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"And the second thing?" Vivian looked at William hopefully with her big, bright eyes.

If the two remaining conditions are as simple as the first one, doesn't it mean that she will be able to cash the money soon?

William's eyes were dark as ink, with a hint of unidentified dark light. "Vivian, are you short of money?"

He remembered that in the past three years, a fixed amount of money was put into her card every month, except for the supplementary card he gave her, and she should not be short of money notionally.

As he knew, Vivian had been with him for three years, and the supplementary card had not been used once.

Vivian was stared at by William's cold dark eyes. She felt nervous and said, "I...I want to buy a bigger house and live with my grandmother."

William knew that she had an old grandmother in the countryside. It was not strange for Vivian to have such an idea. However, "what kind of house do you want to buy that needs $700,000?"

Although the house price in Jin'an was very high, $300,000 or $400,000 was enough to buy a house with good location and environment. It needed not cost so much money at all.

"Well, since you want to know, I'll let you know." Vivian suddenly had an idea, but this excuse may make that man...

But she couldn't care that much now. Looking up at him, she said casually, "William, I just don't reconcile to leave. After all, I've been with you for three years. Although it's a bed companion relationship, you should pay for my hard work."

William listened to Vivian's casual explanation, his eyes were slightly tightened, and words from his cold and thin lips were sharper than the blade. "Vivian, you are really cheap."

It was clear that she couldn't bear the pain in her heart, but the sharper the pain was, the calmer she had to pretend, "cheap? I don't think so. After all, not everyone's three years is worth $700,000, isn't it? William. "

William's heart contracted for a while, the thick eyebrows of the sword closed together, and his indifferent face was even colder.

"Vivian, you'd better remember what you said."

"As long as you put forward those two requirements quickly, I will disappear and never disturb you and Angie. Anyway, Angie is my good friend" Vivian's words were free and easy, and even annoying.

"You don't deserve it." William left a word, suddenly stood up from the sofa, turn away coldly.

Vivian looked at William's back in silence. If William turned back at this moment, he would surely see the sadness in her eyes, which seems that the most vulnerable part of her heart was broken.

"Bang", the door of the apartment was closed hard, and the living room was quiet again.

Vivian curled up her mouth, smiled at himself, leant his head on the sofa, covered his eyes with one hand, and said silently in his heart, "Vivian, Vivian, your acting skills are awfully serious. It's awfully perfect."

Slowly, two lines of tears from the fingers of the slit, silent slid.

William should start to hate her. Such a greedy and the shameless woman even was in love with her friend's boyfriend. Everyone would feel despised.

It's just as well. It's just as well.

But why her eyes were crying.

Vivian didn't know what she was thinking, or she can't think of anything, just like a puppet.

In this way, Vivian sat alone on the sofa, opened eyes till the dawn, just like a person who was all right, got up from the sofa and calmly went to bathroom to wash.

Seeing the haggard woman in the mirror holding a pair of red eyes, she still tried to smile, but after trying hard for a long time, she still couldn't smile, and could only stop.

Life still needs to go on, money still needs to be earned. Vivian was like a person who was all right. She put on a light make-up to cover up the scars on her face, and then let her hair down to cover the puffiness on her forehead.

She was in a smart business dress. If you didn't look carefully, she was still a woman with a lot of energy and charisma.

When Vivian saw the closed shop door, she found that she had got up so early. Oh, she didn't sleep all night.

She didn't know how angry that man would be when he went back.

Why does she think of him again?

Vivian patted his cheek to wake herself up. It was still early. She simply found a place to eat breakfast.

Now there was still another problem, John.

The gentle man she can't hurt. It seemed that she had to use yesterday's method.

She had been a bad guy twice in two day. No one can match her.

At noon, when it was Vivian's turn to have a rest, she was about to call him. Komastu ran in excitedly and said to her, "Manager, manager, your boyfriend has come to see you for dinner."

Vivian followed him to a quiet coffee shop, which she asked for.

Looking at the tired John in front of her, Vivian was very guilty. After hesitating for a few seconds, she said, "John, I....."

John interrupted, "I know what you want to say Vivi."

"..." Vivian doesn't know how to answer him this turn.

John looked at her with warm eyes and said seriously and cautiously, "I thought all night about the reason why you refused me. I realized I was a little bit of a rush."

After a pause, he continued with a wry smile, "Vivi, I know you didn't accept me. My proposal is only for my personal reasons. I hope you can forgive me."

"My feelings for you are true, but I also know that it's impossible for you to accept me suddenly. I just hope that you don't refuse me and give us a chance to each other. OK, Vivi?"

Vivian looked at John's sincere eyes and feels uncomfortable. It was clear that she couldn't let go of another man, but he blamed himself and even finds a good reason for her.

Just didn't want her to turn him down.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, but I can't accept you for the moment, but I really appreciate your cooperation for so long."

Vivian understood that John had known that she might like William, but any excuses couldn't be used as reasons to hurt others.

"Vivi, don't feel sorry. These are all my own wishes. I was attracted by your unique charm when I was in University. Even though I had been abroad for several years to escape. When I came back and saw you, I found that my escape was useless and my feelings for you were irrecoverable."

John shook his head and said, "In fact, you think you make use of me. Don't I also want to make use of this opportunity to get close to you and make you love me, but I'm too impatient and scared you."

Vivian didn't expect that John would say that, but she still wanted to be frank with him, "John, since you already know, I'll tell you the truth, your pursuit may not be effective."

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