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"Vivi, you are so slow. I have been waiting for you for five minutes." Angie pouted as if she was coquetting or complaining.

"There's a traffic jam on the way. I'm sorry." explained Vivian.

"Come on, sit down quickly. I have something to tell you." Angie didn't care about it.

Vivian pulled out the chair and sat down, "Angie, what's the matter with you for calling me in such a hurry?"

The waiter came to order. She just asked for a glass of boiled water.

Angie was immersed in her own thoughts. Holding the spoon in her fingers, Angie stirred the coffee in this cup for a while. She said sadly on her face, "Vivian, you know that William is going to be engaged to me."

Vivian paused and nodded lightly, "Yeah."

It's because she knew that she would be naive to get drunk. Unexpectedly, she was drunk, and accidentally slept with William.

"But I still feel unhappy, and the feeling was getting more and more uncomfortable."

Angie sighed and looked at her with her chin in hands, "After William announced our engagement that day, I waited all night and then there was nothing happen."

"Didn't you call him?" Vivian didn't want to hear anything about William and Angie, but Angie is her good friend and she can't refuse the talk.

"How can I make a phone call? I wouldn't do that as I'm a woman." Angie said plaintively, "I can only tell you about it. Only you can understand me."

"Angie, since William said he would be engaged to you, he should not break his promise." Every time Vivian said a word, her heart ached.

Sometimes she would also wonder whether she had the tendency of self-abuse, obviously she was very uncomfortable, but she could just pretend to be indifferent.

"I was confident when I was in college, but it's hard for me to catch his heart now. Vivi, I'm really afraid that William loves others."

As a proud girl, she also had something that she can't say. Those flattering 'friends' around her are obviously ready to laugh at her.

So every time she had something on her mind, she could only tell it to Vivi.

Vivian didn't know how to comfort Angie, so she could only keep silent.

The waiter just brought a glass of water and stopped their conversation.

As soon as he left, Angie began to say, "Vivi, I came to see William today. He was late for work for the first time."

"Really?" Vivian unconsciously tightened her hands on the cup.

"You don't know how important the work is to William, and he still has an important file to deal with. Who do you think can make him do not even care about his work?"

No, no, she knew how much William cared about his office. He can let go of anything but work, and he didn't even care about her illness years ago, which he never knew.

So she didn't believe that William was late because of herself. He must have been delayed because of other things.

Vivian took a drink with the cup, moistened her dry throat, and said, "Men are all career oriented, and will certainly be negligent."

"Vivi, how can you speak for him? I am your good friends." Angie said unhappily.

Vivian put down the cup and looked out of the window at the sunshine with her limpid eyes. No one knew what she was thinking. "Angie, since you are all together, give each other some confidence. He should be a man who pays attention to commitment."

"That said, but some shameless women just want excellent men. Now, she is still a woman I don't know. Every time I got tepid response. Wouldn't you worry about it if you were me?"

Angie released the spoon in her hand as if she was venting her anger.

There was a crisp sound between the spoon and the edge of the cup because of the collision.

Vivian's hands were numb because of the collision. Yes, she was getting off with William. She was a shameless woman in Angie's eyes.

But she didn't want to, she also wanted to break off all relations with William. Who is willing to listen to her opinion?

She never had the right to choose, nor the ability to end up.

"Vivi, what's the matter with you? You are strange today." Angie only thought about her unhappiness and later found that Vivian was very strange today.

Vivian drew back her eyes and smiled, "Nothing. I've always been like that."

"All right. But what I should do?" Seeing Vivian's expression, Angie didn't ask again, but turned the topic around her.

"I don't know..." To be honest, Vivian couldn't affect the man's decision at all.

Angie suddenly grabbed Vivian's hand and excitedly looked at her and said, "Vivi, I have an idea."

"What is it?" Vivian's was stupefied answering her.

"Could you help me to ask him? I know you're the best." Angie looked at her pathetically, as if she had committed a crime if she didn't agree.

Vivian suddenly felt a pain in her heart. To ask William?

Seeing Vivian keeping silence, Angie shook her arm and said in a cutesy voice, "You just need to know whether he has an affair with another woman, please."

"I'm not get along well with him. Angie, let someone else ask." She couldn't be so calm anymore.

"How could it be? We met William together when we were in the college. He should still know about you though you haven't got on to him these years."

Vivian pretended to be calm and said in a normal tone, "Angie, it's not appropriate for me to ask as an outsider."

"You just don't want to help me. You say that you would be good to me. Now you just don't help me."

Angie angrily released Vivian's hand.

Vivian opened his mouth but didn't know how to explain it.

"I'm so sad. Am I still your good friend?" Angie thought Vivian would agree without hesitation. Unexpectedly, she was still indifferent.

"Angie, I can help you with other things. I really can't do this..."

Angie didn't wait for Vivian to finish her words and interrupted her directly. "What you said is just an excuse. You didn't help me at all. So you didn't really regard me as a friend."

Angie kept pressurizing her and Vivian's hand under the table kept loosing and tightening for several times, which made her calm down a little.

Vivian could heard her hard voice, "Ok, I promise you, Angie."

I promise you to ask the man how much he loves you.

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