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Maybe it was because of day's big sun. When Vivian stood outside for a few minutes, she felt dizzy and weak.

The more she went ahead, the whiter her face was, and the big sweat on her forehead was also falling, and her eye turned black.

What can she do? Her head was so dizzy.

Vivian faintly fell straight to the ground and seemed to hear Komastu and others in a trance.

"Manager, what's wrong with you?"

"Call an ambulance quickly. The store manager seems to have fainted."

"My God, the store manager's face is so white."

Vivian woke up in the hospital, and her gorgeous fainting scared a group of people.

There were also William and Angie who came back from dinner. She really wanted to sigh at this cruel world. Why couldn't God just let her go.

"Doctor, what's the matter? Why my friend hasn't woke up." Angie asked beside.

The doctor explained," she should be awake. Maybe she is weak. Young people should not work hard. Health comes first. "

"The store manager is too hard. She is the last one in the peak season of the store."

"That's why our store has the best performance in the store."

William looked at the white and bloodless woman on the bed with his lips pursed, curling up her eyelashes with a light tremor, which showed the fact that she had woken up.

A woman who was obviously not in good health but still flaunted herself.

Suddenly the door of the ward was opened again, and a wind blew. A woman ran in and saw Vivian lying on the bed. Her face changed immediately. She shouted at the chattering crowd, "Shut up, don't you see that Vivian still needs to rest?"

When they saw the fierce women staring at them, they were a little frightened, and there were still some unspeakable embarrassments on their faces.

The store manager really needed to rest. They seemed to be making some noise.

"Well, let's go back first. If the store manager wakes up, please tell her that she doesn't need to worry about the works in the store. Let's go back first." Komatsu pushed the others to the door.

When they met this terrible woman, everyone else left.

Angie was very surprised to see a person, "Selina, why do you come back."

Selina glanced at Angie and William, and responded lukewarmly, "I just come back, a short time ago."

In her heart, she silently set up an international common gesture-middle finger, plus a sentence- bitch couple!!

When Vivian heard the roar of a lioness, she knew that Selina had come. Who told her about this? Vivian knew that she had a bad temper and was afraid of something wrong. She could only pretend to wake up quietly, "Why am I here?"

"Oh, you wake up. It looks like you're not dead yet." Selina glared at Vivian for a second. She was alive yesterday and she was in the hospital today. Should she buy a wreath in a few days?

Bah, bah, children and fools spoke the truth.

"Selina, how can you say that? She is just too tired, so she is suffering from heatstroke." Angie went to the front step and said.

Since knowing that Selina is a good friend of Vivian, she had a little dislike of this woman. No matter where she went, others would always follow her lead.

But no matter in what occasions she met this woman called Selina, she would become a minor role, which made her very upset, but their backgrounds were neck-and-neck, and she couldn't act too obviously.

"She deserves this. She has it coming." Selina was not polite at all. She is not interested in flattering her. A woman can be highly likely to what the other woman is thinking. She must be a green tea bitch and pretend to be a fake one.

Why Vivi would know such a person and can be a good friend? Of course, she wouldn't interfere much, so long as this woman didn't provoke her.

Angie defended Vivian against an injustice. She said angrily, "Why are you so..."

Seeing that Selina was ready to scold again, Vivian said, "Angie, Selina, I'm ok. It's just heatstroke. I Just need a rest."

Seeing that Vivian was still defending Selina, Angie pouted and didn't speak. She looked at William pitifully and said, "am I annoying? "

Selina turned a supercilious look. How could there be such a woman who needed a spanking? Who said she was annoying? It was not the way to find the sense of existence.

She looked at William maliciously to see how the man would deal with it. His taste was not food for that he had found an annoying girlfriend.

William received Selina's provocative eyes, and his deep dark eyes sunk. He lightly said, "I will have a court session in the afternoon. Do you want to go back or stay here?"

Selina gave a goblin-like laugh. "Oh, our lawyer William is busy. Goodbye. Take care. "

Angie's face was green and red. Selina was absolutely laughing at her for wasting her time. At lunch time, William said that he would be busy in the afternoon, and it was not good to let him stay. She couldn't stay when facing Selina.

" William, wait for me. I'll be with you."

Turning to Vivian, she said, "Vivi, I'm sorry. I have something else to deal with. I'll see you later."

"It's fine. Angie." Vivian didn't care about the answer, and she slightly turned her face away, to avoid that cold line of sight.

"Well, then take a good rest." After Angie said that, she held her head towards Selina and followed William away.

As soon as the two people left, Selina said with angry, "look at that Vivi. Look at that. This is your friend, the bastard you like."

If Vivi were not here, she would have started to clean up the noisy woman.

"Selina calm down, calm down, women easily get old when being angry." Vivian joked, half leaning on the head of the bed.

"So, what. How can I, a young and beautiful girl, become old?" Said Selina disdainfully.

"Ok, ok, you are the most beautiful, the most beautiful girl."

Selina looked at Vivian who gave a look of coaxing children, puffed her cheeks discontentedly and looked like a beautiful frog. But when Selina looked at Vivian's face for a few more times, her eyes suddenly became fierce.

"Vivian, how did you get the injury on your face?" Selina roared.

Vivian said with a guilty conscience, " Selina, you don't get excited. Calm down, this is the hospital."

She thought she had cheated Angie, and Selina would never find out. Although she thought so, she still felt warm.

Selina pointed at her head angrily and said, "you are a fool. You still smile so stupidly when you are beaten."

" Selina, I know you care about me, but I'm fine." Vivian smiled.

Selina was a little uneasy with Vivian's smile, her face was slightly red, her neck was stiffed, and she pretended not to care, "Care about you? You are under my protection. I will kill the one who do this to you."

"Well, Selina is best for me." Vivian, holding Selina's hand, said with a smile.

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