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"Don't play this with me. Hurry up." Selina said so, but the expression on her face was soft.

When she was little, she knew that Vivi was a quiet little girl who didn't like to cry. At that time, although she was careless, she still had a little envy in her heart.

Later, after years of countless proof, quiet was nonexistent. The grow-up environment may suppress the nature of Vivi. When being with her, Vivi began to be lively.

Alas, time is merciless.

"All right, all right." Vivian knew Selina's character and told her the story of yesterday honestly.

Selina felt his sharp chin, tut-tutted, "so yesterday that bastard saved you?"

He was also a man with strong practical ability. I can't see that William was also a man who can hit people.

"Yes." Vivian nodded and asked, " Selina, how do you know I'm in the hospital?"

"Oh, I went to the shop to look for you. I wanted to ask my son's height and buy some clothes. I came here when I heard you were in the hospital." Selina replied truthfully.

"Roe has a lot of clothes. We don't need to buy them. We can go there tomorrow. Do you have any spare rooms?" Vivian planned to take Roe over and accompanied him well.

Anyway, William will not look for her in the future. Even if he did, just finish the task.

"Of course, there are two rooms and one hall in the senior apartment, or you can move in together." Said Selina with a wink.

"It's impossible to live often. It's OK to go occasionally, but you have to contact a school." Their genius was also a master of studying.

"I'll take care of this little thing. It's my son, anyway." Selina clapped his chest.

"Then thank you." Vivian didn't need to be courteous.

"Here you are again, what kind words to say." When it was still early, Selina found a place to sit down lazily and noticed a detail: "Vivi, when are you willing to stay in the advanced ward?"

Vivian was silent for a while, and asked in a quiet way, "do you think it's possible?"

"..." It seemed impossible, so this room should be arranged by William.

When Selina saw the sad appearance of Vivian, her eyes turned viciously and pretended to say, "Vivi, you're almost better anyway. Why don't you play with me in the evening?"

"Where are you going to play..." According to the bad memories in the past, Vivian asked cautiously.

When she was a kid, she was always encouraged to do strange thing like this. Every time she came off, it was memorable and should be unforgettable.

Selina made a sad expression and said, "Oh, the look of your face is really breaking my heart."

" Selina, how many years have we known each other? Is that good?" Vivian picked brow unswervingly. This was not the first time she had seen Selina's acting like this.

" Vivi you make my heart ache too much. I didn't expect you to be so heartless." " Selina gave a grunt and said unwillingly," Accompany me to the bar tonight. "

"No." The clean refusal of Vivian.

Selina asked discontentedly, "why?"

"You know..." Later, Vivian didn't say anything.

Selina suddenly knew it. "Vivi, you mean that you don't drink well? Don't worry, I'll be there."

Vivian's face was thin and red. "I won't go anyway."

She didn't know how to drink. She could also drink a little. But when she drunk too much, she couldn't control the herself. When she woke up, she couldn't remember clearly. Only after someone recorded it, would she know what it's like to drink.

Since then, she would never been drunk again.

"Ah, it's very sad to ask me to go to such a place where the good and the bad mixed together. If I drink too much, I don't even have a person to carry them back." Selina said, and raised her hand to wipe a tear.

A group of crows flew over Vivian's head, unable to stand the coax and pester unceasingly of Selina, so she could only accept, "I will accompany you, but I will not drink."

"Don't worry, don't worry, we don't drink, just play and feel it." Selina thought that every miller draws water to his own mills. Although someone proposed to Vivi, Vivi didn't accept.

The thirty-five old man at home had not been settled yet. Her father told that whoever sold the other one out first can avoid dating.

According to her father 's high-pressure policy, she decided to introduce the old man to Vivi.

Although the old man was her eldest brother, and his character was a little cold, there was no problem in three outlooks. He will not flirt with others or go out to drink with whore. The most important thing is his sense of responsibility.

There was no secular set, and he would not care about the child Vivi had.

"Selina, why do I feel schemed?" Vivian shivers inexplicably.

Selina gave a pair of sincere eyes to look at Vivian. "Illusions, these are illusions."

Vivian felt more puzzled. She always felt that she had been on a ship of robbers, but she had already promised it, and it was hard to repent. "In the evening, I'll tell my friend first and then I'll go with you."

"Who, that friend, you won't call that Angie, right?" If she called that woman to go, she would never agree.

"No, but Selina why do you not like Angie so much?" It's hard for Vivian to figure it out. It looked hard to get close to Selina, but she was not a person who hated others for no reason.

"That woman is too annoying, and don't you feel uncomfortable?" she said with a frown.

"Well, Angie is a little grumpy, but she is not bad." This was not the view of Vivian.

"You are so stupid. You'll know clearly in the future." Selina didn't explain it either. When Vivian realized it, she would understand how much the woman's mind is.

If people were not bad, would they deliberately say that in front of Vivi, which was to stir up the feelings between her and Vivi?

Fortunately, Vivi was not such a silly woman.

Vivian followed Selina to the toll counter to discharge and was told that the medical expenses had been settled.

They looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

"It's so good for someone to pay." Selina looked at Vivian's "exterminating abbess" clothes and said, "Forget it. Call your friend first, and then go to my house to change a dress."

"Change clothes. I'll just go back home and change." Vivian also knew that the clothes she was wearing were not suitable for going to that place.

"Leave your clothes for grandma." Selina's rude words.

" Selina, it's not as exaggerated as you said." Her clothes were just a little professional.

"You're right to listen to me." Selina decided directly.

Vivian had no choice but to agree.

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