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After leaving the hospital, in Selina's curious eyes, Vivian made a phone call to John, asking him not to come to pick her up this evening, and told him that her friend would come to her.

John happened to have something to deal with, so he said a few words softly and they hung up.

"Vivi, is that man who proposed to you? His voice is so soft." Selina leaned over with a mischief look.

Vivian reached out her index finger and pushed her head back. "How can you not be a paparazzi if you gossip like this? Do you still want to go to the bar?"

"Yes! I'm gossip, but the paparazzi is too vulgar to meet my identity." Selina started the car and laughed, "Go to my house to change clothes first."


Vivian didn't know why she was so excited. Selina had been to every kind of bars. Actually, Selina was known as the queen of all the nightclubs in the city several years ago.

The location, the environment, and the price of the house that Selina rented were very high.

But she's not short of money, it doesn't matter.

"Selina, are you sure you want me to dress like this?" Vivian looked at herself in the mirror incredibly. The large brassiere was coming out, and the skirt was almost to the thigh root.

Can this kind of clothes be worn out?

"It's not so good. I'll find others for you." Selina thought that it was not suitable. Although this dress was very popular, her old man didn't seem to like such a woman.

"If you don't have normal clothes, I'll go back to change." The word "normal" had been accentuated by Vivian.

"No problem. I'm on the case."

Selina made an "OK" gesture, and picked out clothes from her wardrobe, which was full of clothes.

"Oh, this one is out of date."

"This one? No. Too old-fashioned."

"How could I have such vulgar clothes in my wardrobe?"

Finally, she picked out a piece of clothing in the wardrobe and handed it to Vivian. She proudly said, "This is the one that I used to fight in all directions and won numerous honors. Even now, it won't be out of date. Just wear it."

Vivian clenched her delicate fist and told herself to calm down. The woman beside her is a good friend who has played with her since childhood. Don't go on the road of crime because of impulse.

"Tell me how to wear this?" Vivian pinched the thin layer of yarn with her fingernails. No, it should be called "rags". She gnashed her teeth.

"Just wear it like this. How cute it is and how well it matches you. If it wasn't for you, I would still be reluctant to take it out. Don't abandon it. I just wore it several times."

Selina said with an enthusiastic expression. She didn't realize that Vivian was about to explode.

"Selina, the rabbit tail and rabbit ear headgear, do you want me to wear them?" At ordinary times, Vivian is a quiet and patient girl.

But when she met a friend who was unreliable, she would also go mad.

"Don't be angry. It's so cute." Selina widened her eyes, blinking innocently.

She did her best for her old man. How lovely the bunny is! He will definitely be shocked by her loveliness.

She would never admit that she wanted to avoid a terrible blind date.

"Wear it yourself, I'm leaving." Vivian was going out.

"Well, I'll get you the normal one, I promise." Selina looked at Vivian's distrustful eyes and puffed out her "big bosom".

"This is the last chance." Vivian responded with a snort.

Selina nodded fiercely and took out a skirt from her wardrobe and handed it to her. "This skirt is too conservative. I didn't wear it even when I bought it. You can see that the label is still there. It's suitable for a good woman like you."

Vivian's mouth was twitching. Selina had prepared her clothes early and was playing with her on purpose. She was careless in making friends. Let that pass. For the sake of years of revolutionary friendship, she wouldn't care.

However, this dress was really good. The tag was still there, the dress was in champagne color, off shoulder, with thin shoulder straps. It looked quite normal.

It's conservative for Selina to wear it as usual.

"It would have been better to have done so." Vivian took it and went to the bathroom to change it.

She didn't see Selina's tricky smile.

Wow, she was really smart. If she took out this dress early, Vivian would definitely not like to wear it. Compared with those clothes, this one looked very "conservative".

When Vivian put on her clothes and came out, she still felt uncomfortable. "Selina, I feel a little chilly."

"Well, it's summer and it's not cool at all." Selina said innocently with a pure expression.

Really? Vivian looked down at the skirt that can cover her thighs. It's a corset design and off shoulder, but there are still a small V-neck in the middle. Although it didn't reveal much, others can still see it when bending down.

"No other clothes?"

"No, it's the most suitable. Otherwise, you can change the first two?" Selina shrugged.

Vivian bit her lips slightly, "OK, that's it."

It was not so revealing and she could accept it.

"Let's get ready to go."

Selina has always been very bold in her clothes. She had long red wavy hair and wore tight leather pants, which flattered her long legs, thin waist, and her hot hips.

White one shoulder T-shirt, to the waist, showing her snow skin. Cloth that near the chest had also been cut off, alluring, men who saw it would definitely spray nosebleed.

But she didn't care.

"Where shall we go?" Vivian zoned out for a moment when she watched Selina's dress. If Grace had not left eight years ago, Selina would not have suddenly changed.

"City Without Night, of course." A natural answer.

City Without Night is also called "the enchanting cave". It's a paradise for men and an opportunity for women. It's a place where most of the rich men in the city gather and spend money like water.

As long as you have money, as long as you are good-looking, as long as you can afford to play, it's not a big deal to get rich overnight, of course, you may never come back.

"Can't you change a place?" Vivian frowned slightly.

"Let's go. It's OK." Selina hung a small sachet and pushed Vivian out.

Vivian knew it was useless to talk about it again, so she had to follow her downstairs.

Unconsciously, it was already ten o'clock in the evening, and it was also the time for fun.

Selina left her precious car to the parking boy, and swaggered into the City Without Night with Vivian.

She paid money to inquire. Her elder brother was here to do business with people. Men are like that. They can't resist power, money, and attractive women.

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