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The shop assistant didn't expect that the old woman would hold her back. No matter how she struggled, it was useless.

She had not worked for a long time, nor had she experienced such a shrewd customer. Her eyes were red with anxiety. "Store manager, help me, this woman is crazy."

When the old woman heard the words "store manager", she immediately released the assistant's hand and said to Vivian fiercely.

"You are the store manager. I didn't expect you to be such a store manager. When there is such a big problem with your shoes, you, as the store manager, don't even ask."

"This lady, we apologize to you first. If there is any quality problem with the shoes you bought in our shop, we will check it and give you an explanation. I hope you can give us a few minutes."

Vivian said a sentence in a dignified way, but his eyes fell on Eileen, who was standing on the edge watching the bustle.

This time, as a deputy store manager, isn't it supposed to be her to appear and deal with it.

Eileen received Vivian's displeased eyes and slowly came over, pretending to explain, "manager, I really care about this matter, but this lady is calling for you. I can't be the owner as a deputy manager."

"I don't want any deputy store managers. I must find the store manager who is in charge of your business. If I don't give me a satisfactory explanation, I will call the police reporting that you cheat the consumers." The old woman reached for Vivian.

Vivian turned away and looked at the reluctant middle-aged woman with a slightly twisted brow. The polite tone remained the same. "Madam, we have promised you that if there is a problem with our shoes, we will replace them for you."

"What's problem with your shoes? It's your problem. See for yourself." She threw her shoes on the ground.

Vivian was not upset. She squatted down and picked up the shoes. She took a look at the damaged position that the woman said. There was a crack in the heel. You can't even notice it without looking carefully.

But for a brand store, what it sold was service and quality. This kind of slight damage should not appear, and it seemed that the damage was not intentionally made.

But the woman in front of her had bought the latest high-heeled shoes which were also very expensive in summer.

In addition to the shoes of this woman, they sold two pairs in their shop. The other pair was the one William gave her some time ago.

She didn't look down on this woman, but looked at her dress and behavior, not like a person who would buy the shoes that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

No matter how the shoes got into her hands, it was the fault of their staff. "I'm sorry, lady. This is our problem. We'll replace them for you. As a compensation, we will pay for this pair of shoes."

The old woman was shocked for a moment. She didn't expect Vivian to change her shoes so quickly. She didn't even need to pay for it. She looked at Eileen's direction unconsciously.

Eileen pretended not to know. She knocked her finger twice on her thigh.

The old woman immediately understood, "bang" and sat on the ground, and began to cry, "you cold-hearted people, finally admit that it's your shop's problem, and now order me to leave. It's not so simple. I need to call the police. I want to report you."

Vivian was keen to capture this detail, and her eyebrows are twisted deeper. It must have something to do with Eileen.

But there were too many onlookers. In order not to affect the customers in the store, she had to bear to say, "if you are not satisfied with anything, we can cooperate with you at any time."

She said to the person beside him, "Komastu, go and call the police."

"Yes, manager." Komastu was going to the front desk to make a phone call. The store manager was aggressive and looks at the woman on the ground.

Vivian's voice raised a little bit, and she said loudly to the woman and other people, "no matter which customer buys shoes from our store, if there is a problem within the warranty scope, we will give you a satisfactory answer."

Other people saw that Vivian was fair and generous, will not casually handled it because it was a brand store, but also felt that the women on the ground were making too much trouble.

The comments began to tilt to the other side.

"Lady there, didn't their store manager compensate you for a pair of shoes? And they didn't want your money. I don't think you should pursue any more."

"Yes, ma'am, you see the good attitude of the store manager. You should stop at the right time. Don't be too unreasonable to forgive others."

"That's right. I thought it was a big bully. Now it seems that the after-sales service of this store is really good."

The old woman felt hot and dry on her face, but she couldn't just let it go. If she really called the police, she would be even more afraid of bad ending.

"What's the matter? Why there are so many people around the door." An unhappy male voice rang out.

Eileen could not help brightened her eyes and said eagerly, "Tom, chief why are you here? The shop is in disorder now."

She wanted to call him Tommy, but she changed because she was afraid of being talked about.

Tom, who was arranged by the headquarters this time, was kind to Eileen, "what's the matter?"

Eileen took a hard look at the direction of Vivian and was about to speak, but saying nothing.

Tom understood as soon as he saw it, "Vivian, how do you manage the store? It's a small matter that makes the shop very smoky. I also heard that we need to call the police. Do you know how much this would affect our shop?"

If Vivian can't see that two people are acting, her career in recent years has been in vain. It's estimated that the women on the ground were also on their side.

In order to pull her down, she really took great pains, one plan after another.

Vivian looked at him with clear eyes and said, "I've done my best in this matter, chief. If this lady is unwilling, we can also go through legal procedures. What do you think?"

"You're trying to be reasonable. I saw your attitude just now. The head office asked me to assess your performance. I didn't expect you to treat customers like this." Tom winked at Eileen.

Eileen nodded her head imperceptibly, helped the woman up and said pitifully, "Lady, we have shocked you. We will give you a satisfactory answer. I hope you can understand."

She followed Eileen's words and pointed to Vivian's direction and said, "if you had this attitude earlier, I would not have blamed so much about you. You just deceived people too much."

Tom proudly instructed Vivian, "Apologize to the guest, and please let the caller hang up."

"Tom, I have explained to this lady, and shouldn't this pair of shoes be inspected by Miss Eileen, our deputy store manager?" Vivian emphasized the word "deputy".

By the way, she also reminded Eileen that she should be responsible for this matter. Vivian was the store manager so she had to come out to handle the situation.

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