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The man didn't give her time to think at all.

Vivian regretted choosing to wear a skirt today, now it was convenient for him to do 'something'.

"William, don't put your hands there." Vivian couldn't help exclaiming.

Goddamn, the man took off her...

William's long finger was hanging on her veil, and his deep eyes were full of doubts.

When Vivian saw a handsome man who was just staring at her veil, she felt that she was going to be crazy. Her voice was just squeezed out of her teeth, "William, how dare you to see it again???"

She really wanted to cry. This new lingerie was given by Selina. She used to store it at the bottom of a suitcase but today she washed all her clothes. She found that she didn't have any clothes, so she had to take it out for emergency.

Then William came.

"So you went out in two strings today." There was a tinge of danger in his hoarse voice.

Thinking that Vivian had been wearing this thing for a whole day, which could not even count as cloth, he was very angry.

"No, no, I have leggings! Don't you know? "

She was really afraid of the way he tortured her. Although she was unwilling, she replied honestly.

William's dark eyes flashed and said faintly, "I don't believe it."

"..." Vivian almost roared.

It was just that the man on her didn't give her a chance at all.

The domineering man came over and didn't allow her to flinch. While she was in a daze, his slender thighs squeezed into her legs.

Vivian took a breath of cool air and stared at the man angrily. Is he a barbarian? How can he come in without saying a word?

William also seemed to be not very well, and there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He leaned against her ear and said, "Relax, do you want to protest in this way?"

Vivian was nervous and her leg clamped tightly.

William seemed to have received the signal, regardless of anything and started the action, "I respect your feelings."

"Ah..." Vivian wanted to cry. Her hands were tied by him and she couldn't get rid of the man.

She didn't know if William was really angry, or if he just wanted to torture her.

With the prop of the sofa, Vivian posed in various positions. Sometimes, she had to press the sofa with her elbow, sometimes she had to lie on the cushion, sometimes she had to sit on his leg.

"William, be gentle..."

At last, Vivian's voice became hoarse and weak. She didn't know how many times she had cried. Unfortunately, the men was like tireless machines. He attacked and attacked again.

Vivian was like grass in the wind and rain. She was leaning around and had no attachment. She could only passively bear the joy that would drown her.

Sleepless all night.

When the Sun rose, Vivian woke up from her bed and found that she had returned to her bedroom, but the place beside her was already empty.

The dazzling sunlight refracted in through the curtain, falling on her fingertips, which was like starlight jumping in her hands.

Vivian looked a little distracted, and suddenly she sighed. She was like a corpse staring at the ceiling.

He had come to see her several times in the evening. In the end, there were only two results.

Either she succeeded in pissing him off, or she sacrificed her body.

The more so, the more confused she was.

This uncontrolled feeling made her crazy.

Someone knocked the door hard for several times.

"Vivi, open the door quickly."

Hearing the sound, she was not in the mood to be sentimental any more. She sat up from the bed and was about to get out of the bed. When she lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, her legs kept shaking. She almost knelt on the ground.

"William, you bastard," she said in a low voice.

Vivian hurriedly put on a pajama and went to the door. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked at the sofa.

She almost forgot her dress, which was still on it.

Her face turned red, and got back again.

The person outside the door seemed to be impatient, and said in a tone of displeasure, "Vivian, are you going to leave your family and children behind? Is there a man hidden in the room?"

Another small voice, "What's that means, auntie?"

Vivian almost fell to the ground. What is she talking about? Roe was still too young to know about it. She quickly wrapped the clothes with cushions and threw them into the wardrobe.

Then she opened the door as if nothing happened.

"Selina? And Roe!"

Although Vivian tried hard to pretend that she had just got up, but Selina was so sensitive, how could she not see her deliberately depressed breath? "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." Vivian pretended not to hear her words, held Roe's little hand and led him into the room.

"Mom, it's almost noon." Roe said.

Vivian touched his lovely little head and said softly, "Mom was too tired yesterday. Have you eaten?"

"Auntie has taken me to eat." Roe patted his round belly and said.

"Well." Vivian led Roe to the sofa and sat down.

"Vivi, tell me, yesterday..."

Vivian interrupted her friend's meaningful question and said seriously, "Selina, Roe is still here."

So Selina snorted and said nothing and went to the sofa.

And then she was asking again, "Vivi, where is your sofa mat?"

This set of sofa cushions was bought with her. She came here yesterday.

"Oh, the mat is a little dirty. I've washed it." Vivian's face became a little red and she pretended to be calm.

"You've wash it?" She raised her eyebrows and said, "Show me, I want to go and have a look at the design. I didn't see it clearly last time, and I also want to buy one."

Vivian immediately stopped her and said anxiously, "I sent it to the dry cleaner."

Selina reached for Vivian's forehead and asked exaggeratively, "Do you have a fever? You looked strange today."

"It's OK. I just feel a little hot. Take a seat first. I'll go to wash my face and brush my teeth." Finish saying, Vivian rushed into the bathroom.

The smile on Selina's face was getting 'obscene'.

If she thought about it and she could knew what she experienced yesterday.

She didn't expect that William was such an open man.

It's true that men cannot be judged by their looks.

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