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Hearing Selina's laughter, she was getting shy. The woman who looked like an irrigated flower in the mirror was getting brighter.

Not only did her face turn red, but her whole body turned red.

Vivian did not dare to look at it so she washed and went out in a hurry.

"Vivi, why is your mobile phone still off?" Selina asked.

"I forgot to charge." She would not have forgotten if she didn't met William.

Speaking of the phone, she remembered something serious, "Oh my god."

Selina looked at her, "What?"

"I forgot to make an appointment." Vivian remembered that she had promised to invite John to have a meal yesterday. She asked weakly, "What time is it now?"

Selina looked at her mobile phone and said, "It's not too late. It's 1 p.m. already."

Vivian knew that she broke her words again, and the word "sinner" was pressed on her head. "Selina, what do you think of a person who break the appointment again and again?"

"It depends on their relationship." Selina shrugged.

"It's the kind that is very close, such as the relationship between us."

Selina showed her neat white teeth and said with a smile, "Don't let me find out or you are done."

Vivian's body shook subconsciously.

"What, you stood the man up?" Selina asked, gloating over her.

"I'll make a phone call first..." Vivian went back to the room directly.

Roe asked curiously with his big black eyes, "Auntie, what's wrong with Mom?"

"Your mother was doing something wrong. She's feeling guilty. You cannot learn from her." Selina educated.

"Auntie, does Mom have a boyfriend?" Roe paused and asked.

Selina was shocked, "Honey, who told you that she had a boyfriend?"

"I saw my mother blush, and when my teacher saw her boyfriend, she blushed too." Roe said with a serious face.

Selina asked carefully, "Honey, would you be unhappy if your mother had a boyfriend?"

Roe seriously thought about this problem, shook his head and said, "No."

"Why? Don't you want your dad?" It was incredible. Ordinary children want their parents to be happy together.

And why is Roe not very interested in the word 'Dad'?

Doesn't he wonder who his father is?

"Mom doesn't want it, neither do I." Roe said firmly with a young accent.

Selina looked at Roe's soft face. Actually she was not feeling very well in her heart. She just touched his head to comfort him.

It was so lucky for Vivian to have such a lovely baby, she thought.

After Vivian charged her mobile phone, she immediately made a phone call to John to apologize to him, and then postponed the meal.

Fortunately, he didn't get angry.

Thinking that John was stood up again and again, Vivian felt so ashamed.

At the end of the phone call, Vivian came out of the room and saw Roe sitting on the sofa waiting for her, suddenly she was relaxed.

"Roe, do you want to drink some water?"

"Mom, I'm not thirsty." Roe shook his head and said.

Vivian sat beside him, holding his small hand and said, "Let's go shopping together and I can buy a new schoolbag for you."

"Yeah. Roe can go to school tomorrow. There's a lot of things to prepare." Selina remembered.

"Ok." Roe was quick to promise.

"Vivi, where shall we go?" If they meet acquaintances, Roe's identity may be exposed.

Vivian also knew this, so she chose a distant place.

If she didn't experience the inhumane 'abuse' last night, Vivian still felt energetic to go shopping, but before walking for an hour to, her legs began to shake.

So the three had to find a dessert shop to rest.

Selina stirred the milk tea in her cup, and watched Roe sitting next to her obediently. He ate the cake with his little hands, looked satisfied and lovely.

"You said that you don't like sweet food, how could Roe like it so much?"

Vivian almost threw the spoon in her hand but still said casually, "Maybe Roe likes it."

"Is it?" Selina obviously didn't believe it. But does this mean that the bastard also likes sweets?

A cold men was eating sweets. Thinking of that picture, Selina felt terrible.

Vivian didn't notice her and carefully wiped the cake off on Roe's mouth.

Roe held a scoop and handed it to Vivian, which was like handing treasure, "Mom, eat it."

Vivian looked at the cake with strawberry flavor. Although she didn't like it very much, she still ate it. "Thank you, Roe."

Roe began to eat his cake again.

"It's easy for children to be satisfied. One cake is enough." Selina couldn't help sighing.

Vivian joked, "Why, aren't you satisfied now?"

"Don't like me, you have a boyfriend." Selina said with pity.

Vivian's face turned red again. Vivian was thinking about it for a long time. Something was coming to her mind, "Selina, you are 28. If I remember correctly, you should still..."

Although Vivian didn't finish her words, but she had already told her friends with her mouth.

--A. Virgin.

What insulting words! Selina couldn't bear it. What's wrong with a virgin?

Although her age was very embarrassing and not having a man is very shameful, she was still charming. In order to clean up the shame, she made an important decision, "Want to bet?"

Vivian raised her eyebrows and signaled her to continue.

It was not the first time for both of them to make such a harmless bet.

"Tonight I'm going to take a man and end my mission as a virgin and you're going to steal William's intimate clothes."

She was not afraid that she can't find a man at all because of her charm.

"You're terrible." It's hard to for Vivian to believe her words. Men are different from women. Women have two intimate clothes, and men only have one.

And it's the lower body part.

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