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"I know you are the best! I know you won't refuse my little request. You are not angry with me, are you, Vivi?"

Hearing Vivian's promise, Angie's angry expression immediately turned into a smiling face.

"No." Vivian gave a reluctant smile, only she knew how reluctant she was.

"Then, I'll wait for your good news." Angie blinked and said.

"Well." Vivian nodded.


"Are you crazy?"

Selina wanted to take a shovel and open her head to see if she had stuffed cotton.

That little bitch was trying to use Vivian's kindness. What made her angry was that Vivian agreed.

"It's not a big deal..." Vivian's voice was getting smaller and smaller in her fierce eyes, and finally she lost her voice.

Selina suddenly let out a soft voice and shouted, "Vivi..."

"Yeah?" Vivian looked puzzled.

"The brain is a good stuff." Selina continued.

So what? Vivian's eyes was full of doubts.

"That's why you agreed to it because you are nuts." Selina walked to Vivian in several steps, and wanted to poke her forehead. After thinking that it would cheapen herself, she didn't do that.

"I am not." Vivian answered in a small voice.

"Vivian, what did you say?" How can a person be fooled into doing such things?

Vivian stopped talking. She knew that Selina was worried about herself, but she really couldn't refuse Angie, not only because Angie was her friend, but also because she felt guilty.

"I really don't know why you would promise her. You and William have been together for three years. I just turn a blind eye on you. Because both of you are single. I'm not sure if you would stay with him."

With a sigh, Selina leaned on the sofa with softly, and stared at the ceiling lamp with her charming eyes.

"I've known you for so many years, you are not the same as that of a normal person. I know why you agree, but Vivi, you don't need to feel guilty for that woman because you don't owe her anything."

"You understand?" she said, turning to the woman beside her.

Vivian looked at Selina's serious eyes and nodded, "I understand."

"Well. You can put it off." She hoped it wouldn't be a mere waste of breath.

Vivian shook her head. "This is the last thing I promise her, Selina."

"Whatever! I'm going to have a rest." Selina shook her head and walked into her room. When she came to the door, she paused.

She left a sentence without turning her head, "Vivi, if you do not want to, then learn to refuse, otherwise, it only injures yourself."

Vivian went rigid, heard a soft sound of closing the door, and then sat back with decadence.

She understood that she didn't need to feel guilty about Angie only if she broke off with William. At present, she couldn't do that with a clear conscience.

In the quiet living room, there was only her lonely back under the light, and she had nowhere to escape.

After a long time, Vivian walked to another room with her tired body.

In the dark room, there was only a glimmer of light at the head of the bed, which made the childish face more and more pure.

He is the only salvation and support in her heart.

Vivian went to the bedside and sat down. She reached out her hand and stroked the hair on his forehead. She looked at her peaceful sleeping face with tender eyes. Her heart had already melted.

It's a pity that she couldn't stay tonight.

Vivian leaned down to kiss his white and clean forehead and whispered, "Good night, have a nice dream, Roe."

It was almost 12 o'clock when she came back from Selina's apartment.

Vivian suddenly remembered that she haven't make a phone call to John. She was quickly rummaging around in her bag for her mobile phone, only to find that it had no power and was off.

She patted her head with some chagrin. She didn't know what she was thinking every day.

She had better go back to charge and sent a message to John.

Vivian hasn't entered the elevator yet, a tall man came out of the shadow of the door, holding a paper box in his arms.

"Vivi, you are back."

"John, why are you here?" Vivian was shocked.

"Because your cell phone is off, I am waiting for you here." John said.

"Are you waiting for me? You don't have to come back so late. My cell phone is out of power, so I'm sorry." Vivian didn't expect John would wait for her at all, and he waited until 12 p.m.

"It's OK. I'm relieved to see you back. This is your box. I've sent it back to you." John's smile was like the warm sun in winter, which made people warm.

Vivian's eyes were getting a little wet, "John, you don't have to wait for me here. I can get it tomorrow."

His concern let her heart feel uncomfortable.

Silent cry in her heart.

--What are you doing, Vivian? You are not only getting off with William, but also let John to worry about you all the time.

"It's OK. I'm relieved to see you back." What he didn't tell Vivian was that he had called her more than 30 times, and every time he heard a cold mechanical response.

How worried he was. But it didn't matter, as long as she came back safely.

"Thank you, John."

Vivian took over the cardboard box in his hand and urged him, "Come back to have a rest since it's so late. We can go out to eat tomorrow and I'll pay the bill. I'm really sorry."

She could not look at his eyes because she was afraid to let him see the guilt in her eyes, which would only make him more embarrassed.

"Well," John paused and nodded slowly, "have a good night, Vivi."

"Ok." Vivian watched him get on the car and leave, she then turned back to her room.

But every step seemed so heavy, like pulling a heavy iron stone, which was so heavy that she could hardly breathe.

Vivian took out the key from her bag absently, but before it was inserted into the door, suddenly she heard a cold voice behind her.

"Vivian, you really impress me recently. Since you are so reluctant, why don't you bring him back, huh?"

Vivian clutched the key in her hand, her fingertips went blue because of exertion, which lasted for less than two seconds.

She continued to open the door as if nothing had happened, "It has nothing to do with you."

It has nothing to do with me? Well. William's deep eyes glowed with cold light. When Vivian entered the door, he pulled her in and kicked the door by the way.

The bang of closing the door resounded in Vivian's ears for a long time.

She looked up angrily at the man in front of her, "What are you doing, William?"

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