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After Selina finished, she didn't look at the expression on the man's face and turned around and left.

He made her sick, right? Had he made her sick now? There was a trace of self-mockery in Grace's eyes. The tall figure leaned on the gate and looked at the determined figure.

Selina told herself not to be soft hearted and never to repeat the mistakes, but no matter how many times she wiped, tears were falling out uncontrollably.

She managed to get out of the abyss, and she didn't want to recall the painful days.

When Selina was in a bad mood, she would go to the bar to have a drink. After getting drunk, she went back to her small apartment and took a look at the room of Vivian and Roe.

She walked slowly towards her room.

In her heart, she remembered deeply what had happened today.

In order to divert Grace, she took a lot of effort. Tomorrow, Vivian should make up for her.

When she got up in the morning, Vivian saw Selina's shoes off at the door. She knew that Selina had come back very late and didn't knock.

Roe rubbed his sleepy face and said, "Mom, am I going to school today?"

Vivian took back her eyes, touched his head, and said, "Yes, mom is going to make breakfast. Can you change clothes on your own?"

"Well, no problem." Roe stepped on the lovely little yellow duck slippers and ran back to the room.

Vivian smiled and wore an apron to prepare breakfast for Roe.

When she finished the meal, Roe had been sitting in the chair and waiting. Looking at his lovely and confused appearance, Vivian can't help smiling.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened from inside. Selina 'floated' out in a pajama, she saw Vivian holding breakfast and said lazily, "Vivian, could you prepare it for me too? I'm hungry."

"Don't worry. I have prepared it for you. Just get up and eat it together."

Selina nodded and drifted away from Vivian again.

"Auntie, stink." Roe said with a frown holding his nose.

Vivian took a worried look at the direction of the bathroom. The smell of wine on Selina's body hadn't completely disappeared in the morning. She drank so much wine again yesterday.

Although she remembered her friends in her heart, she still put the breakfast on the table, and ordered with a warm voice, "Roe, eat it first, and mom will come here later."

"Well." Roe nodded.

Vivian was still uneasy about Selina. When she got to the bathroom door, she heard the people inside retching and clapping the door plate anxiously. "Selina, are you ok? Open the door quickly and let me in."

Inside came the sound of the toilet. In a moment, someone came to open the door and said in a lazy voice, Vivian, It's early in the morning. Can I be allowed to go to the toilet? "

"Don't pretend," said Vivian, half leaning against the door, pretending to be calm. "Why did you drink so much yesterday?"

"What can I do? It took me a lot of effort to distract Grace. You must compensate me." Selina went to the wash basin, with a toothbrush in one hand and a little toothpaste in the other.

She washed in front of the mirror.

"Selina, if you are OK, you will not..." Come back drunk. It was just as worrying as when Grace just left eight years ago.

"It's not the first time for me to drink. Don't make such a fuss. I haven't brushed my teeth. You go out fist. I'll talk about it later." Selina urged Vivian to go out, and slobber out the foam in the mouth.

Vivian didn't want to force her. She turned around and left, leaving her alone.

Selina looked at the woman staying up late in the mirror and sighed silently in her heart. As expected, she was an old woman. She could not compare with the little girl. She just stayed up for one night, and her face was so ugly.

It seemed that she should follow the old man's wishes to find a man to marry and have children.

Vivian took care of Roe after eating, and Selina slowly sat on the chair and started eating.

"I'll send Roe to school first, and you'll take care of the rest." Vivian took out his schoolbag from the room.

"I see." Selina waved and said.

Vivian looked at her helplessly and led Roe out of the door.

Sunshine Kindergarten was not far from where Vivian lived. It only took Vivian and Roe ten minutes to get there.

"Roe, I will come to pick you up in the evening. If you have anything, please tell the teacher. Do you know?"

"Mom, I see. Hurry up. I'll go to class." Roe waved the little hand and said.

Before leaving, Vivian exhorted with a small voice and left.

When Vivian went back to the apartment, she saw Selina slumped on the sofa and kept changing with the remote control.

"Selina, you're not going out today?" Usually, she seldom stayed at home.

"I don't want to move. I'm at home today." Selina said without raising her head.

Two people had not a match of chat, " Vivian, you are now suspended. What are you going to do?"

"Find a new job." Vivian actually said that she didn't really wait for the notice. No one knew how long to wait for it.

"It's also true that although your work salary is good, it's better not to work hard every day. Now, you don't need to go."

Selina suddenly became interested. She sat up from the sofa and looked at Vivian with two eyes shining, "aren't you looking for a job?"

"Well, what's your opinion?" Vivian turned on the tablet computer, wanted to see if there was a corresponding major on the Internet, and sent several resumes.

"Yes, yes." Selina fiercely nodded "there is still a secretary in my brother's place. Why don't you go to work in my brother's place?"

Vivian stopped the action on her hand, looked up at the excited Selina, and said in a puzzled way, "Selina, why do you let me go to Robert's place? Are you making a bad idea?"

"No, I'm all for you." Was she so obvious?

Vivian looked at her more suspiciously, "Selina, we have known each other for so many years, have you done anything sorry to me?"

"How is that possible? Just a secretary. It's not so hard. Are you afraid of any problems being with my brother?" Further lobbying by Selina.

She said in her heart, "brother, I've done my best for you. Don't waste my time."

"I say so, but I don't want to rely on nepotism, and I always feel strange."

It was good to be able to work in an office. The commuting time was generally stable, and the salary was not low. However, Vivian still felt uncomfortable when she went to work in Robert's place.

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