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"Vivi, as long as you don't refuse my pursuit, I believe that the person who accompanies you in the end will be me." John said without flinching.

Vivian can only agree with what John said. Thinking of grandma's advice and Roe's eager eyes, she was not living for her own. She would be a good husband and a good father.

She was willing to try, "Okay, I promise."

"It's so nice, Vivi." John said happily, he always felt that he was worried and anxious, and now he became bright in a short while.

"In order to make up for my mistake yesterday, I have to pay for this meal today." Vivian said deliberately with a sad face.

"Well, I'll listen to you." John said with a silly smile.

Vivian looked at John and can't help chuckling out. John's smile was bigger.

Vivian did not know that his happy smile was seen by the other two people.

"William, do you see how happy Vivi is? I think that John is pretty good and pretty match with Vivi." Angie just walked to shop here with William. Unexpectedly, she saw Vivi drinking coffee with John from afar.

Although she didn't know what they were talking about, but looking at the harmonious atmosphere, she thought they may have a good talk.

Yesterday, John even booked the whole Blue Bay Hotel to propose to Vivi. Angie could not help looking at the cold man beside her. If only William could propose to her.

William's cold and handsome face was quite calm. It seemed that it was a stranger's affair. He said lightly, "Yes."

Another man, who stayed up all night, felt a little cold in his heart. Those who provoked him could not feel better.

"William, shall we go over and say hello?" Angie talked about it just for politeness. Of course, she preferred to get along with him alone.

"Let's go and have a look."

William raised his hand to hold Angie in his arms, raised a faint smile around his mouth, and raised his feet towards the direction of Vivian.

Angie followed William's footsteps in a daze. She was still unresponsive to the sudden happiness and felt slightly excited.

William even held her on his own initiative. Is this a sign of reconciliation?

Angie was in a very excited mood. In William's arm, she was like an obedient daughter-in-law who follows William's steps obediently.

"Vivi, you aren't being a good friend. You don't tell me such big news. Would I be the last one to know this until you get married?"

Vivian looked blankly at the intimate men and women coming closer and closer. He still looked so energetic and powerful...

John gently grasped Vivian's delicate hand and didn't want her to hurt herself. He said with a smile on her face, "Angie, your news is so fast. I proposed to Vivi, but she hasn't agreed yet."

"But I'll work hard for a while, and I'm sure she will agree." John said and looked at the indifferent man.

"Vivi, why don't you agree? He is so nice to you." Asked Angie.

Vivian said awkwardly, "I'm just not ready for it."

"It seems that we're going to take you a step first." William's word surprised everyone, including Vivian.

William seemed to be very satisfied with their expression. He raised his mouth towards Angie, who had not yet recovered, and asked lightly, "Angie, would you like to be engaged to me?"

Although he used interrogative sentences, his tone was firm.

As expected, Angie was stunned for a second, and replied in ecstasy, "I will."

How could she have imagined that William would suddenly propose to her in this place. Although it's only engagement, it's no difference with the proposal, isn't it?

Vivian 's face turned white, but no one could see it because when she came out, she put on a light make-up.

She soon calmed down, forced a smile out of her face, and whispered, "Angie, congratulations."

"Ha-ha, thank you, but you must come to help me at the time we are engaged." Angie was very excited now. There was only one idea in her mind.

She will be engaged to William soon.

"Ok." No one knew how hard it is for Vivian to answer. He was engaged to Angie so soon.

It's so fast that had caught her by surprise. She even thought that William's condition yesterday was due to a little care about her.

It's so ridiculous.

"William, what's the date of your engagement? I haven't seen your uncle or aunt yet. I can't be careless for my first engagement." Angie kept saying something to William.

Vivian couldn't hear the conversation between the two of them clearly, and the sleepless night had made her feel dizzy.

"It seems that you have many things to do. If you need any help, please call me. We don't disturb you anymore." John had seen Vivian's uncomfortable appearance, and then took her cold little hand and said.

"Well, then do your things." Angie was focus on William, so she didn't see the difference of Vivian.

Vivian nodded slightly, looked at John gratefully, and followed him away.

"William, what are you thinking about? Why don't you answer me?" She said so many things, but William didn't respond at all.

"Let's talk about engagement. Let's go to dinner." William's black eyes are half closed, which makes people unable to see the mood swings from his dark ink-dark eyes.

"But..." Angie still wanted to say something. But when her sight just touched William's deep dark eyes, she swallowed the words back.

William looked strange. Isn't him the one to say that he wants to be engaged? How can he behave so coldly?

Although Angie was confused, she didn't ask. She was happy to be engaged to William, but how could he just let a girl keep talking.

Out of the coffee shop, Vivian said, " John, thank you."

"It's just a small thing, Vivi. You look like you need a rest." John looked at Vivian, who was not resting well, and said with worry.

"I'm ok. Maybe I've had a cup of coffee. My stomach is uncomfortable. It's OK. I'll be all right in a while." Vivian shook his head and said.

John suggested, "Well, we just had coffee. Let me take you to dinner."

"Um." John had just avoided the embarrassment for her, so Vivian cannot refuse this simple invitation.

After dinner, John sent Vivian back to the shop. He wasted half a day in the morning. Now he had to go back to deal with business affairs. Before leaving, he asked Vivian to wait for him after work.

Vivian couldn't talk him round and can only complied and watched him leave.

When his car disappeared in the traffic, Vivian turned back to the store.

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