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"Selina, can you let go of Grace?"

Vivian's words made Selina, who has always been heroic and straightforward, stop talking. Can she let go of that "heartless man"? Obviously, she can't, "I'll kill him and feed the dog."

"..." Vivian was worried about Grace.

"Well, don't talk about those guys." Selina showed a bright smile on her face again. It seemed that the gloomy and terrible woman the second before was just an illusion.

"It's getting late. I'll take you back first."

Because of the guilt in her heart, Vivian didn't want to sit here too. She immediately agreed with her friend's suggestion, "Selina, I can go back by myself."

"You still need to take a car. I'm just on the way. The house I rent is not far away from yours. It's convenient for you to find Roe then." Selina said with a look that she had a lot of foresight and was eager to be praised.

"Yeah, yeah, you are thoughtful." Vivian said jokingly.

Grace's name is a minefield that can't be mention in her mind. As long as it's about him, she will become another person.

Although Vivian loves her friends very much, she also understands that love is a matter between two people, just like no matter how she has been comforted by Selina in recent years, she still has no way to go until the end.

Selina sent Vivian to the gate, stepped on the accelerator, and left.

Vivian was so worried and frowned deeply. She looked down and walked back. She was still thinking about how to explain it to John tomorrow. She didn't realize that she was followed by a man who was breathing hard at all.

At the quiet stairway entrance, there was only a sound of her footsteps, but suddenly there was another sound of leather shoes behind her. She suddenly froze, holding on to the bag in her hand, and dared not turn back.

She mended her pace and moved quickly. When the guard of the community saw her these days, he kindly reminded her that there seemed to be an abnormal stalker in the community recently, so she had better not come back too late at night.

When thinking of the last time William came to her, she was also followed by a figure, and Vivian's heart was suddenly beating fast.

Last time William was here, this time there was only her. It would be better for Selina to accompany her to come up. It's OK for her to deal with a man.

Vivian accelerated her pace, and the man behind her seemed to speed up a lot, and the distance between the two people got a lot closer.

She could even smell a strong smell of wine from the man, and some indescribable sweat, and pushed straight towards her.

Vivian felt a tumbling in her stomach. Her nerves were like tight strings, which seemed to break at any time. She looked at the door close by, and for the first time she felt that one hundred meters were so far.

"Lady, where are you going in such a hurry?"

The man's hand was on Vivian's shoulder. Vivian stepped back like a frightened bird. She leaned on the door of her apartment and stared at the middle-aged man in front of him with warning.

"Get out of here! My boyfriend was at home. Don't blame on me if you dare to do something to me."

The middle-aged man laughed wildly, as if laughing at her stupidity. "Lady, don't resist, I know you are the only one in this apartment."

The man belched and said exaltedly, "Besides, the neighbors have all returned to their hometown. No one will notice you even if you cry and shout."

He also walked closer to her.

"Stay back! Or I'll call the police now." Vivian took out her mobile phone from her pocket and said menacingly, while taking advantage of the man, she was finding the key hole with trembling.

She hoped she can buy some time.

The middle-aged man looked at Vivian's mobile phone, and there was a trace of ferocity in his eyes. He thought that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. It was not easy to wait for this opportunity, and it could not be damaged like last time.

All of a sudden, he rushed to take Vivian's cell phone and threw it on the ground. The cell phone also split with the sound of "pa".

Vivian screamed in horror and grabbed the man's face in panic, "Asshole, let me go, let me go!"

The middle-aged man thought that Vivian was just a weak woman. As long as she is controlled, he can do whatever he wants, he thought. He didn't expect that Vivian would have such great strength.

His face was hurt without defense, and he scolded, "Bitch, you are a bitch. Don't think I didn't see the two men who sent you back."

Ignoring what the man said, Vivian only knew that she couldn't compromise. She kept kicking the man with her hands and feet, and the key felt to the ground. She had only one idea. Run away!

"Pa-Pa" two crisp sounds. Vivian only felt a hot pain on her face, the man's face was scratched several times, he swore, "Bitch, don't blame me for being rude to you."

"PSST-", the sound of clothes being torn.

Vivian began to regret why she had worn casual clothes. Her clothes were easily torn off. She hit the man crazily and didn't feel the pain on her face at all. She gritting her teeth and said nothing.

The man was frightened by Vivian's unspeakable behavior. Seeing her white and tender skin, he came up with an evil idea.

He thought he might as well go the whole hog. He grasped her hair and hit her head against the wall, "Shit! How dare you hurt me just now? Bitch!"

Vivian felt dizzy for a while, and she was a little unsteady. But she still held on to her clothes, but she was sad. Can't she escape today?

Help! Help!

All of a sudden, a tall figure rushed over. The long and powerful hand directly lifted the middle-aged man on the wall, he reached out and held the woman on the ground in his arms. The tight muscle lines on his arm showed the man's uncontrollable anger at the moment.

"Vivian, are you ok?"

"I, I'm fine." Vivian smelled the unique smell of him, and she suddenly became extremely relieved. She didn't know why William would appear.

At this moment, she was very grateful for his arrival.

Without him, she could not imagine her own consequences.

William's eyes caught a glimpse of her swollen cheeks, bloody corners of her mouth, his jaw strained, and his thick brow peak twisted deeply. The whole person seemed to be enveloped in a cold and gloomy place, making people unable to see the surging waves at the bottom of his eyes.

He gently put Vivian on the ground, put his clothes over her head, and said in a low voice, "Wait for me here."

Before Vivian knew what William meant, she saw him walking towards the middle-aged man.

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