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The man was so angry that he got up from the ground. There was a pain in his knee. Feeling humiliated, he stared at them with his eyes as if he was to eat them, "OK, you do have guts. I'll be back."

Selina held out a finger and shook it in front of the man and said, "No, no, you're wrong. We do not have guts. It's your mother who had gut to give birth to a shameless asshole."

"Hey!" The man was so angry, but he also knew that he couldn't beat the woman in front of him. He angrily turned around to leave, prepared to call helpers.

"I don't give a shit. Don't go back and cry for mom." Selina shouted.

The man angrily pushed the crowd away and walked to a group of men.

When the bartender saw this, he hurriedly said to the two of them, "Girls, you'd better go quickly, or you'll get into trouble. That man is hard to deal with."

"I don't wanna go back! I want to drink! Give me the wine." Vivian was shouting beside her. She didn't look quiet at all as usual.

Selina was good at drinking. Although the Rainbow had a strong delayed effect, she could still hold on. She knew she would be in trouble if she beat the man. Of course, she could leave safely.

But now it was better to leave with the little drunk. She shouldn't have overestimated herself.

Selina took out a stack of notes from her bag and put them on the table. She was about to leave with Vivian, "Vivi, let's go back first."

"I don't wanna go back! I want to drink! I don't wanna go back!" Vivian stubbornly sat on the bar, like a child constantly patting the table, let the bartender bring her wine.

Selina helplessly touched her forehead, knowing that Vivian had drunk too much, so she had to pull her and coaxed her and said, "Go back with me and we can continue to drink."

Vivian tilted her head, blinked and asked, "Really?"

"Yeah, yeah, let's go." Selina became a bit nervous, because she didn't expect that the man had brought a gang of helpers here.

"All right." Vivian grudgingly agreed.

Selina relieved. She was afraid that she could not take the little girl with her.

It was a pity that they were surrounded by the men before they got out of the bar.

"Good dogs don't stand in the way. You'd better get out of my way." Selina, holding shaky Vivian, said fiercely. She had no idea but she could not lose her vigor.

"Boss, this is the woman who kicked me."

"It's shameless of you to say that you were beaten by a woman. Get out of the way! But these two girls are 'top-grade goods'." The man, who was called boss, looked up and down at the two of them.

The best is really the best. When he enjoyed them and sold them to the nightclub, he could get a sum of money.

"Lady, don't do powerless resistance. Be obedient and I will not hurt you." As soon as he spoke, several men beside him also began to quarrel.

"Boss, they are really two beauties. Can you leave some 'soup' for us?"

"Boss, they are so nice. They made me itchy."

"Don't worry. When I enjoy them, you are indispensable... " His words hadn't over yet.

A fist waved over on his face. "Fuck you."

All the people who were going to watch the bustle around were stunned, and the originally bustling dance floor became quiet all at once.

Other men were also incredibly looking at the red-haired woman in front of them, she was so fierce.

The boss felt the pain from his chin, then stared at Selina angrily. The angry voice seemed to squeeze out from his teeth, "How dare you hit me! Guys, catch these two bitches."

"Yes, boss."

They were stunned for a while, then all were excited. Does this mean that they also have a chance?

Selina took a look at Vivian, who was still laughing, and sighed. She put Vivian on the bar. Before they rushed over, she did some warm-up exercises.

"Come if you want to die."

They all thought that they were just two weak women and didn't pay attention to them until they cried out, "Boss! It's killing me... "

Selina scornfully blew her fist and looked at other men and asked, "Come if you want to be a eunuch."

Several men saw the man rolling on the ground with some hesitation. He was really hurt.

"Garbage! You cannot catch even a woman. Come together." The boss reminded them, and those men suddenly woke up.

Yeah, there are many of them. How can a woman fight with so many men?

Selina didn't speak. She looked at the crowd with sharp eyes. She bent to avoid a man's fist. A right hook punched directly into the man's abdomen. The man snorted and covered his stomach without any strength to hit back.

It was easy for Selina to deal with several men.

Another man who was looking at Selina suddenly had an idea. When others were fighting with Selina, he sneaked to Vivian who was leaning on the table.

"You dare to move again, bitch. Don't blame me for being unkind to this woman." He pulled up Vivian and shouted proudly to Selina, who was fighting hard with the men.

He was breaking the wine bottle of the bar while he was saying, and put the sharp side against Vivian's face.

As soon as Selina saw that Vivian was under control, she didn't dare to act rashly. A phone call could end the matter. She still failed to do it.

The boss saw a big reversal of the situation and said with praise, "Good job."

"Thank you, boss." A flattering answer from the man.

Vivian frowned uncomfortably, she struggled regardless of the man, "Leave me alone!"

"Be quiet!" The man roared angrily.

Vivian didn't care so much. She just felt a bad smell around her, but she couldn't get rid of it. She said unhappily, "It's so smelly. How can you smell so bad? It's so disgusting."



If they were not dangerous now, Selina still wanted to laugh.

"Shut up, bitch." The man was said to be smelly in front of so many people. He suddenly felt humiliated. Holding the glass scum, he wanted to make a hole on Vivian's face.

"No!" Selina had no time to think about it, and subconsciously wanted to rush over and block it, but she was surrounded by people and couldn't get through at all.

Seeing that man was about to hurt her face, at this moment, a man clamped his wrist with one hand accurately, but he hadn't waited for his reaction.

The man's wrist bone clicked, and the wine bottle in the man's hand was also released, accompanied by a howl like a pig, "My hand, my hand was broken..."

In fact, it was not broken. It was just a fracture.

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