, but because the person next to her was her best friend, so she just held back the uncomfortable feeling.

Vivian felt that it was hard to sit and stand, and she could feel the breath of the man constantly, and she could not help holding her hand under the table tightly.

Suddenly Vivian's body trembled slightly, and the whole person was a little confused. He was holding her hand in such a way as if nothing had happened!

Still in front of so many people, although no one found it under the table, it was enough for her to be nervous and scream.

"Vivi, what's the matter with you? You look frightened." Selina looked at Vivian's stiff back suspiciously. It seemed that she couldn't move because she had been fixed.

"No, no, I'm just thinking about my resume today."

Vivian wanted to take her hand out of the man's hands, she tried several times, but without any result, and she could only let him hold it with fear.

Why did she feel like she was having a love affair stealthily?

Relative to her nervousness, William was so calm, as if the person holding her was not him, but someone else.

Isn't he worried about finding out by Angie?

Vivian silently scolded William in her heart, "Hypocrite! Bastard! Asshole!"

Angie asked, "Resume, what resume? Aren't you working in the shoe store, Vivi?"

Vivian was a little uncomfortable about Angie's words. Then she thought that Angie may not care about it, "Well, I got some trouble. I'm looking for a new job."

Vivian didn't care, which didn't mean that Selina didn't mind. She said coolly, "Vivian was not working in a shoe store. She was working in the world's famous brand store, not the kind of small shoe store on the street."

These world-class stores have strict requirements on the education background of salesmen, not to mention she was able to serve as the head of a store at a young age.

That women didn't know how hard Vivi worked for this job.

Angie was embarrassed. She looked at Vivian for help, "I don't know much about it. Do you mind my words, Vivi?"

"No." Vivian shook her head and said, looking at her friend at her side.

Selina gave her a bad look. Why was she willing to be a "Bun"?

In order to save her face, Angie said softly to William, "William, I heard that your office is lack of an assistant. I think Vivian can still be competent."

William glanced at Vivian, who was nervous. It's a good idea.

Vivian refused immediately, "No, thanks. I'll have an interview tomorrow."

She must be kidding. It was like 'a sheep into the tiger'.

Selina was sniggering.

"If you don't mind, you can work in my company. I'm short of a secretary assistant." John's words were just like a spring breeze. They were neither abrupt nor oppressive.

Vivian almost nodded and agreed. If it wasn't for the big hand under the table that kept tightening, she would definitely agree. Now she could only smile and refuse.

"Thank you, John. I have promised Selina to go to Robert for an interview." At this time, she could only treat Robert as a "shield".

Selina raised her eyebrows. She didn't know it, but she was happy to agree with that.

Hearing that Vivian had promised Selina, he didn't say anything. But there's a little loss in her warm eyes.

"What a pity. I thought you could go to William's office. It would be convenient for me to find you." Angie said regretfully.

If she went to William's office, she would have more excuses to go to the office to find William.

Selina always messed up her good thing!

Selina rolled her eyes once again and thought What Angie said was bullshit. She just want to find more excuses to go to William.

At this time, the waiter just arranged to serve, and the things about her work ended.

Looking at the light dishes on the table, Selina became very angry, "William, what the hell are you doing? If you come to Sichuan restaurant and don't eat spicy food, you're a fart."

William heard her indecent words, frowned, nodded to the waiter, and said in a cool voice, "Bring her a bottle of pepper."

Selina's mouth twitched for a while, so he sent her away with a bottle of pepper?

Grace chuckled in a low voice. In addition to Robert, he never saw her like that. He didn't expect to see it here.

It was worth having the meal.

"How can I eat this? I want spicy food. I want the dish fried with red oil."

Selina roared back with momentum, but when she felt William's cold dark eyes, the flame in her heart died inexplicably.

The bastard is as terrible as her old man!

"Selina, it's easy to get angry if you eat too much pepper, and it's easy to get pimples. It is all for our good." Angie pretended to be kind.

Selina didn't dare to argue with William, but she didn't have any scruples about Angie. She glared at her and said, "If it wasn't for William, you wouldn't say that. I remember that you could eat spicy food before."

Angie was like a frightened little white rabbit hiding behind William. She said with grievance, "Selina, I say that just for your good. Why do you say that to me?"

Seeing that Selina was about to get angry, Vivian hurriedly came out to smooth the thing over, "Why don't you let the waiter make some more spicy dishes and bring them in?"

Selina agreed with a snort.

The waiter kept wiping away her sweat and after getting the order she ran away. The guests in this box were terrible. She had better not offend.

The meal was in an awkward atmosphere.

Vivian moved William's fingers away one by one. Every time she thought it was successful, someone held it again easily.

She's about to collapse.

Fortunately, when they took chopsticks, he released her hand directly.

If there were only two people who were completely unaffected, one was Grace, who had been around Selina all the time.

The other was William, who was silent and his very presence made them stressed.

Even John was a little absent-minded.

The delicious dishes in front of Vivian were as hard to swallow as chewing wax.

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