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Vivian flied out of the restaurant and found a place to rest and sat down, with a panting expression.

It was John's sudden proposal that frightened her.

She couldn't understand why he did that. Even if they were a couple, it was not the right time to get married, was it?

The ringing of her phone in her hand reminded Vivian that someone was still looking for her. She was still curious about the person who was calling her.


"Vivi, did you do the long-distance running? Why do you breathe so hard?" The woman over the phone paused, and said jokingly, "What are you doing?"

"Selina, don't talk nonsense. I don't know it's you." Vivian heard her familiar teasing voice and answered helplessly.

The woman over the phone was Selina, a good friend who played with her when she was a child. It must be fate. Her family is in the city too, even stronger than Alan's.

But Selina's father, a soldier of military origin, was stubborn in his mind. He also applied the theory of filial piety to his children and grandchildren. He also sent Selina to the countryside, he thought it could "train her survival ability".

After that, she became a good friend with Vivian, and returned to her home after high school, but the two had a good relationship and never lost touch.

As an adult, Selina is easy-going, regardless of the objection from her family, and seldom came back to work alone.

When she was pregnant with Anna, she often came to Vivian for help. So, they treat each other as their own family members.

"There's something wrong with that cell phone. It's normal to change it. Forget this. Where are you? I just came back and I am very bored. Come out and get together." Selina vaguely covered up the matter of changing the number.

"Well, I remember you haven't changed the number for eight years." Vivian didn't believe it. She knew her friend well.

Selina is a girl looks easy-going but sensitive. She had been secretly in love with a man for fifteen years, who was really her childhood sweetheart. Vivian didn't know why she didn't change her number eight years ago when they parted.

The Nokia sent by that man had been kept by her until now.

It's also incredible. She had been secretly in love with a man too, but neither of them succeeded.

"Why do you become so wordy? If you don't come out, I'll hang up." Selina was going to hang up.

Vivian compromised, "OK, for the sake of your help, I'll wait for you, same place."

"I help you? What are you talking about?" Selina asked suspiciously.

"Forget it. I'll tell you later." Now it was her turn to be ambiguous.

Selina smiled and hung up the phone, "OK."

Vivian looked up at the location of the Blue Bay and sighed. John must be very angry with her escape.

Forget it. Come to Selina first.

The same place, as the name suggests, is MacDonald, which is quieter than KFC.

To put it simply, McDonald's is a place on the pedestrian mall in the city center.

Vivian ordered a coke for her friend. She asked for a juice and found a quiet place and sat down, waiting for her appearance.

About 40 minutes later, a hot woman with red hair came in, and all the men in the shop paid attention to her.

As expected, males are all visual animals. Her name sounds soft, but she is actually a wild woman.

In her own words, her name is the biggest failure of her life, and also the most regretful thing of her father.

He wanted a granddaughter who knew how to be reasonable and obedient, but he brought her up into a tough girl.

So, when her father saw Vivian, he was very happy, as if she was his real granddaughter.

Selina sat casually in front of Vivian, took up the coke and drank a lot. She said with a sigh, "Vivi, it's nice of you to order a cold drink for me. I'm so tired."

"Selina, pay attention to your image." Vivian said. Doesn't she know the men are looking at her?

Selina snorted scornfully, "Don't worry. They are just wusses."

The man next to her seemed to hear Selina's impolite words and was about to get angry and come to argue.

The man heard her coquet words, "I've got 10nd Dan of Taekwondo and the national champion of martial arts."

The man was scared, and obediently sat back.

Vivian nodded her head without any doubt. She was qualified to be arrogant. Although she was misbehaved sometimes, she never overdid it.

Selina blinked and stared at her excitedly and asked, "Vivi, you haven't told me how I help you."

"Nothing. I'm just kidding." Vivian took a sip of the juice on the table to cover up the unnaturalness.

"Really? Do you have any secret?" Selina stared at Vivian like a radar, wanted to see through her.

No. She was sure that Vivian tried to hid something from her.

Vivian couldn't stand her sight, she sighed and explained what had just happened.

"Oh. That guy has a good taste. I must have a look at him tomorrow." Hearing John's proposal, Selina's face turned ed, as if she was the person who was asked to marry.

Vivian said angrily, "Don't make it messier. I just escaped from him. I don't know how to explain it to others, don't make it messier."

"Hum, since he has the courage to propose, he will not give up so easily. If he gives up, just let him go."

Selina gossiped with Vivian and changed a topic, "By the way, Vivi, how is my son?"

Vivian showed a smile when she heard "son", "Roe is fine."

Selina witnessed his birth, so she's also his godmother, so her feelings towards Roe are even more unusual. In her own words, if she doesn't marry in her life, she will treat Roe as her child.

"How is Roe? You really have the heart to leave him to Grandma." Said Selina with disapproval.

Vivian thought for a while and said with a worried face, "Roe's operation can't be delayed. I don't want to leave him with grandma, but I can't take him to work. Besides, Grandma is old and not used to city life."

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